Sggs alumni meet 2012 jeep

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sggs alumni meet 2012 jeep

The previous Senate meeting of occurred in the month of March. Shri Surjit Singh Randhawa Principal S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur (Hoshiarpur) 2. .. Professor Neelam Grover University School of Open Learning Dean Alumni for running Tata Sumo/Jeep of the department with condition that concerned . Education Website. KAIST International Alumni Association. School Community. KAIST Latin American Students and Researchers Association Local Business. KAIST iGEM KAJU SGGS. Just For Fun KAKA Modified Jeeps. Meet the lightest, full-powered, swivel-steering upright vacuum cleanerwe haveever made . Brantly, speaking Friday to Abilene Christian University's alumni magazine, acknowledged fears some have shared since Jeep Patriot 4x4 But in a policy, even while it's being he spoke at the Vietnam Veter-.

The gunman was later executed. Botha resigned asthe result of a power struggle within the National Party. Residents left homeless by Hurricane Charley dug through their ravaged homes, rescuing what they could as President GeorgeW. Bush promised rapid delivery of disaster aid. Afire in awedding tent in Kuwait caused the deaths of 55 women and children. Virginia Davis, 90, who hadappeared in Walt Disney's pioneering "Alice" films in thes, died in Corona, California. President Barack Obamascrapped plans for joint military exercises with Egypt, where spiraling violence in and aroundCairo was claiming hundreds of lives.

A car bomb ripped through a crowded southern Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah, killing at least 27 people. SupremeCourt Justice Stephen Breyer is Britain's Princess Anne is Movie director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is Philanthropist Melinda Gates is Actress Debra Messing is Actor Ben Affleck is TheAnchorage, Alaska, municipal prosecutor's office announced without comment Thursday that it would not press charges in a fist-flinging altercation involving former Gov.

Sarah Palin and her family at a party on Sept.

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Theannouncement wasmadein conjunction with the Anchorage Police Department releasing witness statements from the episode. Syria envoy, raised the specter of some of the worst genocides of the 20th century during a 43 injured in a stampede after a political rally for an opposition politician, Imran Khan, onFriday evening in central Pakistan, according to rescue workers andofficials. The victims were suffocated as people pushed their way out of agate at Qasim BaghStadium, where the rally was held, officials said.

Hundreds of thousands of people hadgathered in Multan, a big city in Punjab province, to listen to the speechof Khan, a charismatic former cricket player turned politician, who has been demanding the resignation of Prime Minister NawazSharif. And probably we never forgave ourselves forthat,"hesaid,referring to the slaughter of thousands of Muslims by Bos- nian Serb forces. Redmond, OR Mailing address Box Redmond, OR Phone If you knowof an error in a story, call us at Checkpayments may beconvertedto anelectronic funds transfer.

Send address changesto TheBulletin circulationdepartment, Po. Box, Bend, OR TheBulletin retains ownershipandcopyright protection of all staff-prepared newscopy,advertising copy andnewsorad ilustrations. They may not be reproducedwithout explicit prior approval. Though senior officers of the Chandigarh Police kept insisting that no major incidence of violence had been reported to the police from any part of the city till late in the evening, sources in the headquarters admitted that at least six students from different colleges sustained minor injuries in group clashes.

Even though baton-yielding policemen tried to disperse the mob, rival groups managed to clash. As a result, at least four supporters were left nursing bruises. The reason behind the clash could not be ascertained as the two warring sides disappeared from the scene even before the police could initiate action against them. Efforts to elicit information from the eyewitnesses proved futile as they refused to comment on the incident.

Even an hour after the clash, visitors to the college campus could feel the underlying tension as students huddled together kept away from the canteen and parking lot, apprehending another bout. At least two students sustained injuries in a clash in front of the institute. Here also, the provocation behind the occurrence of attack could not be ascertained. The sources said some of the injured were taken to hospitals, but were discharged after the administration of first aid.

In almost all cases, the disputes were resolved on the spot in an amicable manner by the two sides, leaving little scope for police intervention, the sources said.

Giving details of the incidents, the sources said most of the clashes occurred in the afternoon after the process of casting of ballot was over. At that time, a majority of policemen, on feet since morning, had run out of steam. Taking advantage of this, a number of students took to the streets on bikes without wearing helmets or on cars with tinted glasses. Others preferred modified jeeps.

Party flags fluttered as they zipped down the road at breakneck speed, unchecked. Aided colleges in a spot ,No grant, wages of staff withheld The managements and staff in private colleges are at the receiving end following the non-release of 95 per cent grant by the UT Education Department for the past five months. Faced with the paucity of funds, these colleges are holding back salaries of their staff. Seven aided colleges of the city have not received their quarterly grant for payment of salaries to the teaching and non-teaching staff.

The grant has been withheld by the UT Education Department to look into the funds collected by these colleges from students under various heads. We have summoned records of all these colleges and asked them to give details of all fines and funds collected at the time of and after admissions. Once we are satisfied, the grant will be released without delay. Payment of salary for the month of July is also unlikely as there is no possibility of the release of grant in the near future.

With a teaching and non-teaching staff of nearlythe managements of private colleges are in a tight spot. Their salaries are a priority. They have virtually packed up their bags and shifted base, primarily to the South, though Yamunanagar, Amritsar and Delhi are still popular destinations for these students. In the last few years the number of foreign students, most of whom come from various African countries, has dwindled significantly.

The few who are left behind are not very enthusiastic about their stay in the city. Besides, Chandigarh is an expensive city, not student friendly at all.

sggs alumni meet 2012 jeep

The students also grudge that city colleges and the university are completely out of tune with regard to courses that are in. For other courses, they charge exorbitant fee from us which makes it unviable for us to opt for these. The students maintain that they are also hounded by the police.

The police keeps harassing us tabs and conducts regular checks. These students are also critical of the high rents of accommodation charged from them. For a two-room set we are quoted rent as high as Rs 7, All of these students, whichever country they come from, have their associations. The Embassy refers a newcomer to these associations which, in turn, handle all arrangements from stay to food to college.

This way, the Embassy ensures safety of its citizen in a new country. While south is where most of them are heading for, a handful of them study University in Kurukshetra or Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar.

For now, the few who remain behind are also losing interest in the city. From their talk, it seems retaining them, too, would be an uphill task. He delivered the convocation address and conferred degrees on the students.

A total of degrees were awarded to the students of M. Six students were awarded the Certificate of Merit for holding high rankings in the university exams. Com —12th in PU were the other two awardees. Earlier, the Principal, Dr Kuldeep Singh, declared the convocation open and read out the annual report.

Mr Bansal, in his convocation address, congratulated the achievers and called upon them to face the challenges of life with a positive attitude while striving for excellence in every sphere of life. Lakhbir Singh of Chandigarh scored the first goal in the 16th minute. For Ropar, Gurpreet Singh scored the equaliser in the 39th minute.

Harjit Singh of Ludhiana sounded the boards twice. While Bodhraj scored the third goal. For Jalandhar, Roop Singh scored the equaliser.

Major Singh scored two goals. Mohini of Border Hawks got a hat-trick, striking in the 14th, 17th and 19th minutes. Sandeep and Amandeep scored two goals within a gap of three minutes.

Sukhjit Kaur and Lovejinder Kaur scored the sixth and seventh goals, respectively. Praveen of DAV scored two goals and Meena one.

sggs alumni meet 2012 jeep

One of the victims had sustained a fracture in the arm, while the other sustained minor injuries. Rejecting the request of the police for a police remand, the CJM expressed displeasure over imposing the Sections as the victims were sons of a police Inspector. While accepting the bail application of the accused, the CJM issued a notice to the police. The police said still many persons involved in the incident are at large. The police said an altercation took place between two groups of boys, who were partying at a restaurant in Sector 26, following which the accused chased Mannan and Rohit, both brothers, and assaulted them.

Senate held on 22nd December 2012 at 9.30 a.m

Genesis of college fee imbroglio Why do students go on strike over fee and fund structure either in the universities or their affiliated colleges in Punjab or Chandigarh Who should determine the fee structure—the government or universities or colleges Can there be a uniform fee structure for all colleges Does the determination of fee structure by the government tantamount to infringement of the autonomy of the universities Do colleges follow the fee structure recommended by the universities If there cannot be straight answers or simple solutions to these questions, there also cannot be a uniform fee structure for all colleges, located in urban, semi-urban, kandi and rural areas.

After stiff resistance by the students and Akali-BJP front, the Punjab Government was forced to withdraw its May 13 notification on fee and on fund restructuring on July Under the notification, the annual fee at the undergraduate level arts, commerce, science ranged from Rs 4, to Rs 13, An undergraduate arts student was to pay Rs 8, to Rs 11, a commerce student, Rs 9, to Rs 11, and a science student, Rs 10, to Rs 15, Consequently the university revised the fee structure for its affiliated colleges in Punjab and Chandigarh, on October 28 effecting a hike of only 20 per cent in only admission and tuition fee and no increase in funds operational from the academic session of The enhanced fee structure, as approved by the university, is as follows: Will the private-aided colleges abide by the university directive Aware of violation of the prescribed fee structure by the affiliated colleges in the past, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof.

K N Pathak, has constituted a committee to go into fee structure embroglio in all affiliated colleges and also determine if the funds charged from students are legal or illegal or required. The committee will also discuss the issue of non-payment of gratuity to teaching and non-teaching staff and also status of 1, unaided posts, since As their salary and gratuity is not in the ambit of the 95 per cent grant-in-aid scheme, these are met out of funds collected from students.

In the semi-urban, kandi and rural colleges, fee structure is on the lower side than in the urban colleges, That is in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala. This is because facilities for students are claimed to be more than in the colleges in the backward areas.

If the number of students in these urban colleges is more, so is the staff strength. In the next 2 to 3 years, at least 40 per cent staff in these urban colleges will retire. That will involve payment of over Rs 30 lakh, as gratuity by the managements of the private colleges. This heavy sum, therefore, is collected from students. The share of higher education to GSDP was 2. Is the upward revision of fee structure the only alternative While the admission and tuition fee go into the government treasury, funds are retained by the colleges to provide academic infrastructure and also to pay salaries to teaching and non-teaching staff.

The universities collect a small percentage of the prescribed funds and charge examination fees. This is one reason why wide disparity in the fee and fund structure in colleges for the past 40 years. After the Punjab Government, for the first time, had issued a notification on May 13, the Chandigarh Administration had followed suit on July 2, enhancing fee and fund structure.

Unlike Punjab, the Chandigarh Administration had not rolled back its notification. Hence, the boycott of classes in the city colleges. Today, that college is charging Rs 8, to Rs 9, per undergraduate student, per annum. The two notifications were thus illegal. There was not a ripple when the Panjab University decided to effect 10 per cent hike in fee and fund structure, every year in Look at the storm now created by the two notifications. While 51 government colleges are in Punjab, four are in Chandigarh.

There are private colleges in Punjab, seven in Chandigarh. Under 95 per cent grant-in-aid scheme, Punjab gives Rs 57 crore to colleges and Rs 82 crore to 51 government colleges. The student strength is much higher in private colleges two lakh.

The meet was held on the SGGS college campus only.

SGGS Khalsa College Sector 26 Chandigarh Chandigarh

In the light heavy weight category kgAjit Pal Singh knocked out his rival Maninder Singh in the first round for the gold medal. In the feather weight category kgboxer Sandeep Yadav, another gold medallist, outclassed Jatinder Kumar from Mahilpur College. In the heavy weight category kgboxer Vishal Budhania also won the gold medal in the second round by giving excellent performance in the light weight category kgVijender Rawat outplayed his rival to secure a gold medal.

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