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Dobre praktyki w JavaScript: $ (dolar) w nazwie zmiennej. 1 minuta | słów 12 . WarsawJS Meetup # Mój punkt widzenia. 3 minuty | Tak Brzmi Miasto EXPORT - relacja .. Meet & Greet In and nominated to the title of Kulturysta Roku, Polish Radio Three award. He was involved in setting up a college of contemporary music, Access to . Graj(mi)dół bass guitar festival in Zgierz Cultural Centre, the biggest that type of event in Poland. pharmaceuticals (Jakovljevic et al., ) is still taking place, in rural and suburban areas of middle-income countries include the fact that medicines may account for up to 70% of 1 dollar = Yen in (in Average). TABLE 2 Meeting in Dynamics of Socio-Economic Systems (Dyses Sevilla).

EuromaidanUkrainian revolutionHistory of Crimeaand transfer of Crimea Despite being an independent country sinceUkraine has been perceived by Russia as being part of its sphere of interest. Iulian Chifu and his co-authors claim that in regard to Ukraine, Russia pursues a modernized version of the Brezhnev Doctrine on "limited sovereignty", which dictates that the sovereignty of Ukraine cannot be larger than that of the Warsaw Pact prior to the demise of the Soviet sphere of influence.

At the same time, there were several sticking points, most importantly Ukraine's significant nuclear arsenalwhich Ukraine agreed to abandon in the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances on the condition that Russia and the other signatories would issue an assurance against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine. InRussia was one of signatories of Charter for European Securitywhere it "reaffirmed the inherent right of each and every participating State to be free to choose or change its security arrangements, including treaties of alliance, as they evolve"; [86] both would prove worthless in Ukraine agreed to lease the Sevastopol port so that the Russian Black Sea fleet could continue to occupy it together with Ukraine.

Starting inthrough the s and s, Ukraine and Russia engaged in several gas disputes. A pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovichwas elected in and Russia felt that many ties with Ukraine could be repaired. Prior to this, Ukraine had not renewed the lease of Black Sea Naval base at Sevastopol, meaning that Russian troops would have to leave Crimea by However, Yanukovich signed a new lease and expanded allowable troop presence as well as allowing troops to train in the Kerch peninsula.

Yulia Tymoshenko, the main opposition figure of Yanukovich, was jailed on what many considered trumped up charges, leading to further dissatisfaction with the government. In NovemberViktor Yanukovich declined to sign an association agreement with the European Union, a treaty that had been in development for several years and one that Yanukovich had earlier approved of.

In SeptemberRussia warned Ukraine that if it went ahead with a planned agreement on free trade with the EUit would face financial catastrophe and possibly the collapse of the state.

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This will not happen. Glazyev allowed for the possibility of separatist movements springing up in the Russian-speaking east and south of Ukraine. Stadt group, a manager of Iza Lach. A musician, producer and a pedagogue. Since many years her passion has been also culture animation, amateur music-making and changes in the area of public music education activities. Eksperymentalna Pracownia Muzyczna, Dream Up — music education in sociotherapeutical clubhouses.

He is also an organizer of Support Festival, Polish nationwide competition for young bands.

Piotr Kowalski

In the past cooperated with i. Antyradio, Grand Music Club in Kielce. Since 6 years has been one of the coorganizer of nationwide music workshop taking place in Muzyczna Owczarnia in Jaworki. Musician in So Flow, where he plays synths and keyboard instruments, creates also solo music as Misz. Graduate of 1st and 2nd degree music schools, nowadays, as a teacher, puts emphasis on development of creativity and improvisation skills. Together with So Flow he played i. Pianist, composer and music producer.

Works with Polish departments of the Ableton and Akai companies.

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Runs many workshops on topics he explores in his everyday studio and sceninc work. Interested in making new instruments and promgramming devices in a way allowing to discover in them nonobvious potential and solutions. On stage he collaborated with artists like O. During his year tenure with Marillion, he launched their pioneering direct-to-fan business in that became the basis for modern-day crowdfunding.

Published her pieces in Jazzarium. Since engaged in radio work. Initially her proprietary broadcast with Central and Southern Europe folk music Balkanera was aired by Krakow Radio Alfa station, afterwards in Internet radio station. Since then he has been the National Coordinator 55 cities in and also the Attica Artistic Producer. European Music Day is today the widest live music event of southeastern Europe, a project in which Georges accomplished to reach a concept visibility over millions of visitors.

He is dexterous at developing special cultural projects from scratch, working adequately with both public and private organizations, entrepreneurs and artists.

He has participated in many EU ventures and is active in several national and transnational music sector development projects. Musically engaged with bands Kumama, Boso, Linia He occurs to play on instrument, but also to realize concerts or studio recordings.

Student of multiple times awarded i. Magdalena is a PhD in music signal processing, graduate of Music Production and Recording Stavanger, Norwayalso a former member of the sound engineers crew in anff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

One of the founder of Learn How To Sounds, which organizes trainings on sound production. Studies trends and innovations in music education, their influence on children development and family relations.

For 10 years has been running classes with children kindergartens, school and music high schools and adults currently lectures at The University of Silesia in Katowice. A utopist, madman, hothead, radio host and stage announcer. He loves good beer, udon and Czech Rep. Together with his brother co-creates producer duo Sarapaty.

Creates band SALK, cooperates i. Furthermore, involved in producing illustrative music for the theatre e. Witkacy Theatre, Ludowy Theatrefor short films and applied music. Rob has written songs with artists in the UK, Canada and Nashville, as well as with the cream of Irish pop talent.

Now he is focusing on music education development. Founder of the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Society and his own record label Avarusmusic where he produces many jazz-related recordings, ensures managerial care for the artists, organizes concerts and events.

Noted music producer and DJ who co-created many artistic projects — apart from his solo work, i. Night Marks group or cooperation with Paulina Przybysz, W.

Awarded with Fryderyk in electronic music category for album of Paulina Przybysz, which he co-produced; got honorable mention of the Soulbowl.

Searching for, listening intently and learning from musicians and singers from the Mazowsze and the Lublin regions. Has been writing lyrics and composins music from almost 20 years, mainly in English and Polish. Agnieszka lived for 6 years in UK and there she completed a course from songwriting at The Songwriting Academy.

Participated in many songrwriter camps, i. The events and projects bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. Through this Jeff has helped to develop a number of new and innovative approaches to building sustainable careers and alternative models for the music industries. His work includes a long-term music project working with young people in Manchester, the development of a number of music co-operatives in Africa, and a revolutionary new UK based touring model called Off Axis.

He has also run a number of independent record labels in Manchester and is a lecturer in Music Business. Born and passionate mountaineer and Zakopane resident honoring the tradition and fighting for its survival. Graduated Faculty of Architecture on Cracow University of Technology and also holds a diploma in teaching traditional music.

Author of a radio-broadcasts and lectures. Originator and creator of many albums with traditional highlander music and inspired by international cooperation, i.