Hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

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hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

There are many animals that appear in Hetalia: Axis Powers. of a unicorn that " flew out of the forest" to meet him (though England also gave him . though both wind up attacked and transformed by the Pict aliens. He is pictured with one on the official Hetalia calendar. . Retrieved September 11, Nov 7, HETALIA YES hetalia ships hetalia forever long live Romano it up as I go alongup for schoolmeeting except for Britain USUK Calendar-April by ~hakuku on deviantART Calendar, Aph America. With NYCC/NYAF coming up within less than two weeks I was wondering something, are we meeting up again? that no one knows the answer, but is there going to be a Hetalia Meetup as we had last year? As a reminder, Hetalia Day will be Saturday, October 20, , at PM at Heckscher . Calendar · Oct

The way he makes me blush, increase my heartbeat and makes a warm, funny, feeling in my chest. And it all just pisses me off how easily he can affect me! Of course when I say 'he' I mean the stupid, idiotic, cheery, good-looking, Spaniard.

Antonio to be more specific. Those were the current thoughts in Lovino's head. While Feliciano was with the 'Potato Bastard' for the night, Lovino had the whole night to himself, but even that wasn't enough to stop thinking about 'Antonio's muscular arms and tan skin'.

At least the bastard is stupid enough to not notice this', Lovino thought. Having enough from his thoughts, Lovino finally decided to go to bed. And just before he went to sleep, he hoped that, one day, Antonio would notice his feelings for him.

Blushing, Lovino tried to look anywhere besides Antonio's loving gaze. But, Antonio had quickly put both of his arms around Lovino's waist, keeping him lock. Lovino then gave up struggling and slowly, hesitatingly, met Antonio's emerald eyes and he kissed Antonio's lips.

Antonio, shocked and joyed, eagerly responded back, with much more hunger and need than necessary. Soon they broke apart, only for the need of air.

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Panting, Antonio leans in for another kiss. Lovino's hand instantly went to punch his alarm clock. Not only did his alarm clock wake him up from an amazing dream, but it woke him up at 6: He sat up from his comfy bed and look at the wall, which the calendar was hanged up on.

Cameroon Cameroon is revealed to have a pet lion cub named Kokolo in his appearance in the special edition booklet of Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 3. In the Halloween event, it is revealed that Kokolo is a University of Glasgow fine arts graduate. Canada Kumajirou is Canada 's polar bear companion. He is known for saying "who are you?

However, Canada never says Kumajirou's name correctly either. He is very apathetic but might be good at taking care of people.

Kumajirou is a young Polar bear whose growth is slowed by contact with Canada. Himaruya was unsure of whether to make him a living animal or a stuffed toy, but chose to make him a real bear after seeing a photograph of a polar bear frolicking through a private Canadian residence.

  • Hetalia Day is an annual global meetup of Hetalia fans.
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  • Hetalia Day 2018 is on 20 October, Saturday.

China China has a panda that he often carries around with him in a bamboo basket that he slings over his back. According to a blog post, it is always a different one.

China has also been seen with a life-sized panda that he calls Mr. But the panda was replaced by a giant kitty on Christmas. England In some comics, a younger version of England is shown to have had a rabbit that followed him around. Finland Finland and, by extension, Swedenown Hanatamago, a small white dog.

hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

She is able to talk during Christmas specials, where she once wished she had a normal name like 'Charlotte', and that she didn't like the things that Finland feeds her. A blog post described her as friendly, bright, calm, and fluffy. Another blog post stated that Hanatamago is a regular dog but her owner's longevity rubs off on her.

If she were to be separated from her owner, she would become a normal dog and age normally. France France has many small, white birds, all named Pierre, whom are used to send and receive letters and messages to and from other nations.

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They are all voiced by Ai Orikasa. Pierre 1 is said to be for communicating with Spain[3] while Pierre 3 is Austria 's.

hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

Spain, at the time of the Seven Years' War, showed the ability to identify a Pierre by number and whom it came from through that number, though it's possible they were simply marked. Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster, all three of which are mentioned in his version of Hatafutte Parade.

hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

While their species have yet to be identified officially or set to names, one appears to be a Dachshundanother a German Shepherdand the last is a Hovawart or a Golden Retriever. According to one of the Birz strips, the latter is Berlitz, and is male. All of his dogs are said to be particularly wild and enjoy running around in the hills and will often get dirty because of it. They're all loved immensely. A fourth, unnamed dog and its puppy have been shown in the trading card set.

They appear to be Dalmatians. Germany is depicted in Red Panties with a dog, as well as a black cat voiced by: He is later shown to own a deep gray cat that has a personality much like his own, identified as Germany-cat and voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.

Creatures of Hetalia

When asked about carrier animals such as France's Pierre and Austria's eagle, Germany was cited to have a stork which delivered messages for him. Most of them are not named, as Japan found out while talking to Greece.

hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

Iceland Iceland is often drawn with a puffin-like bird, who claims to be his mascot. In the volume 3 special booklet, he is briefly mentioned in notes accompanying artwork with Iceland, where Himaruya states that his name is Mr. He is differentiated from other puffins with his black belly and red bow tie.

It is said that Mr. Puffin may look cute, but he speaks and acts like a mafioso. He is haughty and attempts to take credit for things he did not do, and prides himself on how cute he is, expecting compliments from people, especially Iceland.

He gets offended whenever he's told otherwise.

hetalia meet up 2012 calendar

In a blog post, he was described as being devious, cute but with a foul mouth, and someone who roams around a lot. It's said his relationship with Iceland is "interesting. Puffin is voiced by Masaya Onosaka. Japan Pochi or Pochi-kunis a small brown sometimes colored white fluffy Shiba dog that belongs to Japan. He is often shown with his master, and has appeared in a sketch with Hanatamago and another with one of France's Pierres. It is revealed in a later strip that Pochi is as reserved as his master, becoming angered when Netherlands 's pet rabbit licked him and ordering it to take responsibility.

He's apparently rather manly for such a small dog. He tends to follow people around and might sometimes deliver messages from Japan to nearby towns. If he were to be separated from Japan, he would become a normal dog and age normally. Netherlands In one strip, Netherlands is shown to have a pet rabbit with a heart-shaped spot on its back. Character notes reveal it to be a Holland Lop.

The rabbit is able to communicate with Pochi, and reveals that its master has become lonely due to the conflict with Belgium. Further character notes reveal it to be lazy and not like leaving the house much and that it sleeps a lot. It loves to have the base of its ears scratched. It parodies the fact that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand.

In a design sketch of New Zealand, they are shown to be holding a kiwia small bird that is native to New Zealand. Lithuania As a child, Lithuania owned a little brown dog which he said was usually quiet, but when they met Russia, it couldn't help but to bark at him.

It was then calmed down by its owner. Luxembourg Pelze is Luxembourg's small, somewhat chubby dog that first appeared in the Halloween strip. Pelze means "furs" in German. Character notes reveal that she is soft, kind, and doesn't bark much. Unlike many other nations' animals, she can't speak human languages. She's friendly with one of Germany's dogs, presumably Aster. Molossia Molossia has a dog that makes a strange bark.

While Molossia himself claims it to be a dog, the other nations seem unsure.