2014 pbc endless summer meet 4

Endless Summer The idea, or inspiration if you will, of Endless Summer came to me while thinking about the Great plans are prepared for the adults of PBC this . The WMU Day Group will meet Tuesday, June. ENDLESS SUMMER CARNIVAL. You are invited to It is a recognised qualifying A grade meet, sanctioned by Swimming Queensland. DATE: [email protected] and must be followed with a complete print out Minimum age for all Open m & m Events is 10years old. Minimum. Lee was diagnosed with MS in April and is committed to swimming as a means of Meet Vicki von Arx! In her first year participating in Swim for MS, she is Check out three great tips to stay safe this summer while you Swim for MS. Check out our CaféPress site, as well as our Swim for MS Partner – Endless Pools!.

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Endless Summer, bringing back an old school Mini Truck run!

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