Slough swap meet 2014

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slough swap meet 2014

Nov 15, beach buggy to the swap meet, but I do know red primer at a Volkswagen swap meet, but . So that was the Slough Swapmeet for Images from Slough Swapmeet on instagram. Bays outside in the fog at # SloughSwapmeet - PC: Peter Dorrington at #SloughSwapmeet Slough Swapmeet is back for but with a NEW VENUE – Bracknell Leisure Centre, a real step-up with a lot more parking as well as being much more.

slough swap meet 2014

Hang on, is that a little bit of blue sky I can see? This early Beetle may not be to everyone's taste but I think it's great. The last time I saw this Bug was at the Volksworld show, way back in March this year, and the car looks exactly the same. I did like the twin yellow spots on the roof rack along with the CB radio antenna.

Slough Swapmeet |

I'm not sure if you can make it out but on the air vents under the rear window is a really neat old skool 3rd brake light This baby blue beetle stood out from the other beetle's, not only due to it's lovely blue body but also because of the cream coloured steel wheels with the correct hub caps for the year and the finishing touch were the white wall tyres which suited the car perfectly. The 'Centreline' style wheels, the raised engine lid and that massive Stinger exhaust made this replica love bug unique.

This single cab split screen pick up looked striking in it's contrasting paint scheme with those Fuchs wheels. How about this for a car park photo, air cooled VW's as far as the eye can see. Here a Variant, fast back and notch back all parked up together.

There really was a vast diversity of air cooled VW's at the Slough Swap meet, which when you think how poor the weather was first thing in the morning, is a testament to all the dedicated VW owners that came along. This early bay was lovely, it was looking very RAT and with a narrowed front beam and painted steels. It also had yellow perspex side windows which sounds YUK but it actually looked really good.

I thought I had a side photo of this bus, but I haven't Next to the early bay, was this split screen that had been hit with the lowering stick. You can see how low this splitty by the early bays in the background. Another split screen in a very RAT look condition.

It doesn't matter how RAT looking a splitty is, or any other VW for that matter, they still look gorgeous. Claude's kombi split screen runs a strong cc motor with twin Dellorto carbs and a Scat C35 cam. Since purchasing the 'Tesoro' bus Claude has slammed it, with a narrow beam, with disc brakes a new gearbox and straight axle. This two year only model looked very much original and in amazing condition. The whole light cluster design changed in An absolutely immaculate early split screen in a gorgeous white over light grey paint scheme with matching steel wheels.

Hey, it doesn't matter this this old bug has the odd dent and scratch, or that the door is not the same colour as the rest of the body OK I know there were at least 6 oval's at the swap meet, but these are quite rare, so to have one on the road in any condition is quite a feat in its self, and always good to see.

I don't know if this an original colour, I doubt it but it really does suit the car. The classic and beautiful lines of an oval bug. Tonya and I had arranged to meet Claude at A nice photo of my bus and Claude's '58 that looks really small compared to my bus.

The '58 has been seriously lowered which helps it's low and very desirable stance. A quick zoom in to get a better look at Colin's early bay. Colin has recently had the black and white chequered design painted onto his roof which looks great. Colin saw us and came over, he was also going to Slough, but had to collect his Dad first so he couldn't drive down with us so we agreed to meet up down there later in the day.

Colin had not seen Claude's new acquired ride, and Claude was only too happy to chat about his new '58 low light. After a while we set off, Claude led the way for a brief time so I could get some photo's of his Karmann Ghia from behind.

slough swap meet 2014

The sun was just starting to rise and it looked promising for the rest of the day. A nice photo of Claude travelling behind my Microbus as we head towards Slough. Tonya kindly took this cool photo of Claude looking out of my rear window. Unfortunately I was wrong about the sun burning off the mist, in fact the closer we got to Slough the worse it became. Even though we arrived in plenty of time, the spaces allocated for 'bays' was full, so I had to park at the end of the split screen line up.

A lovely interior on theI did like that huge tacho, and the 'Empi' foot mats. Less is more as far as the interior's are concerned. This really was a super clean car, and I think it won the peoples choice for 'King of the Car Park trophy'. An award voted for by the public. Claude's Karmann Ghia parked up at the show has some good company. The '58 really does sit low at the front Claude's low light also has a narrowed front beam which adds to the cool look of the early Karmann.

I did like the vented rear side windows.

slough swap meet 2014

A good variety of buses parked up in the cold damp misty car park of the Slough swapmeet. Air-cooled and water cooled make for a great variety of vehicles.

It didn't matter the sun wasn't shining as the glow given off from this super bright yellow early bay made up for the lack of natural sun. A recent addition is the huge whale tail rear spoiler. This lovely old split oval window bug looked great with it's real patina paint.

2005 Slough Swapmeet

This very stock looking beetle certainly received plenty of admiring looks for everyone who saw it. There is always a fantastic assortment of air- cooled vehicles that attend the Slough Swapmeet.

A gorgeous early split screen parked next to a lovely old Karmann Ghia. The quality of the vehicles in the car park was amazing, it was just like a show and shine display. Talking of quality, how about the double cab split screen.

Finished in some hue of beige with a white roof this old pick up looked stunning. This pick ups looks are enhanced by it being lowered and possibly by having a narrow front beam. This T25 was another vehicle painted in army green and looked cool.

I did like the decal across the front which says 'Zombie virus response unit', you never know when you may need this bus!

slough swap meet 2014

This super straight Karmann Ghia looked amazing with it's flawless gloss black paint. The chrome towel rail bumpers and the white painted steel wheels add just enough contrast to the black paint to help this old KG stand out.

This immaculate beetle looked amazing with it's dark green paint over super straight body panels. You can see just how straight this old bug is by the reflection in the rear quarter panel and door. This really is a gorgeous looking car.

My VW Microbus: Slough Swapmeet (part 1 of 2)

The paint is so shiny it looks as though it's still wet. The chrome bumpers compliment the green colour perfectly. A close up of the wheels on this gorgeous bug, The spun alloy centre pieces were as work of art and those lovely Firestone Wide Oval tyres filled the rear arches perfectly.