Lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Where the Elite Meet to Cheat’ preview | Hooniverse

lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

These Are the Most Amazing LeMons Race Cars of the Year (One Is a .. Pimpmobile for the Where the Elite Meet to Cheat race in Michigan. 24 Lemons- Halloween Hooptiefest @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon NH 10/20/ - 10/22/ 24 Lemons- Where the Elite Meet to Cheat. February 03 - February 04, View Results Buy Race Photos. West Region Where the Elite Meet to Cheat. October 13 - October 14, View Results.

Or something the Roadkill guys are repulsed by.

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Strikes a sentimental chord with this writer. Still a truly wretched, painfully slow car. A former IoE and Class C winner. This is, of course, the most anticipated car of the weekend for the LeMons Supreme Court.

lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

You may guess this team has an impressive collection of exploded parts. You would be correct. Still, an automatic, proletarian-trim Civic is not a particularly adept road racer.

lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

May win Class C yet. Not going to win a race, but could finish Top This car is the epitome of LeMons and somehow won Class B once. Possibly the LeMons Car of the Future? White Trash Racing Dodge Neon — The team that makes this writer laugh as much or more than any other.

lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

Smokey Saturn and the Bandits Saturn SL2 — This car seemed on the brink of quitting a year ago after some incredibly heartbreaking bad luck. Must be the plaster-cast air intake. This one with all kinds of cheater parts has been maybe the worst of all them.

lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

Added hooptie Lambo doors. Replace it with one that is about 2 percent more reliable.

Three races, two blown head gaskets, and one pitched connecting rod. Instead of a radial, however, Labranche stuffed the 3. It makes or more horsepower with engine management run by a prototype controller Labranche is testing.

The Dai Mondai squad brought back an old Celica that had been banged up several times in crashes. The team grafted a late-model Toyota Avalon grille onto the car that somehow only looks partially atrocious.

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The cars are circulating on track on a blustery, degree day. Rain is going to fall in a little while, in all likelihood, which means this could really go to anyone. Early Heroic Fix contenders, right there.

The green flag flies and is shown on the three-car parade of the Cordoba, the Mirada, and the Grand Prix. What a glorious sight. The tow truck has already been deployed three times for busted cars, including the 10 Tempo, which may have been a Class C frontrunner.

This is the kind of thing that makes Class C so worthwhile. Placing your transponder inside the car and on the firewall makes it difficult for it register as it crosses the timing line.

lemons race 2014 where the elite meet

With a series that offers complete novices the chance to race come these kinds of the mistakes, but teams that do things like this their first time around have often become very good teams after a half dozen or so races.

The track is starting to dry out from overnight rain and laptop are starting to drop and the usual teams are at the front.

Results - 24 Hours of LEMONS

The rain continues to fall. Pictures of broken cars coming soon. The first casualty of the race was the Flying Purple People Eater S10, whose distributor busted the second the driver floored the car for the green flag. Just about everyone has made their first driver changes and the leaders remaind the same: The 6 HardDriveRacing Neon no longer has functioning spider gears in its transmission.

Weather radar seems to indicate another band of showers and then it should clear up within a couple hours with the track drying in the hour thereafter. At this point, 79 cars have turned laps, making this the largest LeMons race ever at Gingerman. After finding another Ford Tempo alternator, they should be back on the track. The rain has stopped for a bit, but laptimes remain high with the track still absolutely soaked.