Fairview park costa mesa dog meet 2014

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Orange County is famous for so many places and things to do. Black Star Canyon Trail | Heisler Park | Fairview Park | The Wedge . runners, walkers (and dogs as long as they're on a leash), horses, and even hikers that explore the trail. . He only showed us homes that met our budget and needs. The offical website of the City of Costa Mesa, California. City Council Meeting, Nov 13, , 05h 11m, Video Open Video Only in Windows Media Player Battle for the Bell Costa Mesa vs Estancia H.S. Football, Oct 17, .. Lions Park Projects Groundbreaking Ceremony, Jul 28, , 00h 40m . Presented by the Orange County Model Engineers, the Scarecrow Festival features train rides, Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs food truck, Fairview Park is located on Placentia Avenue between Adams Avenue and Wilson Street. Upcoming Events · Meeting & Events · Wedding Start Date: October 4,

Foley says she knows she has done nothing wrong. Foley says there is no investigation into any wrongdoing against her. She says the meeting where she was ousted was the only time she has ever shouted at City Hall. Venezia asks Genis for her perspective on the mayoral change.

fairview park costa mesa dog meet 2014

Genis says it was the right thing for the City even though it was politically costly for herself. She believes in adhering to policy and precedent because they provide checks and balances. She found Foley would unilaterally change direction after there was a consensus.

Genis expressed her concern that Foley did not respond well to dissent. Genis said the Mayor is not the boss of the city nor should she order around department heads because it is a council-manager form of government. She noted that she had the votes to be Mayor but decided to support Foley because Foley was the senior Councilmember who had not yet been Mayor. Genis expressed concern about Foley not following Brown Act comment limits.

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Genis expressed concern about Foley not following the sign ordinance Foley herself had voted for. Moderator Norberto Santana asks for something that makes better headlines. Genis speaks of the importance of respect, policy, and precedent. She says they are vital checks and balances. Shouting ensues on stage between both candidates and multiple moderators. Genis says she had heard that Foley had physically grabbed a City employee.

Foley argues these are not clear examples. Santana asks if Foley bullies staff. Foley notes she is endorsed by the Costa Mesa Employees Association.

She says she has positive relationships with staff. She says she has high expectations for staff. She responds to nearly all emails and needs City staff to provide information for these. Canalis asked Genis how she decided to vote to oust Foley. Genis regretted by early Spring her vote for Foley for Mayor. She noted she campaigned for Foley in Genis says she told Foley repeatedly that she was exceeding her authority as Mayor.

Foley claims Genis never did this. Genis says she repeatedly did so. Foley claims this was partisanship and that she has reached across the aisle. She speaks of a bipartisan coalition on sober living. Canalis says it is still unclear. Genis says she repeatedly spoke to Foley on the phone about her exceeding her authority as Mayor.

Foley says Genis mostly talked about her dogs. Audience and candidate shouting ensues. Venezia says it is clear there is a chasm between Foley and Genis. Santana reflects on and asks what has changed on unfunded liabilities since then. Foley says employees are paying more into City pensions than in any other City in California. She says the same is true of Costa Mesa firefighters.

She has worked to increase non-PERSable benefits to prevent exacerbating the liability. Santana asks how this will alleviate the liability from retirees.

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Foley says it needs to be fixed for new employees, but for retirees it must be fixed at the State level. Genis has pushed for a Trust, which puts extra money away for pensions and other post-employment benefits. She says the trust can be added to in good economic times and drawn from in bad economic times. She warns that employee agreements must address the Obamacare tax that is coming in the next several years.

Venezia asks about finding new revenue. Foley says she is always looking for new revenue without tax increases. She points to the Measure X marijuana revenue, including permit fees and sales taxes. She refers to the transport model for ambulance services as additional revenue. She wants to build another hotel in Costa Mesa. Genis cites the marijuana revenue from research and development and manufacturing, but not retail via dispensaries.

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She says OC Fairgrounds revenue is up yet sales tax revenue from there is stagnant. She bought earrings at the OC Fairgrounds but the credit card charge went to Long Beach and is concerned the sales tax went there. She wants to use TOT revenue to fund security for tourists to ensure they feel safe, noting that San Francisco conventions are being cancelled due to tourists feeling unsafe. Overall experience was great. She was a true go getter and very open and honest and we knew we could trust her and her entire staff.

Valerie made a lot of promise's to us and she followed thru with every single one of them. If she said she was going to have someone drop off boxes or have someone help me pack then that's what she did. I will send all my friends and family to Valerie. We were working with Valerie already with the sell of our home so we decided to let them go ahead and have them help us with the purchase of our new home.

I worked mostly with April O'neil and she was awesome. April listened to every detail of the dream house I was looking for and she did everything to help us find it. I feel her and I really connected and I can honestly say I found a friend in April.

April and I would go out looking at houses and it felt so comfortable like 2 friends just out and about. She is a very easy going person and is very good at her job. April is also ok with telling you if she doesn't know the answer to something but she will get back to as soon as she finds out. April kept us informed and up to date every step of the process, she was very informative.

fairview park costa mesa dog meet 2014

Sometimes she would call just to say there was nothing new going on but she didn't want us to be worried because we had not herd from her in a couple of days. Seth works in the office as well and he was also very helpful, he came Torelli Realty understands how personal home buying is and they are there to help each step of the way.

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Their industry knowledge and experience is vast and they are more than willing to share their wisdom. Living in the Mesa Verde community, I have seen the excellent work Torelli has achieved. My neighbors bought their house from Val 17 years ago and they still remember how wonderful she was to work with. Torelli gives so much back to our local community as well with all of the amazing events they put on year after year. These events really cement the community ties that we enjoy here in Mesa Verde.

She and her staff She and her staff have been great in all respects. Their advice and support has made every transaction go well. They stayed on top of everything and kept us up to date on what happening. I have used her and her advice for over 30 years and will continue to.

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