Mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

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mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

Mike Tyson once famously referred to himself as "the baddest man on the planet". In his new autobiography, co-written with Larry Sloman. Jan 3, , am CST. Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is punching up a lot of buzz - and ticket sales - for a boxing event at Target Center sold VIP ringside tickets for $ each, including a meet-and-greet with Tyson. This Saturday, Meet Mike Tyson at Field of Dreams at the Venetian Hotel & Casino. December 2, ·. This Saturday, Meet Mike Tyson at Field of o Meet and Greet and Photo with you and MIKE TYSON (Your camera). Trunks Package -.

He tested positive for marijuana in before his fight with Andrew Golota, which he blames on not having his whizzer to hand.

mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

It was carried from fight to fight by a member of his entourage. He responded by saying that it was even too much for someone who threw his money around like he did. Other friends suggested he try a voodoo priest, who proposed that he wash in oils and drink special water.

I wasn't going to water down my Hennessy," Tyson retorted. He writes that he eventually settled on looking for help from a Santeria witch doctor, with whom he went to the courthouse with a pigeon and an egg. Tyson was to drop the egg and release the bird while yelling: In the book he writes: As a result, he says, all outside visitors were banned.

He kicked his former promoter Don King in the head On a trip to try to make amends with his former promoter, Tyson flew in King's private jet down to Florida in but says he spent the entire journey doing drugs. Tyson went into a rage, partly fuelled by jealousy over the money he had earned King, and partly due to drugs.

He says of the incident: We were driving down to Miami from Fort Lauderdale on the I Don said some innocuous thing and all that jealousy and rage spilled out of me and I kicked him in his fucking head.

He expresses regret for doing so, referring to himself at this time as a "disrespectful ignorant monster". Another example came inwhen he said: But I was, so I chased them into the lobby and up the escalator.

We got to the top of the escalator and I knocked one of them out with one punch. He was spared when hotel security came. Tyson says he disappeared from training camp and partied in Albany for two weeks straight. In a nightclub, he told friends he was going to retire.

Tyson will thrill audiences with untold stories, peeling back layers of tragedy and public turmoil while unfolding his tale of triumph and survival. In an up-close-and-personal setting featuring images, music and video, Tyson, in an intimate and theatrical setting, will share the stories of his life and experiences as a professional athlete and controversies in and out of the ring.

In fact, I highly recommend reading both parts in full, as it is unscripted, and includes a lot of the story that is presented in the scripted stage show. Because of my own past views of Tyson, and my intrigue about the man, his motivations, and his character, I was inspired to buy a special VIP ticket to see the show from the front row against the stage, and even meet the man after the show.

mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

I am a fairly good read of people, and having an opportunity to sit before Mike Tyson, a few feet away, and hear him tell his tale, was an opportunity I could not pass up. Backing up a bit, to share my own perspective and to place my impressions of the show in context, I am a huge fan of the sport of boxing.

In fact, it is the only sport that I have followed throughout my life, going back to the early 80s. Originally, he was this unbelievable force in the sport who seemed to have come out of nowhere, and who fought in a way that no one ever has before or since.

Quite small for a heavyweight, he had unbelievable power, speed, and determination in the ring that seemed boundless. As he made his way up, he seemed to elicit pure terror in the hearts and minds of his opponents, and generally sent them to the canvass in short order — mere minutes if not seconds into these bouts.

mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

Mike Tyson brought something entirely different — and I would argue new — to the game. It was as if he was born to brutally destroy his opponents as quickly and efficiently as possible, and his awesome offense actually was his defense. As he gained both fame and fortune swiftly, he also seemed to have a directly proportional series of personal issues and challenges outside of the ring. With his show at the MGM Grand this week, he absolutely focuses on the latter, and barely touches on the former.

His oral tale is about his demons and his struggles and controversies, and his greatest losses in the ring and outnot his conquests, unless you count the fact that he is alive and of a positive and introspective state of mind a conquest over extreme adversity.

mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

Getting to the show itself, it took place inside of the Hollywood Theatre, which is fairly intimate with small tables with chairs along the the stage where I sat and more booth-like seating tiered back and up. As a side note, entering the venue, there were numerous signs prohibiting photos or any recording whatsoever, so honoring that, unfortunately, I have no photos to share of the show itself as it took form on stage. And this notion appears to in many ways to have affected him at every juncture in his life, both serving as credit for his successes and his losses and defeats.

At his core, he has been an emotional wreck of a person throughout his life. Tyson was born into this world with astounding challenges; collectively, these things would overwhelm and even destroy most people. As the show opened with this song, Tyson came down a ramp in the center back of the stage, dressed quite dapper in colorful suit and hat.

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Quite honestly, seeing him stand before me, and literally stare back at me from time to time, was an incredibly surreal experience. Standing on the stage, my sense of Tyson was that he was humbled, a little uncomfortable, but also maybe enjoying being on stage — a stage, any stage — as I am sure that there is some part of him that needs to see himself reflected by the reactions of an audience. With this show though, I believe the vast majority of those sitting with me in that audience were sympathetic to Tyson i.

I actually took many notes during this show a nerd, I know…but I wanted to remember some of the more poignant and important things that he might say. Ultimately, the show ran for over two hours, so it was quite a lot to absorb. As he opened, speaking in his highly recognizable tone, yet fairly soft spoken, he offered some very basic concepts to frame, essentially, his argument for his life — what he was, why he was that way, decisions he has made, and what he has become.

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To say that Tyson was devoid of opportunity is an understatement, as he explains that his mom was a prostitute, and his dad at least who he thought his dad was — to this day it is uncertain was a pimp. And in addition to that, he was born with a genetic propensity for addiction.

He was the youngest of three children. He talked about a childhood of crime, of being arrested and spending time being locked up. It is all quite tragic, and really explains how he has had so many problems in his life, much of which is directly related to deep-rooted emotional issues.

He talked about how he took care of pigeons, and how another kid ripped one of their heads off, and Tyson beat him up and bit him.

mike tyson 2014 meet and greet

The thing that changed the trajectory of his life, obviously, was the sport of boxing, and Tyson spoke of being inspired by and meeting Muhammad Ali. This man came into his life, genuinely cared for him, and probably gave him love and support unlike anyone ever before.