Arjun and purvi meet

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arjun and purvi meet

Here, the story is about an arrogant, overachiever who meets a humble sweet girl . When Arjun meets Purvi for the first time, there wasn't love at. Arjun-Ovi and Onir-Purvi meet with an accident, where Ovi loses her baby and Purvi delivers a girl. Onir on Purvi's request changes babies. He tells her that Onir is a great guy and the best Doctor for her in India. Arjun thanks God for letting him meet a great guy like Onir. Purvi is watching Onir on TV.

And their engagement breaks. Arjun will be falling in love with Purvi unknowingly. After Purvi and Vinay's engagement breakup, they become friends. It is after this that they become closer day by day. This would be recorded by Purvi's cousin and the MMS clip gets circulated later.

Arjun, while convincing Purvi saying he will manage about the MMS being circulated, kisses her forehead, which shocks and hurts Purvi.

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He also says that if she has no feeling towards him he will go back to Canada. Purvi, seeing Arjun leave, could stop expressing herself and accepts Arjun's love, unaware of Arjun being in relationship with Ovi. Twist In Love Story Every love story has a twist, and the twist here was Arjun not saying the truth of his and Ovi's relation.

Purvi comes to know this, and that too when he is getting engaged to Ovi! Purvi breaks up with Arjun. Archana After few weeks, Archana comes to know the truth that Arjun and Purvi love each other. Arjun, now is said to prove the same without his father's help name and fame. Arjun As A Mechanic To prove his love, Arjun works as a mechanic the same way how Purvi's father and Archana's husband - Manav proved his hardworkwith the help of Purvi.

So he decides to do a drama. Onir's Plan Onir says that he is married before he got married to Purvi. This drama makes Onir and Purvi separate. Onir Successful Slowly, the plan Onir made was getting successful. He sees Arjun and Purvi close.

When Arjun wanted Purvi, she helps him personally and professionally. Arjun ones again proposes Purvi and she agrees. All are happy with the preparations.

Pavitra Rishta: Arjun And Purvi’s Love Story Continues; Now Happily Married

Also, Arjun gets to know through Ovi that Onir is not wrong and he did all these to make Purvi close to him. Arjun is in dilemma.

arjun and purvi meet

Ovi And Onir Ovi says to Onir that Arjun found out the truth and she is scared that he might tell everything to Purvi. Onir decides to leave the country and to go to Canada.

arjun and purvi meet

Arjun wants to tell all these to Purvi. Everyone is very happy, except Arjun. Arjun gets up and says that this marriage can't happen. He says Purvi that he wants to speak to her. Arjun shows Onir's letter to Purvi and she is shocked. He tortures family for money in order to drink. Click on the slides to know more Archana-Manav Manav and Archana will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary organised by their children.

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Purvi greets her mom Archana. Purvi-Sachin-Teju Purvi is seen discussing about the event with Teju. Sachin and Purvi praise their parents saying it's because of their 'Pavitra Rishta' that they are staying together.

Manav and Archana's mothers are happy with their children and grandchildren. She remembers Arjun every now and then, and tears roll down her eyes. She says she hates Arjun for cheating her. She writes everything in a dairy.

She adds it has been 20 years that they are living separately.

arjun and purvi meet

Purvi is upset with Arjun as she doesn't know about Ovi and Arjun's baby. We all know that even Arjun didn't know the same, but Purvi misunderstands Arjun and says "it's all over", for their relationship.

Purvi's Daughter Pari Pari's characters resemble her father's character working late nightwhich she expresses in front of her.