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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Page 5 Read Chapter 6: Snappy and Slappy, What A Reunion from the story Chapter 1: Ratings . Slappy watched Skippy as he continued to study his lines for the next part on his hit show. . "Well, it's a 'pleasure' to meet you, Pleasure. Note: This was the first episode to be all one big skit. Independent cat Rita and stupid dog Runt meet in an animal shelter, The second Slappy Squirrel cartoon to feature a Road Runner and Wile.

I was at the height of my career.

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He was finally breaking into everything, tasting what had been denied him forever. And we couldn't give that up. I wouldn't give that up. So I left for New York City three hours before my wedding. I wore a disguise for a month and a half so that no one would ever see me, know where I was. I left no note. I like to think that he never got over me.

I never got over him. When I had finally worked up the courage to return to Burbank, it was like I had never met him. Directors begged me to work. The media drank me up, screamed questions about my work, my thoughts, my almost-marriage. My throat hurt from saying "no comment" constantly. I caused no personal sensations. The marriage and possible ruin of Slappy Squirrel was lost to the world of film in two weeks' time. And we worked together.

I was illusive as ever, he continued to follow me. It was the only time I was ever happy. But after two weeks of trying to apologize to him, trying to explain and ask forgiveness, I stopped trying, angered at his stony silence and his defeated glares.

But I never married, never dated anyone else. Neither did he, to my knowledge. And I watch my old cartoons on my television in my comfortable, clean home in Burbank, my nephew coming to see me everyday. I'm still a rich woman. When Flavio and Marita's giraffe maid quits over a misunderstanding, the Hip Hippos are forced to do their own housework with disastrous results.

To the famous Jan and Dean songSlappy speedily drives her brand new car all over town in order to deliver a letter.

Scratchansniff gets a parking ticket, he goes to court to fight it. The Warners act as his lawyers and frustrate the judge with their hijinks. The title was based on the live-action TV series L. Mindy follows a kitten into a dangerous construction site, and Buttons follows in an attempt to return her to safety. PopeyeSwee'pea' and Tom and Jerry are caricatured in this cartoon. I'll be right behind you," said his mother.

Skippy obeyed and scampered on the road. At that point a car turned around the corner. Fearing for his life, Skippy made a mad dash the rest of the way across the street. The car whizzed by.

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His mother's body lay crumpled in the street. The squirrels from the court tree dashed out when they heard Skippy screaming. Then finally one of the squirrels asked, "What was her name? She was the first squirrel to be named Topaz.

As soon as he got in, he sat down on a bench and sobbed. And now she's gone! He took out a file. Parents are Redwood and Lilac That Slappy has a strong will to live. The first squirrel laughed. I'll give her a call and see if she wants to take you in.

He had no idea what this aunt of his would be like, but he could take a pretty good guess if she blew things up. He just wished that his mom hadn't of gotten hit by that car. In Burbank, California, Slappy wasn't expecting a call saying that her last sibling had just died and left behind a little six-year-old boy.

To her, this would just be a normal day-going out and harassing anyone who messed with her. She was about to leave when her phone rang.