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Wisconsin State Open & Masters Championship | USA Powerlifting Wisconsin

Recall elections for four Wisconsin state senators were held during the spring of Voters put four state senators up for recall, all Republicans, because of. 1) Roll call of voting members and credential check of participants updated. This applies to state, American and National records. 3. Proposal: Any team that enters a USAPL meet must submit a roster that includes a .. Brian Kenney Wisconsin Dells,WI American Open, Police and Fire Nationals. Thursday, June 21, Orlando, Florida. AGENDA. 1) Roll call of voting members and credential check of participants USAPL athletes, while at Regional or International Championships will not carry a USA Each state should add records for these age divisions. .. Wisconsin Dells, WI – Brian Kenny.

During the registration process, lifters will provide the USA Powerlifting rankings database link to the qualifying meet. All Wisconsin lifters will be scored in the Open category including the Masters. During registration, Masters will also be able to sign up for Masters State Championship for additional fee. Teenagers will be in session 2 and will participate in the Open age category. Should there be any questions regarding this, the coach is to contact the meet director, Tonya L.

This competition, both sessions, is closed to youth lifters. Inthere will be established minimum qualifying total standards, by weight class for both equipped and raw competitors. The top three overall finishers male and female will be recognized on the awards podium for each weight class, raw and equipped in the age categories of open and masters.

Top of the podium will be the state champions.

Results | USA Powerlifting Wisconsin

My eyes widened with fear. I curled up into a ball, pulled the covers over my head, and shoved my head underneath my pillow to feel a sense of security. I have always believed that every dream the human body experiences is for a purpose. And here I lay, a weak and fragile 89 pound girl. I wanted nothing more than to finally be released from the overbearing wrath of my eating disorder, and the only opportunity for escape I ever saw was death. There was something about this particular nightmare that was different.

My brother never cries. This was most definitely a sign, and not just your average magic eight ball sign. My dreams have never gone to the extent of taking place at my own funeral. I was beyond exhausted, mentally and physically. My body had begun to eat itself away, leaving nothing on me but a sheer layer of skin over my deteriorating bones. Too weak to stand up out of my bed on my own, I was on the verge of surrendering to the 6 year battle with Ed, my eating disorder.

The next day, my mother and I had just returned from a doctor appointment that was to initially investigate why I was losing my hearing abilities from my right ear yet another effect of my eating disorder.

With our hands tied until we heard the verdict, all my mother and I could do was play the waiting game. Waiting turned into wandering, and we eventually ended up aimlessly strolling around the aisles of a Hobby Lobby craft store. We have another ten pounds to lose. Naturally, I believed him.

Believing and listening to him was my norm now, and it had been for so many years. I began picking out some new pastel paints to begin a new art project with. We both stopped in our tracks to stare at each other for a brief moment before she answered. She listened to the doctor ramble on, but glanced at me to give me a single nod.

It felt as if the pit of my stomach dropped all the way to my feet. I collapsed to my knees and sobbed tears of a waterfall of emotions. Do you hear me? You cannot give up our control. You think life sucks now? Ed was the one who was angry, but the real Lauryn was secretly excited to be given a chance to finally divorce Ed for good. As Ed continued to mentally scream at me, I squinched my eyes shut and pushed his presence out of my head as my mother cradled me in the safety of her arms.

It was all over. I was going to be okay. His squat and bench lifts were both personal best weights. His deadlift locked up his national title. He was one of four Wisconsin lifters to win varsity male national championships. With his national championship, Kletschka now has the chance to compete in the Powerlifting World Championships. Last year Kletschka placed sixth at the national tournament. Bryan Greene, a senior last year, was a state champion and second place finisher at the national meet.

Five Tigers placed in the top 10 in their class at nationals and all six recorded personal best lifts.

Wisconsin State Open & Masters Championship

Senior Boyd Stacken set personal best lifts with a pound bench and a pound deadlift in the pound varsity class. Senior Jackie Chilsen placed ninth in the girls varsity pound division.

Her best lift was a pound squat, the best squat total in the three-year history of the Tiger program.

Three Tiger sophomores competed in the JV national competition. Freshmen and sophomores can only compete at the JV level. Bethany Haag took fifth place in the girls pound division. Her best lifts were a pound deadlift and a pound squat.

Maddy Reimenschneider placed seventh in the girls pound division. She set a personal record with a pound squat.