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meet the candidates 2012 univision en

September 19, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney participates in a Univision “Meet the. Univision's first “meet the candidate” airs today. September 19, by Veronica Villafañe · Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest Email Share. Republican. Univision News has announced the dates for its first-ever “Meet the Candidates” conversations with Gov. 09/12/ AM EDT.

meet the candidates 2012 univision en

Romney's answer showed that his approach to the uproar, which erupted Monday with the publication of the video by Mother Jones, continues to evolve. Instead of saying he was merely talking about campaign strategy and acknowledging the political reality that voters are about evenly split between him and the president, he said: And in the last several years you've seen greater divisiveness in this country.

We had hoped to come back together but instead you've seen us pull apart.

meet the candidates 2012 univision en

And politics has driven us apart in some respects. So my campaign is about the percent of America. And I'm concerned about them Romney repeated his past criticism that Obama's action was temporary and that a President Romney would push for comprehensive and permanent immigration reform. With Romney failing to directly answer the question, Salinas finally said: Ramos asked if 11 million people would self-deport. And, he added, did Romney like the tough Arizona law that cracks down on illegal immigrants?

And that's what I mean by self-deportation," Romney said. The candidate added that a provision in the controversial Arizona law that he likes requires employers to check the immigration status of job applicants.

In keeping with a campaign strategy that one of the best ways to win the White House is to remind Obama's supporters of their disappointments with the president, Romney repeated an argument on immigration he's used before: And this is a tough time for America.

I have a record.

meet the candidates 2012 univision en

We brought unemployment down to 4. Our schools became number one in the nation. On all four measures, number one in the nation.

So, that kind of record shows I care about the percent. People in America are going to have a better future if they elect me the next President. Governor, I have a question.

It would enable them to go to college, join the military, and get WORK permits. One of the questions most frequently asked by Facebook users is whether you would keep deferred action for THE undocumented, yes or no? The answer is this. The immigration system generally — and let me respond more broadly and then get to the specific of young people who were brought here through no fault of their own.

And are now going to school here. It needs to be fixed. Actually, I think one of the reasons candidate Obama got so much support from the Hispanic community in the last election is that he said that in his first year among his highest priorities would be to fix the immigration system. But he never even filed a bill. He never tried to fix the immigration system.

Well, let me begin by talking about what we do for our legal immigration system. I will make sure that people know that they can come to this country in a transparent and clear way. I want to also make sure that instead of having our diversity visas offered, we provide instead the chance to pull families together. I want that to be the favored system for immigration. Now, for those that are already here and that are undocumented, that were brought here by their parents and therefore are illegal aliens in this country, my view is that we should put in a place a permanent solution.

What the president did was take no action when he had a Democrat House and Senate, even though he said he would, then he put in place something he called a stop-gap measure. These kids deserve something better than temporary. We should have had an answer. And my inaudible that for those young people who, for instance, serve in our military, that they should be able to become a permanent resident of the United States. But, with all due respect, you are reluctant to provide details on a permanent solution that perhaps signifies you are evading the question.

What would you tell Hispanic voters right now regarding this important issue? We need to provide a long-term solution and I described the fact that I would be in support of a program that said the people who serve in our military could be permanent residents of the United States.

It had a number of features that said kids that get higher education could become permanent residents of the United States. I will lead a program that gets us to a permanent solution as opposed to what was done by the president which, with a few months before the election, he puts in place something which is temporary, which does not solve this issue. I will solve it on a permanent basis consistent with those principles.

I will put in an immigration reform plan that solves this issue. What you said is not very clear.

meet the candidates 2012 univision en

On January 26 you told me that you were in favor of self-deportation. In a debate in the primary on February 22 you said that you thought that the Arizona model was a model to follow. Are you going to deport them or not? I think I have some friends apparently.

People decide if they want to go back to the country of their origin and get in line legally to be able to come to this country. Look, legal immigration is critical for America.

I love legal immigration. No nation on earth brings in a million people a year into their country. This country lives, in part, by virtue of the vitality of our legal immigration system.

And by the way, in my view, if employers hire people that they know are not here legally, there should be tough sanctions on those employers. Is the Arizona model for immigration one we should follow for the whole country? And so states are doing their best to try and solve it state by state. And one aspect of the Arizona law, which I think is worthwhile to consider and part of the federal solution, is this idea of an employment verification system.

Univision announces dates for “Meet the Candidates” forums

Governor, as we know, 40 percent of Hispanics that go to college, at least one out of four have Pell Grants. We have one of the students here that wants to ask you a question regarding that.

Governor, my name is Connie Fossi. I study political science and journalism at University of Miami. As many students do, I depend on financial aid that the government gives me to be able to attend university, including the Pell Grant. This is my question. Are you going here at the University of Miami?

Is President Shalala here somewhere? Under that program, those who graduated from high school and passed our graduation exam, those who passed it in the top quarter of their high school got a four-year tuition free ride to the Massachusetts institutions of higher learning that are public.

I think the Republican budget called for a Pell Grants being capped out at their current high level. My inclination would be to have them go with the rate of inflation. And my view is we have to hold down the rate of tuition increases and fee increases in higher education. You know that Hispanics, we have a serious problem with unemployment — Facebook sent us a question. Can you answer with something specific?

How are you going to create 12 million new jobs? There are two million more Hispanics living in poverty today than when the President took office. But let me describe what they are. Number one, we have an enormous advantage with our energy resources. Taking full advantage of oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables will create about four million jobs by itself.

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We have to make sure that our people have the skills to succeed. I want to get our training programs to do that, and I want to make sure our kids in school get the kind of skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.

Our schools are not performing at the level they should. I want to put the kids and the teachers first. We have to have a pro-small business agenda. Taxes, regulations, health care, all those things encouraging small business. Small business, of course, Hispanic Americans lead in creating small businesses over the population at large.

Governor, as we know, student loan debt has reached a record high of over 1 trillion dollars. Good afternoon, Governor Romney. What specific steps will you take to — as President — to ease the debt burden of a million young people, and promote a better future for higher education?

The best thing I can do for you and for other young people graduating from University of Miami is make sure that when you get out of the University of Miami, you have a job, all right. And so my agenda is making sure that this economy, once again, is creating the kind of jobs that make sure that people coming out of college can get good jobs.

They started their careers and that provides them the income growth that they can start a family, they can build a future.

meet the candidates 2012 univision en

On Facebook, Margarita Martinez asks: Well, first of all, I would repeal all of Obamacare and replace it with I think the kinds of reforms we really need. And I have experience in healthcare reform. This was during my primary.