Meet pretty little liars cast in person 2014 wnba

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meet pretty little liars cast in person 2014 wnba

And really why irrelevant characters like Paige (unless she's A.D. or some shit of the main characters on the damn show (and the entire story behind PLL . Ali had noticed the instant spark between the two when they'd met almost but her girl seemed to realize how special of a place the basketball star. Shay Mitchell very Pretty Beautiful People, Most Beautiful, Gorgeous Women, Perfect issue, on newsstands February Here is what the Pretty Little Liars star "Lucy Hale & Cast - Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Promo Shoot adding .. " Lucy Hale // lace and leggings // summer meets fall fashion // cream crochet dress ". See more ideas about Lucy hale style, Pretty little liars fashion and Outfits. Fashion, Aria Montgomery, Fasion, Claire, Ootd, Cute Outfits, Pll Cast, Fashion Guide . SM Coachella Outfits , Coachella , Coachella Festival, Coachella Style, Shay Mitchell wearing Adidas Basketball Number Crop Top, RE/DONE.

In the mid-season finale of season 5, Mona is brutally murdered, and Alison is framed for it. They girls believe that she's 'A', and she's arrested. Later in season 5, the girls finds out that she isn't 'A', but her trial is about to start. She is found guilty, and is sent to jail. In the season 5 finale, she reveals to Peter and Veronica Hastings that 'A' was the one who kidnapped the girls. Her murder conviction was overturned Tanner saw Mona alive in A's dollhouse at the Campbell farm through a videoand she - along with Toby, Ezra and Caleb - finds the girls and saves them.

From episode 2 of season 6, Alison finds a new love interest in Toby's police partney Lorenzo. Mona Vanderwaal Mona Vanderwaal Mona Vanderwaal Janel Parrish is a former unpopular girl at Rosewood who longed to be accepted into Alison's group and was continuously mocked by Alison.


After Alison's disappearance, Mona completely transformed herself and befriended Hanna, and they both became popular students. She enjoys bullying Lucas, much to Hanna's annoyance. After the appearance of A, Mona notices that Hanna is now acting strangely, and feels jealous that Hanna has rekindled her friendships with Aria, Emily, and Spencer. She dislikes Caleb and makes attempts to break Hanna and Caleb up, even asking Lucas for help though he declines. Mona is somewhat romantically involved with Noel, which Hanna disapproves of.

Although Noel breaks up with her, Mona acknowledges that Hanna was right about Noel. Mona doesn't do so and instead returns the necklace she stole back to the jewelry store where she was confronted by the cops and was ordered to do community service by working in a soup kitchen. Despite this, Mona is still being threatened by "A". Hanna decides it's best if Mona hangs with her and the others for protection from "A".

She ends up having a mental breakdown and threatens Spencer by giving her the option of either "joining the A Team" or "disappearing" via Spencer's father's gun Mona admits that she was the one to steal it from his desk. Mona survives, but is committed to a mental hospital and by her doctor, is diagnosed with an antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder coupled with her high intelligence she was living in a state of "hyper reality" where everything revolved around her.

At the end of the episode, Mona is visited by a mysterious stranger dressed in a red coat in the mental facility and admits she did everything that she was "told to do".

This implies that Mona is just one of many "A's" and there is someone else calling the shots. However, in the season 5 finale, she is revealed to be alive, and has been helt captive by 'A' for five months. She is rescued with the girls, and her mom takes her away for healing.

She returns to Rosewood again in episode 5 of season 6, and kind of begins to help the girls find out about Charles. But the directors clue in that maybe she wasn't the only one sending texts and tormenting the four girls.

meet pretty little liars cast in person 2014 wnba

At a party Hannah remembers who " A" is. Spencer goes with Mona to try to find Officer Wilden. When Mona starts going on a detour. Spencer asks where they are headed and Mona starts to tell Spencer all about how she was A and how she managed to keep it up.

Spencer is freaked out and calls Wilden, and loudly talks to him about their where-abouts so he can find them. Mona then realizes what was happening and attacks Spencer at Dead Man Quarry. Mona and Spencer fight and Spencer pushes Mona off the cliff into bushes. The police arrive soon and so do the girls. Mona is then put into a mental hospital.

But the girls are not done with "A" yet. It then flashes to a person in Alison's red jacket walking up to Mona in the mental hospital. Mona says to this person, thought to be "A," that she did everything that they asked. This implies that Mona, like many others, was just working for "A.

It is implied Toby is a part of the A team. In the season 3 finale, it's revealed that Toby only joined to protect Spencer and to find out who Red Coat was. However, she doesn't make an appearance in a long time. Ezra also shows up on that rooftop, and reveals that he knows who the person is.

Ezra and that person fights, and after that person escaped, the camera turns to Ezra, who is shot in the stomach. In the season 5 premiere, Aria stays with him at the hospital, and when he's concious he tells Aria who 'A' is. Aria rushes over to where the rest of the girls are, and finds them along with Shana, who is revealed to be 'A'. And I use that term lightly because honestly I'm so jilted and so sick of the queer baiting that I can't even believe it when they say good things are coming for Emison.

I swear to God though if they try to pull some love triangle bullshit And really why irrelevant characters like Paige unless she's A. And for God's sake give Janel some more screen time as well like Mona drives me nuts, but damn the girl can act!

Oh and Sara Harvey dying in the shower-y'all it was so beautifully ironic I laughed. I know that makes me a terrible person, but c'mon! And damn you Charlotte being all evil and shit-I made you the frickin hero in Sinus Infection and you gonna do that to me? I like my version of Charlotte a lot better! Jesus will Alison never catch a damn break?! She literally gave her life up for Charlotte only to be stabbed in the back again! Emily just come heal her with your love! Anyway after that long rant I would apologize, but I find ranting about PLL oddly therapeutic, so bare with me guys I hope you all enjoy this epilogue and please let me know what you think!

Just to fair warn you though I have a pairing in here that probably no one saw coming and might seem odd at first but I hope I did a decent job crafting it Burning Embers Five Year Epilogue When Alison opened her eyes she couldn't help but let a blissful smile spread across her face at the sight of the two people she loved more than anything in the world before her.

Emily was sleeping peacefully with a protective arm wrapped around their four year old son Wayne and it literally melted the blonde's heart. Sure she loved waking up naked next to her wife, but this was pretty great as well…and luckily Em had already gotten her off before Wayne came into their bedroom last night after he had a nightmare and thankfully they both had clothes within reach that they could quickly throw on before he crawled into bed between them.

Luckily the toddler had been so out of it that he didn't notice how momentarily flustered his moms were. She and Emily had shared knowing smirks before Wayne immediately curled up to Emily's chest. It was his go to move whenever he was frightened and Ali couldn't blame him. Her mermaid had always given off a protective aura and when it came to their little angel Em would do anything to keep him safe and Ali of course turned into a protective momma bear when need be as well.

They'd adopted Wayne two years ago after they'd been married for a year and a half and it had honestly been the best decision the two of them could have ever made. Ali never thought that she could love anyone as much as she loved Emily, but the first time she'd held Wayne in her arms that assumption was completely disproved.

As his chocolate brown eyes that remarkably resembled her wife's had gazed into her crystal blue ones and he whispered "momma", Ali fell head over heels and shed happy tears for a good hour.

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It was safe to say that Wayne was the best thing that had ever happened to them. He never ceased to bring a smile to her face on even her most stressful days and his huge heart and sweet demeanor made practically every negative thought the teacher had disappear.

Ali's smile grew as Emily subconsciously pulled Wayne in closer to her. As Alison always suspected her soulmate was a fantastic mother and for the millionth time in her life the blonde thanked her lucky stars that Emily Fields was hers.

Thank God she asked me out on that hiking date five years ago…or else we never would have gotten to this place…so insanely happy that it honest to God takes my breath away. Given that it was Saturday she knew she had a good hour before Emily and Wayne even stirred out of their slumber.

Ali thought about just staying in bed and staring at them in complete adoration, but she decided making a nice breakfast would be the perfect start to the day. She and Emily both had hellacious weeks and really the two loves of her life deserved nothing but the best.

Plus there was a phone call she really needed to make… Grabbing her iPhone and earbuds off her bedside table Alison lazily padded her way into the hallway and stretched as she walked towards the living room of her and Emily's upscale Philadelphia home. They'd lived here since they got married and the teacher felt like she was living in a dream every morning when she took in the vaulted ceilings and warm ambiance of the space. Initially Ali had been hesitant about buying the house because it was a little out of their price range, but Emily had looked at her with those puppy dog eyes that she just couldn't refuse and before she knew it they were placing an offer.

And really it was the perfect place for her and Emily to start fresh and raise a family…it just took Alison a little while to come to grips with that. Having to be more fiscally responsible because she'd lost everything after she'd married Elliot and dear God she still can't believe that she ever even went out with that psychopathAlison had spent hours crunching the numbers and it took a lot of reassurance from her soon to be wife at the time that they'd be fine.

Alison had just accepted a position as the head of the English department at a private school in Philadelphia that would provide her with a much higher salary than she'd ever hope to make at Rosewood High not to mention the freedom to develop a curriculum that would actually benefit her students. And Emily was quickly turning into a brilliant investor in her job at the Carissimi group working alongside Jason.

So really they would be fine it just scared the blonde that initially they'd be in further debt than they originally anticipated. But as she made her way out onto the deck that overlooked their large backyard and swimming pool, Ali smirked. As was often the case Emily Fields was right.

That's why she's your better half…God, I love her…with my entire being…Lord, I've been awake for all of ten minutes and already Emily has a dopey smile spreading across my face.

The teacher leaned against the deck railing and got her earbuds situated before she hit the green call button on the contact name her thumb was hovering above. The phone rang a few times before a grumbled, "Hello? Ali shook her head as she teased, "Jeez Han, you sound like you're dead…" "I might as well be with you calling at such an ungodly hour…" The feisty blonde annoyingly responded.

Alison did a double take to check the time on her phone as she reasoned, "It's 9: That's not that early…" "Hmmm are your wife and son awake Alison? That image alone made Ali smile.

The teacher chuckled as she amusedly answered, "No…" The designer groaned, "So then why the hell am I? Sure Emily loved Spencer and Aria fiercely but there was just something special between her and Hanna.

It was rare that the five of them could even get together anymore because of their crazy schedules. Spencer was always in session for Congress in Washington D.

Aria was always on a book tour or editing a draft of her and Ezra's latest novel not to mention the fact that she was also pregnant with their first child. And Hanna had literally taken over the fashion world once she could pour all of her heart and effort into her designs after everything settled with A.

The designer's wedding was less than two months away in Rome of all places and to say she was excited was beyond an understatement.

Brittany and Hanna were literally perfect for one another-both global superstars in their respective industries with hearts of gold. When she'd asked God to find her amazing ex-girlfriend someone who could love her with their entire being, she had no idea that the answer would come in the form of another strikingly beautiful blonde from Rosewood. Ali had noticed the instant spark between the two when they'd met almost five years ago outside the Rosewood Police Department of all places and she'd even predicted where they'd eventually end up Alison lifted her head from Emily's chest but remained in her mermaid's embrace as she looked towards her ex with sheer appreciation.

Brittany was leaning against the light pole outside the police department furiously typing away on her iPhone looking oh so cool-literally oozing off swagger. No wonder every woman in the world literally turned gay for her…not like the basketball star even noticed though…She made every female bi-curious effortlessly-including Spencer and Aria who were damn near drooling as they stood next to Ali and Emily. Jesus Toby and Ezra might need to watch out… "Thank you so much, Brittany.

Seriously I can't even explain-" "Ali would you stop, please? Your friend got wrongfully charged with murder…I'm just glad I could help.

Jesus if only she knew how much she was literally saving all of our asses right now… When Hanna got arrested two days ago and charged with vehicular manslaughter Ali didn't know where to turn or what to do as she, Emily, Spencer, and Aria all desperately tried to reason with the police and explain how everything they'd done was in self-defense.

She felt herself spiraling and the last time she'd felt like that she'd married Elliot…not wanting to do anything desperate and needing to be grounded she called Brittany immediately. Emily let out a quiet laugh and Ali turned her head so she could gaze up at her breathtaking girlfriend. Initially the teacher had been worried that the swimmer would get jealous of her reaching out to Brittany for help their relationship was only two months old after allbut her girl seemed to realize how special of a place the basketball star held in Ali's heart and also amazingly understood that the blonde no longer harbored romantic feelings for her ex even if she was perfect.

And let's be real after declaring her love for Emily Fields, Alison DiLaurentis never planned on being with anyone else ever again. They were soulmates and nothing else would ever measure up. When Emily leaned down to capture her lips in a chaste kiss, Alison smiled like the love sick fool she was. She wanted to deepen the kiss but out of respect for her ex Alison restrained herself and gently pulled away.

Because sure Britt might have been happy for her finally being in a relationship with Emily, but the teacher doubts she wanted to see the couple making out two feet away from her. Burrowing back into Emily's chest Ali let out a content sigh when the taller woman kissed the crown of her head and whispered so only she could hear, "I love you so much, Ali.

Leave it to the brainy brunette to need to know every detail. He's a total shark. Not to mention he's ex-CIA and has loads of evidence that everything the five of you ever did that was technically criminal was provoked by A.

Brittany shyly looked down as she revealed, "Um…I asked Reggie to start looking into things after I visited Ali two months ago. We may not be together anymore, but that doesn't mean I stopped caring…" For the millionth time in her life Alison was blown away by Brittany's sheer goodness. God whoever she ended up with would be one lucky woman… Before she could respond to the person who had helped her so damn much a booming voice enveloped the space around them, "And Lieutenant Tanner if you or anyone in your department ever even thinks about coming after Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily, or Alison again about any of this shit, I will be representing them and you will be sorry!

The usually confident police woman who oozed annoying bravado looked like her soul had been snatched as she stood on the steps of the police station next to an enraged Reggie. Hanna hadn't even made it to the bottom step before Alison, Emily, Spencer, and Aria were all enveloping her in a tight hug. Ali had been waiting for this moment since she was fourteen. The —A game was really over and all five of them were alive and not going to prison.

Plus she was openly in love with Emily Fields. Life really was beautiful. She could hear Ashley in the background profusely thanking Brittany and Reggie once again who both acted like what they had done was no big deal. The five friends lost track of time as they stayed wrapped in their embrace. They had definitely missed the feisty blonde's bluntness during the last forty eight hours. When they finally broke apart so they could begin walking back to Ashley's house, Hanna abruptly stopped a few paces into their trek.

Before Spencer could even inquire what the hell Hanna was doing, the designer was striding over towards Brittany who was finalizing details with Reggie regarding the upcoming summer Olympics in Tokyo. When the basketball superstar noticed Hanna standing in front of her she offered that warm smile that made everyone in America fall more and more in love with her.

Surprise was written all over Brittany's face as she loosely wrapped her arms around the newly freed blonde. Given their almost ten inch height difference, Hanna's head fit perfectly under Brittany's chin. And Ali had to admit they kind of looked adorable as they both relished in the embrace. The teacher could tell that Brittany was instantly attracted to Hanna, and who could blame her? For God's sake the designer was practically Alison's twin.

And Ali swears Hanna was inexplicably drawn towards the athlete for far more than appreciation… "You don't even know me and you literally saved my life. Why would you do that? Britt let out a quiet chuckle, "I know you're a good person and you needed help. It was kind of a no brainer…" Hanna lifted her head so she could search Brittany's soulful blue eyes, not believing that someone like her existed.

Thank you so much," The sincerity in Hanna's voice was enough to make Aria let out an "aww". Lord, she really was a hopeless romantic. This could definitely get interesting… "Well since you're basically my knight in shining armor you have to come to dinner tonight. My mom's going all out…" Hanna's confidence was oozing out and Emily giggled in Alison's ear. Can she see what's happening too?

They hadn't seen Hanna look this happy since her glory days with Caleb. Okay, they're already becoming too cute to handle. When Hanna finally did move out of the protective hold and Ali knew just how comforting Brittany's arms could be-they literally washed away all your insecurities and fearsshe suddenly turned back and kissed Brittany on the cheek, which made the basketball great flush even harder.

Bringing her and Emily's joined hands up to her lips so she could place a gentle kiss on the tantalizing tan skin, Ali turned towards Aria and knowingly declared, "Hanna just fell in love. The whole world knows how in love you two are. And if I recall Mrs. DiLaurentis-Fields you do the same damn thing! Jesus, if that wasn't the truth. She literally talked about Emily and Wayne whenever she could.

The other teachers at school probably found her so annoying, but she didn't give a fuck. The way she looked at it, she paid her dues while she was a teenager and young adult to live this amazing life now. And really why should she have to apologize for that? Over the years she and Hanna worked diligently to repair their friendship and she hoped the designer knew that she could tell her anything.

Like if it's really real because it's so amazing and you just can't believe it? Hanna groaned and Alison heard more rustling. The feisty blonde obviously realizing that she wasn't going to be able to fall back asleep and deciding to just get up for the day. She leaned back into Emily's gentle embrace and giggled as the brunette placed feather lite kisses along her neck.

Damn you Fields-you know how sensitive I am. Emily breathed her in for a few moments before she mumbled out, "Good morning, beautiful. Everything did look damn tasty-the scrambled eggs, hash browns, chocolate chip pancakes, and of course coffee. No matter how chaotic their lives became, Alison refused to let her skills in the kitchen falter. Tilting her head back so she could kiss Emily's always tempting lips that she craved more than anything, Ali responded, "You're welcome, love.

I figured after your rough week you could use a good breakfast. The teacher smiled when she realized what mug her wife had grabbed. It was white with a painting of the Eiffel Tower on it. They'd gotten it on their honeymoon in Paris after Alison had to literally drag Emily out of their hotel room so they could explore the city.

The swimmer had claimed that all she wanted to explore was Alison's body, but for the love of God it was their fourth day in the city of love and all they'd managed to do was orgasm over and over again.

And it's not like they could exactly take pictures of that to show everyone back home.

meet pretty little liars cast in person 2014 wnba

What in the hell would Alison's new mother-in-law have thought? Her wife annoyingly huffed out as she ran a frustrated hand through her tousled yet still beautiful hair, "He's just…he's just been riding me a lot harder than usual and I don't know why. Listen to your wife! Sometimes Jason just needs a good kick in the ass. Emily ran her thumb over Alison's knuckles, "I don't want Jason to think I can't handle things…" Ali waited until chocolate brown eyes met her own before she explained, "Em, you are doing amazing, baby.

Jason just needs to be reminded of how much of an asset you are to the company. You made chocolate chip pancakes?! Momma you're the best! Once she was finished and sitting down on the other side of Wayne the adorable toddler turned to her and inquired, "Do you know what mom told Aunt Hanna once, momma?

Their son had heard her wife say that?! Her wife was just too cute, especially when she sported that innocent smile. Alison shook her head, Jesus she literally couldn't stay mad at her for two seconds. Seemingly unfazed by the slight tension that had briefly entered their kitchen Wayne asked a few moments later through a mouthful of chocolate chip pancakes, "Is Grandma watching me tonight because you have girl's night?

Given her nonexistent relationship with Kenneth, Alison was glad that Wayne had at least one phenomenal grandparent. In a perfect world Emily's dad and Alison's mom would also be around to see Wayne grow up, but given that that wasn't exactly possible, she felt blessed that Pam was at least involved in their lives. And well she wasn't just involved, she was there for everything…which is exactly what Alison wanted.