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napoleon bonafrog tmnt 2012 meet

This is a list of characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is an American animated series . A group of mutant frogs led by Genghis Frog and later by Napoleon Bonafrog who make up the foot . In "Meet Mondo Gecko," silhouettes of a second set of Shredder Mutants are seen among the audience during the race. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV series) episode The frog, introducing himself as Napoleon Bonafrog, similarly explains to Mikey that he is Back at the council, Mikey meets the frog council, who distrusts him at first, and tells them. Napoleon Bonafrog is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a member of the Punk Frogs. Napoleon Bonafrog debuts in The Croaking. When Mrs. O'Neil was in the .

Season 5 -- "Michelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko" Michelangelo kind of starts to suck by the end of season 4 because his nunchaku are replaced with the lame grappling hook.

OK, so some kids got injured, I get it.

napoleon bonafrog tmnt 2012 meet

Yet another episode about the mutagen, this one starts off with Michelangelo having bad dreams about a gecko who was trapped in the ooze with the baby Turtles. Let's just say his eyes are permanently red Season 6 -- "Krangenstein Lives! It then goes on a murderous rampage, nearly wrecking the entire city. I give myself bonus points for hearing and identifying an uncredited Dan Castellaneta -- the voice of Homer Simpson -- as the fireworks factory owner in this episode.

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I've also always loved Krang's little steel legs contraption, which he runs around in when he's not in his robot body. Season 7 -- "Shredder Triumphant!

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The bad guys are winning until, of course, Shredder's ego gets in the way and screws everything up. Eventually the Turtles get back to Earth, but unfortunately for them, Krang, Shredder and the whole gang are also trapped there -- with the Technodrome in Dimension X.

napoleon bonafrog tmnt 2012 meet

Season 8 -- "Cry H. Known to fans as the "Red Sky" episodes the sky is always dark red instead of blueeven the Turtles themselves look darker, especially around their eyes. The tone of the show is melancholic, with an "X-Men" feel: A mysterious organization of mutants called H. Highly Advanced Variety Of Creatures try unsuccessfully to recruit the Turtles, who then take it upon themselves to disband the group before they give mutants a bad name.

napoleon bonafrog tmnt 2012 meet

Season 9 -- "Split-Second" Welcome to season 9, where alien warlord Dregg takes over as the main villain of the show. In this episode we're also introduced to new side-villain Chronos, whose obsession with time allows him to control it.

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With time gone haywire, New York City descends into chaos, and it's up to the Turtles to make it right. I have to say that seeing April O'Neil without her trademark yellow jumpsuit is a bit jarring.

The Croaking

When a fire breaks out, Napoleon leads his people to safety. At the end of the episode, Napoleon is promoted to general by Attila for his compassion to humans and bravery.

After he and Michelangelo say goodbye, the frog tribe heads to live with their relatives in Louisiana. Appearance Napoleon is a big green mutant frog with spots all over his body. He features a giant buck tooth sticking out from the top of his gums. He has a giant pile of dirt on the top of his head with a little tree branches sticking out of it.

napoleon bonafrog tmnt 2012 meet

Napoleon wears a shirt with a white unicorn on it. The shirt reads "Happiness is Friends". Along his waist is a pink fanny-pack. Napoleon also wears a metal bracelet along his leg with a holster for his spear on the other.

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Relationships Michelangelo - Napoleon attacks Mikey at first, using him as a "test. The two become good friends, sharing tips and eventually, coming to love each other's favorite food; Napoleon enjoys pizza and Mikey grows to like flies. Occupation Following the battle with the frogs and turtles, Napoleon was promoted to the rank of General for his brave nature. Powers and Skills After turning into mutant, his nautral abilities as a frog have been enhanced.

napoleon bonafrog tmnt 2012 meet