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"To put it bluntly, ASU students are not part of your dating pool. Press Archive · Federal Investigation · ASUPD · Barrett · Greek · Lawsuits · Support · Report · About SDASA ACD was diluted following a meeting in where former The ASU Senate Task Force on Amorous Relationship. a.m. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT'S WELCOME Audit Committee meeting. February 5, Regular Board Meeting to Barrett Honors College and registered Fraternity/Greek Organization. The latest Tweets from Arizona State Greeks (@ASU_GreekLife). #Learn&Grow This proud Sun Devil, Kappa Delta and Panhellenic Woman of the Year was awarded the ATHENA .. Stop by to meet some of our Fraternities and .

Sky Spa hot tub; bedrooms pre-wired for cable, telephone, high-speed data lines and campus Internet access; entertainment center with billiards hall, lounge and big-screen, surround sound TV; landscaped courtyard with a barbeque patio; balconies or patios, and central laundry facilities Awards: With eight freestanding, 2-story chapter houses encircling a four-story, unit apartment complex, the project presents a creative alternative for members who desire apartment-style living as opposed to the dormitory-style living of traditional fraternity houses.

Fraternity Row provides housing for up to students on 1. The 2, to 4,square-foot chapter houses were custom designed for each fraternity and provide upgraded, fully functional facilities for group activities that are located away from nearby neighborhoods. The apartment complex provides residents with privacy and independence. Two-bedroom apartment units house two students. She found herself here in Sun Devil Country for a variety of reasons.

asu meet the greeks 2014

I received a large scholarship after my acceptance into Barrett, the Honors College. I was looking to get out of state I'm from Portland, OR and have a 4 year adventure in the sun. I have a lot of extended family living in Scottsdale. My mom and dad both attended ASU. It felt like the right answer on April 26, 4 days before the admitted deadline and it has proved to be the perfect choice every day since I moved in!

After an emotionally exhausting weekend of recruitment, I could not see myself in any house BUT I couldn't imagine not being a part of the incredible Panhellenic community. The personal growth, leadership empowerment, and sisterly compassion that I have experienced since September 2 has changed my life. I am not the same person who walked into ASU or began her first executive council position in January. Understand the attitudes and traditions that those in leadership positions follow but pursue what you feel called to through by respectfully proposing your qualifications and challenge the norm.

Being a freshman on executive council was not the norm. Holding multiple leadership positions and an internship in one's second semester of college is not typical.

asu meet the greeks 2014

And it is most definitely not comfortable for most to have a sophomore take the reigns on an entire organization as president. But these are all things that I have been so clearly called to. When an anonymously written blog post confirmed the gossip about Hunter, Smouse, a young journalist in training, responded the only way she knew how. Many also see firing the professor as a cop-out, simply sweeping the problem under the rug of Barrett embarrassments. By cutting out the professor, it seems the college hoped to avoid confronting the situation all together.

The Palm Courtyard marks the entrance to Barrett's large Tempe campus. Evie Carpenter One of Rebecca Smouse's Barrett classmates, Jane -- who asked to not be identified by her real name -- also was disappointed in the school's response. But Jane wasn't just a student in Joel Hunter's class.

She also was his lover. In an April 10 blog post for a website called Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault, Jane laid out details about her relationship with Hunter, the process of reporting him to the school, and his subsequent dismissal. In the first 72 hours after her post was published, an attached petition calling on Barrett's dean to fire predatory professors collected more than signatures.

Jane's story is not unique.

asu meet the greeks 2014

In the past few years, Barrett has terminated the contracts of at least three professors who engaged in sexual relationships with students.

Joel Hunter and Dr. Eric Susser were told their contracts were not being renewed after they admitted to violating ASU's student-professor relationship policies, and Dr. David Conz committed suicide after his contract was dropped when a student reported he'd given alcohol to the Barrett freshman he was dating. Police records, documents given to New Times by involved students, and reports by other media outlets confirm the terminations.

But some say the number of Barrett faculty members skirting the rules -- and whose contracts may have been dropped -- actually is far higher. ASU president Michael Crow did not respond to an interview request. Many of New Times' public records requests -- asking for everything from personnel files to police reports on these and other cases -- went largely ignored or unfilled.

asu meet the greeks 2014

Much is still unknown. But one thing is clear: Inappropriate student-professor relationships at Barrett have been a poorly kept secret for years. ASU has, in fact, had its share of troubles when it comes to sex. In Mayjust a few weeks after Jane's blog post was published, the U. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights made an unprecedented move: It announced the names of all schools being investigated for possible violations of Title IX, the federal legislation dictating how sexual violence and harassment complaints should be handled at schools that receive federal funding.

ASU was on the list of 55 schools. A Department of Education spokesman says the Office for Civil Rights is still investigating the university, but he did not provide further details. For the most part, the problems at ASU have been linked to two worlds where these issues are better known: ASU previously settled federal lawsuits dealing with the university's responses to two alleged sexual assaults, one involving a football player and the other a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

At Barrett, and across all of ASU, professor-student relationships are banned in certain contexts, like when a student is currently in a professor's class or when a professor is supervising a student's thesis.

But this policy still allows room for involvement between professors and students. And particularly at Barrett, which educates more than 5, of ASU's nearly 60, undergraduates, there have been repeated issues with professors skirting -- sometimes, even defying -- the rules.

Prestigious universities across the nation have drawn much harder lines in regard to such relationships. InYale University banned faculty members from forming relationships with any undergraduate students, noting in its updated policy that undergrads "are particularly vulnerable to the unequal institutional power inherent in the teacher-student relationship. Last fall, ASU's faculty senate debated whether to replace its own policy with an outright ban on professor-undergraduate relationships.

At a senate meeting in November, Cynthia Tompkins, chair of the committee drafting the proposed policy changes, referenced the scope of ASU's problem. She said at least 20 faculty members across ASU have been dismissed for having inappropriate sexual relationships with students in recent years.

ASU hasn't provided the exact number of dismissals stemming from Barrett or elsewhere. A representative from the university office charged with investigating these policy violations wouldn't comment on how many investigations she has conducted.

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But when ASU was named on the list of schools under federal review, Michael Crow did speak to The State Press' editorial board, and he addressed the problem at Barrett. Student journalist Nicholas Palomino Mendoza reported on May 7,that Crow said he was aware of "reports of inappropriate sexual conduct between Barrett faculty and students. The revisions to ASU's professor-undergraduate relationship policy would aim to switch the school's focus from reactive to proactive, and from firing violators to improving the culture around these relationships on the front end.

At the first reading of the proposed revisions in early October, Helene Ossipov, president of the faculty senate, made clear what the policy changes would mean. Admissions documents say Barrett consists of "living-learning communities" of academically driven students from across ASU's four campuses.

Barrett is where the cream of the ASU crop goes to be educated. Barrett marked its 25th anniversary in The University Honors College was granted official status inwhen it became the first residential honors college in the nation. The college has undergone great growth in recent years, with its current student body size rivaling its alumni population. In its admissions literature, Barrett distinguishes itself from the wider university. Though the majority of ASU students were in the top 25 percent of their graduating high school classes, for example, most Barrett students were in the top 10 percent.

We don't get B's.

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Students, sometimes called "The Commas" in a reference to the school's stuffy title, almost universally refer to Barrett as tight-knit. The college's largest campus is at the corner of Apache Boulevard and Rural Road in Tempe, neatly tucked behind a set of iron gates on ASU's central campus. The Barrett campus is fully enclosed, and were it not for some classes they take elsewhere, Barrett students practically could spend their college lives there.

Students are, in fact, expected to live on campus for at least their first two years. Barrett's central campus is reminiscent of the exclusive private schools Barrett emulates. It's got everything but the ivy and, indeed, references to the Ivy League Harvard of the Southwest, anyone? Some students jokingly refer to the campus as "The Nerd Cage. There's an outdoor fireplace for cold-weather gatherings and a volleyball pit.

Inside, Barrett's buildings serve multiple purposes, reflecting the insular nature of the Barrett community. One can find professors' offices, student dorms, and classrooms interspersed throughout any given structure. In the Honors Hall -- in many ways, the hub of Barrett life -- there's a gym with flat-screen TVs and elliptical machines, a spiral staircase leading downstairs to a coffee shop, and a recreational area with ping-pong tables. There's also the beautiful Refectory, or, as students call it in a reference to Harry Potter's Hogwarts, the Great Hall.

On a Friday afternoon in December, one student casually played the grand piano as others sat at long tables with high-backed chairs and feasted in the hall's wood-paneled dining room. In an adjacent hallway, photographs of Barrett students who went on to win prestigious fellowships line the walls: The list goes on. Barrett students major in any field they choose, taking classes in the disciplinary college of their choice.

One student says there can be tension between Barrett and the rest of ASU, in part because of the special privileges afforded to Barrett students. Barrett students get to register for classes before others, for example, and sometimes are offered special courses the general ASU population can't take.

This includes the Human Event, a mandatory two-semester seminar taken during freshmen year. Barrett freshmen may take a different professor for each semester of the intensive course, but they are encouraged to stick with one.

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They also are encouraged to participate in for-credit, study-abroad trips with their professors during the summer after the course finishes. The Human Event is "a wonderful course to get students into the idea of working closely with a professor," says a former staff member who asked to not be identified. But she says she also believes the class has contributed to the problem of too-close professor-student relations.

Examination of the ancient Greeks may have an odd focus on the sexual relationships between mentors and mentees. Trips abroad are fueled more by alcohol than by learning. To many, Barrett's very structure, intended to create a close learning community for students and professors alike, has instead become something sinister: Eric Susser was told his contract would not be renewed after he admitted to violating ASU's student-professor relationship policies.

Screen shot from the Cooking Channel's Belly Up! Jane first was drawn to Barrett because of its strong sense of community. She enrolled in the school in Her story unfolds in her blog post, interviews and e-mails with New Times, and a pile of documents she provided to the government in a Title IX complaint against ASU. The documents include Jane's personal e-mails and text messages as well as copies of e-mails she received from ASU detailing the investigation into and eventual dismissal of Dr.

Hunter, a Barrett faculty member sinceadmitted to the university and to New Times that he violated ASU's professor-undergraduate relationships policy before his contract was dropped.

asu meet the greeks 2014

On his personal websiteHunter lists the many awards he won during his time at Barrett, including accolades for teaching excellence, academic service, and faculty mentoring. Since he left the school, Hunter also has posted a lengthy student tutorial on how to succeed in Barrett's difficult freshmen seminar course. These professors are "incredibly friendly and funny, yes," he writes, "but they are not in your peer group.

By the end of Jane's fall semester in Hunter's Human Event class, she and the professor had grown close. In DecemberHunter e-mailed Jane, asking her to interrupt a meeting so it wouldn't drag on.

Jane signed up to take Hunter's class again in the spring. By Januarythe two began getting together regularly for meetings and meals. Soon, they were texting, and by early February, their texts hinted at a sexual relationship. Some texts reference a trip the two took to a local park, where Jane says Hunter provided her with alcohol and massaged her, suggesting that doing so would be easier if she didn't have clothes on.

They spent the afternoon kissing. A few weeks later, Hunter texted Jane about 2 a. I just closed down the hotel bar with a harry potter student of mine who will not, i'm sure of it, sleep with me. All alone am i. Jane alleges that Hunter shared with her sexual fantasies about other Human Event students and said he'd fallen in love with a student before.

The two went on to have a covert sexual relationship -- aside from the clear violation of policy, Hunter was married with children -- having sex in cars, in Hunter's office, and in parking garages around campus. Jane says Hunter gave her extensions on schoolwork because of their relationship.

In their talks, interspersed with innuendo, was conversation about Jane's future.

History of ASU’s professor/student dating policy, ACD 402

Texts from the day after their trip to the park: How is my letter of recommendation coming? It'll be done this afternoon. And an hour later: