Jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

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jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

An actor fired from the Jersey Boys musical finds redemption with the LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE Actor Erich Bergen attends the Los Angeles be the version that most people will end up seeing in the long run. . B and Offset's Complicated Relationship It all comes down to love and hip-hop. Jersey Boys is a American musical drama film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood, Nick claims to have no regrets about leaving the group, enjoying the time he spends with his family. Bob has retired to Nashville, Tennessee. Jersey Boys () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Four Seasons songbook), Jersey Boys gets to the heart of the relationships at the center of the . Tommy gets the bartender to get him out, leaving Frankie room to talk to her.

Tommy, the A-personality, didn't want to cede control as the fame led to an even greater sense of entitlement. Nick always threatened to form his own band when things were going badly, deep in his heart knowing that Frankie and to a lesser extent Bob were the stars.

Despite the fame, Frankie could never shake being from the old neighborhood and what that meant, especially in relation to Tommy and Gyp. And Bob, the straight-laced one, only really had his and Frankie's backs, which fundamentally was against Tommy's control. Their possible paths include show business on one hand and organized crime on the other, embodied by the slightly menacing yet avuncular kingpin, Angelo "Gyp" DeCarlo Christopher Walkenwho runs the neighborhood and keeps an eye on them.

Film Review: ‘Jersey Boys’

The boys begin to nurture dreams of becoming musical stars, goals that seem far out of reach until they invite Francesco to perform with them in their band, then rename him Frankie Valli; his unique falsetto vocals captivate the girls in the audience, which provides a sign of things to come. The young hopefuls sign a contract at the Brill Building and begin doing backup vocals for record producer Bob Crewe Mike Doylebut experience frustration when Crewe drags his feet on recording them as a solo act.

Later, the performers name themselves The Four Seasons after feeling inspired by an unusual source. They add songwriter-musician Bob Gaudio Erich Bergen and the equation is complete; Crewe hears Gaudio's composition "Sherry," decides to double-track Valli's voice, and helps create a national sensation.

Later, however, certain difficulties begin to take their toll on the band - including financial problems, inner rivalries and tensions between the band-mates, and Valli's long periods on the road away from his wife and daughters. Clint Eastwood directs, from a screenplay by the co-authors of the original musical, Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. Spoilers The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

Synopsis Belleville, New Jersey, Tommy DeVito Vincent Piazza walks in to tell the audience that he's the one to go to for the real story.

jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

He claims that if it wasn't for him, he and his friends would have wound up in someone's trunk with a bullet in their heads. He goes over to the barbershop to meet with his friend Frankie Castelluccio John Lloyd Youngperforming his first shave on Gyp DeCarlo Christopher Walkena mob man that is known to take care of business for Frankie and his friends.

Tommy's surprise entrance startles Frankie and he accidentally nicks Gyp's cheek, but he brushes it off. After Tommy drops Gyp off, he goes to Frankie's home after he has dinner with his parents.

His mother doesn't like the type of friends Frankie is hanging out with. Tommy takes him out, saying they're going to practice for something at the high school, when in reality they, along with Tommy's brother Nicky Johnny Cannizzaroare stealing a vault.

The DeVitos try hauling it into Frankie's car, but it is far too heavy. Frankie tries to drive the car with the vault weighing it down, and he ends up crashing through the window of a store. The three boys hightail it out of there. Tommy invites Frankie up onstage to sing. His falsetto voice catches the attention of a pretty redhead in the audience. Backstage, Tommy tells Frankie there are two types of women out there - Type A, which will immediately jump into bed with a man and then break his balls, and Type B, which will need to be wined and dined before breaking any balls.

Frankie decides to pick up the redhead and take her out, only to be stopped by the police for the attempted robbery. Frankie, Tommy, and Nicky are taken to court.

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  • Clint Eastwood's first musical as a director never fully decides what kind of movie it wants to be.

Frankie's parents order Tommy to stay away from their son, and he is sent to six months at a correctional facility. He is welcomed back pleasantly. Nick brings Frankie and a date to break into a church. They get to the organ and start singing a tune together, which the nun in the church hears. She brings in a cop, who arrests Nick. Just as Tommy is getting out, Nick is going in. A while later, when nobody is in prison, the boys play at the club again. Frankie spots a gorgeous girl named Mary Delgado Renee Marinowho is with another man.

Though Tommy warns Frankie about her, Frankie tells him to find a way to get rid of her boyfriend. Tommy gets the bartender to get him out, leaving Frankie room to talk to her. They go have dinner together, where Frankie says he's changed his last name to Vally. Mary tells him that it should be with an "I" since he's Italian and because "Y" is a useless letter "Is it a vowel or a consonant?

She takes him to bed, and not long after, the two are married. The two of them get into an argument that ends with Donnie supposedly shooting Stosh in the head and killing him. A freaked-out Frankie is told to run out, while Stosh sits up, laughing. Frankie runs to Tommy about this. Tommy says it's a scam so that they can collect money to make it go away.

Otherwise, in a real shooting, all the witnesses would be killed. The boys go to Gyp to make this go away, and he tells Stosh and Donnie to never go near Frankie again.

jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

They bring in Bob to check the band perform at the club, where he hears Frankie singing, and he declares to the audience he's taken over the narration that he must write for this voice. Bob shows the boys a piece of music he wrote, "Cry For Me", which they all begin to perform in front of the waitresses, who are attracted to Bob.

Tommy sends them away and tries to negotiate with Bob and Frankie in regards to letting Bob in. Bob wants a four-way split, which Tommy is not cool with. Frankie is fine with it and threatens to leave the group if Tommy doesn't agree. He relents and lets Bob join. The boys try to send their demos to publishers, with nobody interested in listening to them as they go to the studio. Frankie and Bob run into an old friend of Frankie's, the flamboyant Bob Crewe Mike Doylewho takes them to a party and later signs them for a contract.

Jersey Boys (2014)

It opened November 22,at New World Stages. He offers to tell the story of the band, explaining how he started out with the group "The Variety Trio" with his brother Nick DeVito and friend Nick Massi, eventually discovering teenager Frankie Castelluccio and taking him under his wing, teaching him everything he knows "The Early Years: During these early years Nick Massi helped train Frankie to sing, Tommy went in and out of prison, Frankie changed his last name to Valli, Tommy and Frankie developed a good relationship with mob boss Gyp DeCarlo, and Frankie fell in love with and married Mary Delgado.

Musically, the band was still struggling and kept changing their name and sound but without any dramatic success. One day friend and fellow Jersey boy Joe Pesci comes up to Tommy and says that he knows a singer-songwriter who'd make the perfect fourth for their band: Summer Bob Gaudio takes over the narration, telling the audience that no matter what Tommy says, he wasn't plucked from obscurity by him, since he already had a hit single with " Short Shorts ". Bob goes with Joe Pesci to see the band perform, and is immediately impressed by Frankie's voice.

jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

Bob performs a song he'd just written: They negotiate an agreement, though Tommy is at first skeptical that Bobby then still a teenager will be good for the band. The band eventually gets a contract with producer Bob Crewe but only to sing back-up "Backup Sessions".

‘Jersey Boys’ Review: Clint Eastwood’s Musical Adaptation – Variety

Crewe insists that the band has an "identity crisis" and needs to make a firm decision on a name and a sound. The band name themselves after The Four Seasons bowling alley, and Bobby writes them three songs that finally propel them to stardom: In the wake of their success, Bob also chalks up a personal first by losing his virginity " December, Oh, What a Night ".

The band's success means that they tour a lot more, along the way discovering the girl band The Angels " My Boyfriend's Back ". Unfortunately, the constant touring strains Frankie's marriage to Mary, and they eventually divorce " My Eyes Adored You ". The band continues to enjoy chart successes " Dawn Go Away " until after a concert the band is approached by a loan shark out to claim money owed by Tommy "Walk Like a Man reprise ".

Act II[ edit ] Fall Nick Massi, taking over as Narrator, explains that Bob was so focused on the band's musical success and future that he couldn't see that the band had been in trouble for some time.

Tommy's been racking up debts, and a forgotten bill during a previous tour lands the band in jail over the weekend, which strains things between Tommy and Bob " Big Man in Town ".

jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

Nick observes that Tommy became jealous of Frankie's success and closeness with Bobby, and attempted to seduce Frankie's new girlfriend Lorraine. The two never confronted each other about it, but the old friendship was not what it used to be. The band, Gyp, and the loan shark come to agreement: Tommy is to be "sequestered" in Las Vegas where the mob can keep an eye on him, and the band will willingly cover the debt, along with an additional half a million in unpaid taxes that Tommy kept hidden from the group.

Winter Frankie takes over narration, explaining that though he owes Tommy a great deal, he's aware that their relationship wasn't ideal, and he never understood why Nick decided to leave.

jersey boys 2014 ending a relationship

Frankie and Bob find replacements to keep the band a quartet " Opus 17 Don't You Worry 'Bout Me " until Bobby announces that he's never been comfortable in the spotlight and that Frankie should be a single, i.