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With Sydney Olympic Park as the venue the Dome was filled with custom With a focus on appreciating all the different walks of life in the car scene, the JDM Yard DC5 made it into the show inside at the Zen Garage stall!. Paul Horrell reports back on the most eagerly-awaited car of the Detroit Motor Show . Honda Accord Coupe Multicolor DRL Light LEDs Honda Love sticker Decal Stickerbomb Vinyl jdm by StickerBombCom, $ CBC Closing Montage - Rio Summer Olympics - Tragically Hip's Ahead By A. Driven Calgary – 2 day show now! Friday 6PM – 10PM . Imagine watching the show cars roll into Driven with music lights and models. This is.

Engine is a cubic inch Was built over eleven years at the one workshop and is meant to be a family car. Last year it was unveiled in a totally different state, but then underwent a rebuild after MotorEx to get to the current state. Engine, wheels, suspension and body work is still the same. Undercarriage, interior and paintwork has changed from the year before. Interiors are a very big deal in MotorEx. Digital dashes are very popular as well as the autometer gauges.

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Not sure how comfy this one would be but does look quite impressive. MotorEx entrants take that saying very seriously.

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Detailed brakes and suspension components are everywhere. Chrome polished and brushed calipers, anyone?

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Chrome bonnet latches and hinges. The detail work in these cars is what I like the most. Shows planning, thought and craftsmanship all in one. Corvette brakes on a Chevrolet Bel Air. Seats are alligator skin, interior is still all metal and has an all-digital dash.


Has a great body shape and the paint works so well on this car. Would love to build a car like this one day. Slamd 60 wagon painted by Gene Winfield. Plot[ edit ] Western intelligence services of the G8 track down Pakistani arms dealer Aamir Barkawi Alon Moni Aboutboul as the mastermind behind several terrorist attacks, and authorize an American drone strike on Barkawi's compound, apparently killing Barkawi and his family.

Two years later, UK Prime Minister James Wilson suddenly dies, and arrangements are made for the Western world leaders to attend his funeral in London. President Benjamin Asher Aaron Eckhartto lead Asher's security detail while overseas, even though Banning's wife Leah Radha Mitchell is due to give birth to their child in a few weeks.

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As Asher's Presidential State Car arrives at St Paul's Cathedrala series of coordinated attacks by terrorists disguised as Metropolitan Policethe Queen's Guardsmenand other first responders erupts, killing the other Western leaders, damaging or destroying major landmarks and generating mass panic. Asher's early arrival has thrown the attack on him at St. As the helicopter and its escorts takes off, terrorists fire Stinger missiles at them, destroying the escorts and forcing the damaged helicopter to crash-land in Hyde Park.

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Vice President Allan Trumbull Morgan Freeman works with the British authorities to investigate the incident while trying to track down the President.

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Barkawi knows Asher is still alive, and promises that if Kamran captures him, he will broadcast the execution of the President on the Internet.