Avatar aang and korra meet

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avatar aang and korra meet

See more 'Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra' images on Know Your Meme!. As Mako, Korra, Bolin, and Asami form the new Team Avatar, they interfere with been subtle, Korra admits to having had hallucinations of Aang, which she is. Intervention from the spirit world makes it possible for Korra and her friends to travel back in time to when Aang and his friends are still fighting.

She had so many questions, and it was so much fun to be around her Gran-Gran and Grandpa, especially since she had never actually met the latter. Aang seemed just as glad to see her and Kai as she was to see him, which made sense since he had lost his people.

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Jinora accepted the cup of tea Firelord Zuko offered her and took a sip; it was delicious. Iroh had passed away long before she was born, and it was wonderful to see the old man. It was strange seeing Firelord Zuko so young, so seemingly uncertain yet at peace at the same time. Iroh tried to suppress a chuckle. Jinora found herself looking for pieces of her Gran-Gran in the young waterbender, and taking away the wrinkles and white hair, she could easily picture the year old as her grandmother, one day.

The past couple of months have been hard for all of us.

avatar aang and korra meet

Within a week or two, Kai and the others hoped Korra would return back home to Republic City. Aang frowned, clearly troubled that a man had twisted Air Nomad philosophies as justification for acts of violence.

The Gaang all had their jaws dropped; still in shock but recovering, Korra lifted her hand in greeting. Time is an illusion' from my collection of Kainora drabbles and oneshots, I decided to turn it into a fic. I have no idea how long or short this will be, and this story doesn't really have a clear plotline.

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It'll just be shenanigans between the two Team Avatars and co. The ideas I have rolling around for now, are such as follows: It was smoky and sweet and sour and salty all at the same time, coming together in a taste that he could only describe as… delicious.

And she did, which made him smile wider, as well. God, how he loved her smile! He loved it even more when it was him who was making her smile. The moment was ruined, however, by none other than Sokka, who brandished his spoon as a sort of weapon high in the air, as though holding a sword above his head and about to run off into battle.

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It would have looked silly on anyone else, but it fit right in with the kind of person Sokka was, so no one batted an eyelash at him as he twirled it in the air and cried out indignantly, "I'll be the judge of that, Mr.

Seriously, what did you do to this stew to make it so incredible without meat? Not quite as wide as she'd smiled at Aang, the air bending monk noticed, but still wide enough to show she was flattered by his compliment. With a sigh, Aang began to pass out a bowl of the stew to everyone else. First to Toph, then Zuko, then Katara, and then he took his own bowl and returned to his place beside Katara with another inward sigh.

They might have been at war, but that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy themselves every now and then. Good food, good friends, good memories, what more could a person ask for? So they were all a little sore and dirty and tired, they would get through it.

They always did and they always would. It was just after dinner so everyone was still hanging around, letting their food digest and all that.

Mako and Bolin were playing with Pabu, Tenzin and Pema were cooing over the newest addition to their family, a baby boy they had yet to name, Asami was in the kitchen doing the dishes, Jinora had her nose in a book, Meelo and Ikki were in the corner playing some sort of guessing game, though considering how fast they were talking, it really was hard to be sure, Lin Beifong was sitting near Meelo and Ikki, tasked with making sure they didn't go off and break something or get into any trouble, and Korra She was sitting peacefully away from the others.

Meditating, of all things. Ever since experiencing those flashbacks of Yakone's trial and Aang taking away his bending, she had been meditating more than she'd ever been able to in the past, not for the reason Tenzin liked to believe, however, which was trying to get in touch with the spiritual side of bending and find inner peace or whatever sort of junk he talked about when she wasn't paying a lick of attention to him. What she was really doing was trying to cross over to the spirit world, or contact Aang, or even experience more flashbacks from him, in hopes that she would, in some way or another, find the answer for defeating Amon.

avatar aang and korra meet

So far, though, she hadn't had much luck in that department, but that didn't stop her from trying. It was really no different than all the other dozens of times she'd meditated all on her own… So why was it then that, this time, something clicked inside of her after she had been sitting there, completely at peace, completely focused on something deep within herself yet at the same time outside herself for who knows how long?

Her eyes snapped open and began to glow a brilliant bright white, and she was surrounded by an aura of the same, brilliant, white light. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and turned to her, not sure what was going on or what they should be expecting. There was a flash of white that filled the sky, and everyone inside the house vanished, almost as though they were never even there to begin with.

You know, this looked a lot longer when I was typing it out on word starter Probably because I was using a different font and font size. Gabriola, size 14, for those of you who were wondering. It's my favorite font. Yes, I have a favorite font. Actually, I have several favorite fonts, but I'm too lazy to type them all out for you. Or maybe about the same length? Hmm, we'll see, I guess.

I know this chap was kind of boring and might seem pointless, but I have my reasons. We'll get into the actual cross-over part of this cross-over next chapter, which I hope to have up by Sunday. My logic is clearly flawless, as you can see. I don't like her. Every time I see her I can't help but think, "Bitch is crazy! Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. My little brother will come into my room whenever and we'll start talking about LOK and we'll get on the subject of Amon or Asami and we have insane discussions about it.

And we throw out really insane theories about it, too. Like, who the hell is Amon? He can brush off blood-bending and he can energy bend, yet he hates all benders, so just who the hell is he?

In that one flash-back we saw, Aang was able to break the hold Yakone's blood-bending had over him by going into the Avatar State, and then using earth bending to hold the fucker still so he could take his bending away, so we know that's one way to break the hold blood bending has over you, but Amon is not the Avatar, so that can't be it.

Just who the fuck is he, then? After hearing reports of an Equalist threat, Team Avatar arrives on the scene only to discover that the Councilman had cut the power to the Dragon Flats boroughleaving an entire block inhabited by nonbenders without electricity.

The pleas of the people for help prompt Korra to discuss the issue with Tarrlok, though she is completely ignored; furthermore, Tarrlok starts arresting the people, claiming they are Equalists. When Korra opposes him, he arrests Asami, Mako, and Bolin. The Avatar lifts two huge slabs of earth and aims at Tarrlok, who threatens to arrest her in response if she does not stop and go back to Air Temple Island.

avatar aang and korra meet

At Mako's plea, Korra reluctantly drops the earth slabs and assures her friends that she will talk to Tenzin and resolve the entire issue. When Tenzin arrives, he immediately seeks the release of Korra's friends and the innocent nonbenders, saying that they are entitled to due process of law. Chief Saikhan directs him to Tarrlok, explaining that he is the one he would need to address to resolve this issue. Korra denounces Saikhan as the worst Chief of Police ever, a statement affirmed by Tenzin.

That night, Korra rides Naga to City Hallwhere she confronts Tarrlok, saying that his actions are exactly what Amon claims is wrong with benders, namely using his power to oppress and intimidate people.

Tarrlok retaliates by pointing out that she is doing the same thing by trying to intimidate him to make him release her friends, claiming they are similar in their determination to gain what they want, though Korra instantly refutes the idea. Tarrlok offers to release Korra's friends if she heeds his demands in the future.

Korra refuses and declares the councilman to be "just as bad as Amon". Outraged, Tarrlok lashes out at Korra, forcing her back against the wall away from him with his waterbending. To shield herself against the razor sharp icicles, Korra creates a wall of earth and manages to gain the upper hand by earthbending the fountain wall against Tarrlok, pushing him out of the room and down into the main room of City Hall.

Tarrlok uses bloodbending to subdue Korra without a full moon. With a swift motion, Tarrlok slams Korra into a building column and towers over her as she starts to black out. Korra subsequently has another vision of Aang, Tophand Sokka at Yakone 's trialwhich had been seen in previous visions.

When Sokka appears to be incapacitated and in severe pain, Toph attempts to attack Yakone with metalbending cables, but is prevented from doing so.