Motorcycle swap meet 2014 ncaa

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motorcycle swap meet 2014 ncaa

A wild card is a tournament or playoff berth awarded to an individual or team that fails to qualify . From to , it was granted to the winner of the All-Star Game. In any event, most owners in both conferences wanted to keep the even four-team .. NCAA tournaments in all of its sports have included wild card berths . Vacation's over: Brette Pettet starts life in college hockey at Devil's Half Acre Motorcycle Event organizer hopes to give Kentville a boost – The. Students from Middle Tennessee State University's College of Media and Entertainment In fact, this is the seventh meeting since and for the past five seasons, they've .. Riverdale, MTSU hosting mental health event Oct. 25 for parents.

Home ice advantage in each NHL playoff series prior to the Stanley Cup Finals was granted by superior seed, even if the "wild card" team had a better regular season record. For the Finals, the team with the better record will receive home ice advantage.

motorcycle swap meet 2014 ncaa

The top three teams from each of its two conferences automatically qualified for the conference semifinals, while the four remaining teams with the highest point totals in league play, without regard to conference, earned "wild cards" into the playoffs.

The wild card matches were single games, with the 7 seed hosting the 10 seed and the 8 seed hosting the 9 seed. The lowest surviving seed then played the Supporters' Shield winner i. The change was made as part of a wider set of changes which expanded the tournaments to 17 teams and eliminated the unpopular Pre-Qualifying Tournaments.

Fromthe round robin stage of the Tournament of Hearts and Brier will consist of two seeded "pools" of eight teams as opposed to the old format consisting a single group of twelve teams. This allows the main tournament to include "Team Canada" either the defending champions or, when the champions decline to or are unable to defend their title, the runners-up and teams representing all fourteen constituent associations representing the ten provinces and three territories plus Northern Ontario.

The remaining two participants in the tournament are the Wild Cards, which compete in an MLB-style play-in game prior to the main tournament to determine the sixteenth team in the main tournament. Just as is the case with MLB division titles, the format is designed to give teams an incentive to win their provincial championships. The Wild Cards are the top two teams in the Canadian Team Ranking System CTRS standings that did not win either the previous year's tournament or their respective provincial or territorial championship.

The top ranked of these two teams receives the hammer last rock to start the game. The CTRS standings are also used to determine the seeding of all teams in the main tournament, with one important caveat - for the purposes of seeding the round robin pools and so as to allow the main round robin schedule to be drawn up prior to the Wild Card game, the ranking of the top Wild Card team is the ranking that is used for seeding purposes regardless of who wins the game.

Whereas teams in the Tournament of Hearts and Brier are traditionally referred to by their respective province or territory other than Northern Ontario and Team Canadathe team that wins the Wild Card game is referred to as the "Wild Card" for the duration of the tournament.

As is the case with Team Canada, the Wild Card retains that designation even if the team that is representing the same province or territory as the Wild Card team is eliminated prior to the Wild Card team. With the introduction of pools, the round robin portion of the Tournament of Hearts and Brier now consists of two stages. The top four teams in each pool qualify for the second stage, formally known as the "Championship Pool. This ensures that each Championship Pool team still plays eleven games that count for the purposes of determining playoff qualification.

The format is designed to ensure that a competitive team fills the Wild Card slot - due to the significant disparity in playing caliber between the top teams of Canada's fourteen member associations, it is widely expected that the Wild Card will consistently come from one of the provinces with the toughest fields in the playdowns, and that it will consistently be a championship contending team.

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Canadian Football League[ edit ] While the Canadian Football League does not officially use the term "wild card" to denote any playoff qualifier, its crossover rule acts similar to a wild card in many respects. Although the CFL was officially founded inits constituent sections did not fully merge until At the time, it was agreed that three teams from each division would qualify, regardless of overall league standings.

This quickly proved controversial, as a wide disparity in playing caliber had emerged between the East and West divisions.

motorcycle swap meet 2014 ncaa

Since the league had also implemented a fully balanced schedule each of the nine teams played each opponent once at home and once on the roadthis disparity made even worse by the fact the West had one more team than the East was fully exposed in the standings - in each of the first three seasons of the new format, the fourth place team missed the playoffs with records as good as in the West, while in the East records as bad as were good enough for third place and a playoff berth.

Ineven the fifth place Western team's record of was good enough for outright possession of sixth place overall. Inthe playoff format was changed. The new format the fourth place team in one division to qualify if it finished with an outright better record than the third place team in the other division.

The Eastern owners agreed in exchange for expanding the schedule to 18 games, and also with a stipulation that the qualifying fourth-place team would stay in its own division for the playoffs. As a result, the change introduced the possibility of a four team bracket in one division and a two-game total point series in the other the two game total point format was nothing new in Canadian football - it was commonly used until the early s.

It also introduced the possibility of the first place teams losing their traditional byes based on results elsewhere in the league. This occurred inwhen the Calgary Stampeders qualified in place of the Montreal Alouettes. The Alouettes folded before the start of the following season.

Although it is highly questionable whether a playoff appearance would have saved the floundering Montreal franchise, the CFL quickly re-instated the traditional playoff format for the season.

motorcycle swap meet 2014 ncaa

This balanced the divisions both in numbers as well as, to a considerable extent, in playing caliber, and the reduction in teams also caused the schedule to be changed to emphasize more divisional games.

As a result, the three top finishers of the two divisions finishers always had the six best league records from up until the start of the league's U. The current rule was adopted after the league re-activated the Alouettes and reverted to an all-Canadian alignment in It allows the fourth place team of one division to "cross over" and take the place of the third place team in the other divisional bracket, provided the fourth place team has more points i.

Since the cross over team enters as the third place team, it never receives home field advantage in the playoffs, even if its record is better than that of one or both of the qualifying teams in the other division.

As ofall teams to qualify under this rule have crossed over from the Western Division to the Eastern bracket, although there have been a handful of occasions where a fourth placed Eastern team was in mathematical contention for a Western cross-over berth late in the season. Cross-over teams have advanced as far as the Eastern Final, but as of have never advanced to the Grey Cup game. There is no provision for a fifth placed team in one division to cross over in place of the other division's runner-up, even if it has a better record - a somewhat academic point untilas since this scenario has yet to recur although on occasion it has been a possibility up to the final week of the regular season.

In the Edmonton Eskimos finished fifth in the West with a record and missed the playoffs while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats finished and qualified as Eastern runners-up. Professional tennis[ edit ] In professional tennis tournaments, a wild card refers to a tournament entry awarded to a player at the discretion of the organizers. All ATP and WTA tournaments have a few spots set aside for wild cards in both the main draw, and the qualifying draw, for players who otherwise would not have made either of these draws with their professional ranking.

High ranked players can also ask for a wild card if they want to enter a non-mandatory tournament after the normal entry deadline, for example because they lost early in another tournament.

This means a wild card player sometimes becomes the top seed. Three of the Grand Slam tournaments swap some wild cards: At the time, he was ranked World No. It was her first Grand Slam tournament since announcing her comeback to the sport, having first retired in to start a family.


They had no significant results but Marray was a home player. Motorcycle racing[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message In motorcycle racing the term 'wild card' is used for competitors only involved in individual rounds of a championship, usually their local round. Local riders taking advantage of their local knowledge often having raced that circuit on that bike before and affording to take risks without planning for a championship, often upset established runners.

Makoto Tamada and Shaky Byrne have both taken double victories in Superbike World Championship rounds in their home countries. The most famous wild card entry perhaps was the late Daijiro Kato with finishing 3rd at his first appearance in and then winning the Japanese cc Grand Prix back to back in and on his way to become the most successful cc World Champion of all time in As of [update] six wild cards have won a Grand Prix: John Love came close to winning the South African Grand Prix in a wild card type situation, long before the term had been coined.

This allowed track owners to advertise and guarantee to fans that the most popular drivers would participate in the race pleasing fans in attendance, and preventing no-shows even if the driver had an unfortunate mishap e. Starting inonly the Former Champion's Provisional remains.

InKasey Kahnewas selected as a wild card via fan vote, and went on to win the race. In previous seasons, the top 12 drivers in championship points after the first 26 races of the season automatically qualified for the Chase, with their points reset to a point unreachable by any other driver.

Under the — system, only the top 10 drivers automatically qualified. The other two Chase qualifiers were the two drivers ranked from 11th through 20th after 26 races with the most race wins, with tiebreakers used as necessary to restrict the number of "wild cards" to two. Major changes to the Chase format that took effect inmost notably determining the newly expanded Chase field of 16 mainly by race wins, eliminated this type of "wild card".

Winners of each athletic conference 's tournament or, in the case of basketball's National Invitation Tournamentthe team with the best regular season record in that conference are granted automatic bids into the tournament, and a selection committee fills the remaining slots in the tournament bracket with who it determines to be the best teams who did not win their tournament in practice, major conferences with stronger reputations and more revenue are invariably favored over mid-majors with similar records.

Use outside North America[ edit ] Although the term "wild card" is not generally used in this context outside North America, a few competitions effectively employ such a system to determine one or more places in a future phase of a competition.

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Sports governing bodies will either make selections or hold a tournament to determine the wild cards. One such notable wild card selection was Equatorial Guinea swimmer Eric Moussambaniwho finished last in the m meter event in the Summer Olympics. The rule was in place through the —08 season.

Today, the competition starts with a preliminary stage of 16 teams playing down to two survivors, who join 22 other teams in the Regular Season. You'll have personal time with Santa, holiday crafts, storytelling, cookie decorating, a nutcracker display, and SNOW!

The train departs 14 times each day, every half-hour from The experience is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. There will NOT be a professional photographer at Santa's village, so you are encouraged to bring your own camera or smartphone. You are encouraged to purchase your tickets in advance to guarantee admission due to limited spaces for each departure time.

You must purchase a General Admission ticket for that. Enjoy an eclectic cast of guests including Hollywood stars, musical acts, athletes and celebrity chefs for 90 minutes of chat and entertainment. Mondays Dark has a mission: Raise 10K in 90 minutes with every penny staying in the Las Vegas area benefiting local charities. Go to their Calendar page to see which charity they're supporting and buy a ticket.

Doors open at 7: December 21 - 23 - Springs Preserve Holiday Express will whisk you away on a magical train ride to Santa's village. This season's field includes: Check the site for days your interested in. Card and Ticket prices not announced as of this posting. January, January 1 - 6 - The Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan will be transformed into an ice skating rink again.

January 8 - Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and today would've been his 84th birthday. Why not spend the day celebrating the man that is synonymous with our favorite city! Want to go one step further? Why not get married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel and have Elvis officiate your wedding or vow renewal! January 8 - 11 - The International CES returns and attracts the "who's who" of tech and related industries. BMX will give you an adrenaline rush when the gate slams down and eight racers make a full sprint towards the first obstacle.

You'll see big jumps, big air, steep backsides, deep turns and downhill sections that will add up to massive speeds for these racers. Check the site for exact dates, films and times. The Orleans Arena site is showing a 8: Check the dates to see if it returns to Planet Hollywood.

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A flyer for the event will be released soon. There are some fantastic motorcycles represented here that you may not get a chance to see elsewhere. Right now, they say there will be over 1, motorcycles on the block in Motorcycle sales begin at 1: January 22 - February 10 - Spamilton: Tickets last year were: There were some great machines that changed hands, come by and take a look. Ina new world record was set at the Bonhams auction in Las Vegas.

January 25 - 27 - The combination event: The company behind this show has been producing it for 52 years! If you're going to be around that long, you've got to be doing something right. A show for the collector or enthusiast you can probably find what you're looking for here. The show will be open Thursday from The event information page is HERE. Alexis Park All Suite Resort. There will be three workshop rooms with all kinds of dance disciplines and three party rooms at night with Salsa, ChaChaCha, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba, Semba and Kuduro.

The Dance Party will go until 6: As of this update, prices were not posted for The event runs from If you're a bit prudish, this is not the event for you. Find everything you'll need in one location. Make your reservations to be in your favorite Las Vegas Sports Book for the time of your life. You'll never experience the excitement of a Super Bowl like being in Vegas unless you can afford the tickets to be at the game. Ham Concert Hall at 7: Come celebrate the Year of the Pig. February 5 - The W.

Admission is free, but a ticket is required. Only 2 tickets per person will be distributed. Registration can be found HERE. Their goal is to present over of thehighest-quality short films for attending audiences to enjoy. Sounds like a good time. February 8 - 10 - Mahalia!

Known as the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World, it attracts novice to Olympic archers from around the Globe and includes 3 intense days of no error competition. Attendance is expected to reach 3, archers and thousands more in spectators.

You can find information on accommodations HERE. You'll find live music, great food and a great time.