Bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates and da

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bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates and da

Dec 16, BBC. Lord Sugar is about to choose a new Apprentice. Ahead of The Meet the new fugitives . Meet The Apprentice candidates. The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. . In November , he appeared as a contestant on Come Dine With Me in his . Dan was the first to be fired in the sixth series, despite leading the team to profit and losing by just £15, the show's fourth lowest-ever losing margin. Sep 25, The Apprentice Meet the candidates. Show all Created with .. The Apprentice returns to BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday 3 October.

BBC Charleine is fired!!! But it's with regret, and everyone nods vigorously when Al admits she always "works her socks off". A noble, "you-should-be-proud" sort of firing to top of an eventful series for Charleine. Here are her highlights.

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates and da

Meanwhile, evasive Richard is evasive. His drones chuckle mirthlessly and obediently. The room for which the pinnacle of edgy humour is Alan's Piers Morgan jokes decide Gary is not "fun" enough for party planning. Even with his mobile disco. Respect Charleine has a genuinely moving moment when she notes that her motivation for hairdressing came after she lost a child. Each of her interviewers has conceded that in whatever she does, she always does her absolute best and not one of them can fault her work ethic.

Whether she wins or not, she seems to have earned their sincere respect. Meanwhile, Richard attempts to claw some back by opting for a reformed man narrative in his last interview of the day.

You wanna watch that one, Al. He's tricky like that. Even Joseph is getting teary now. Linda pulls Richard up on his incorrect use of "trailblazer", quipping, "You haven't done anything first have you, Richard? Reader, I married Linda.

BBC Smug Richard appears to have a quasi-Joycean epiphany in the lift, railing against the "pretentious crap that comes out of my mouth".

BBC He then crawls into the foetal position and cries for his mum. We finally broke him!! In his interview with Mike, he is rumbled for trying to copy his existing business and pass it off as something new. Unable to defend himself, he limply responds, "There's absolutely no rumbling". This is a tactic I'm going to try when people observe the facts of my situation. Even if he hasn't thought his numbers through properly. But his youth and naivety seem to be weirdly working for him.

The Apprentice 2016: Meet the candidates battling to become Lord Sugar's next partner

He seems to mean it when he says he'll change the plan. Tricky Dicky Claude has Richard sussed as "slippery".

***SPOILER*** Fired before the final boardroom meeting - The Apprentice 2016: Episode 7 - BBC One

Mr Slippy Dick, if you will. BBC True love Joseph, the wind newly caressing his upper lip, sails through a pop quiz on Alan Sugar's biography from publishing expert Mike: Lie before Alan, and you lie your way straight to hell, Joseph. His full marks prove his love to be genuine and pure. I feel like Aslan might appoint him the true king of Narnia any second now. BBC Emotional rollercoasters Charleine is only one interview in and already getting emotional.

This is too horrible already. BBC It's going well, then, Charleine? BBC The candidates are ready to take the plunge, business plans in hand. Gary is often accused of being too corporate, but his thorough approach is helping him to avoid difficult situations today: The interviewers Alongside trusty Claude, this years' interviewers are two familiar faces: She really hates it, you guys.

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates and da

BBC Her motto is "Always tell the truth because the truth will set you free. This bodes well for Tricky Dicky. It's a bit like looking at his kinder twin brother. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The preparation The candidates have 24 hours to prepare before the interviews. Insert lots of shots of people muttering numbers and pacing while reciting marketing gabble. Joseph is struggling from the offset, getting frustrated with himself in preparations but his underdog status is endearing.

He notes that he's "come a long way since that year-old boy expelled from school" and my heart melts a little bit. Only a little bit.

List of The Apprentice candidates (UK) - Wikipedia

She returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Stella English to be in her team. Stella English[ edit ] Stella English left school with no qualifications, but at the time of entering had become Head of Business Management on the trading floor of a Japanese investment bank.

She was born and grew up in ThamesmeadLondon. English proved to be a very successful candidate throughout the series, holding the best record against all other competitors. She showed terrific leadership abilities in the second task, where she was dispatched to the boys' team and led them to victory by stopping their arguing and managing them well. She continued to win most of the tasks throughout the series, but in the run up to the final in tasks 9 and 10 she was accused by her fellow candidates of being "wooden" and " vanilla corporate", but Lord Sugar claimed this was because of her working in a Japanese Bank.

Due to her consistent performance throughout the series and her serious, some would say ruthless, determination, Lord Sugar made her a finalist. She showed excellent leadership and organizational skills in the last task, and in the boardroom Lord Sugar made the decision to hire English.

She commented she was looking forward to the future and she was extremely happy. After winning, English worked at Sugar's company Viglen. A spokesman for Lord Sugar said: English said "I thought it was over. English ignored five letters from the police requesting the information. He later ventured into corporate communications before losing his job, allegedly because of the recession. Alex improved in the second and third weeks — the latter especially, where he secured several clients for the bread-making task.

Ultimately, his bad habits resurfaced in week 5, where he guided his, and project manager Paloma's team into multiple retail-related errors.

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates and da

His sales ability was also heavily criticised. In week 6, a mixed performance thus far, Alex found himself as project manager for a marketing campaign for cleaning products.

bbc the apprentice 2015 meet candidates and da

Despite his background in communications, Alex broke fundamental advertising rules, and combined with his Machievellian selection of Sandeesh for firing, despite her competent performance, was enough to see him fired by Lord Sugar. Lord Sugar implied that Laura Moore might have been fired instead of Alex, had Alex selected her to return to the boardroom. He returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Chris Bates to be in his team.

Christopher Farrell was a year-old mortgage broker from Cheshire. Lord Sugar stated that he felt Christopher was a hard worker and excellent logistically, but lacking in the special talent that is necessary in 'The Apprentice'. He returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Stella English to be in her winning team.

Farrell has since left the public eye after selling his Financial Services company for an undisclosed fee. However, he was reported to be in the millions.

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He is now investing in property and is reported to have a portfolio of up to 30 buildings. Dan Harris[ edit ] Dan Harris is a year-old father-of-two and a sales director from Oxfordshire. He is a former GB triathletewho has completed three ultramarathons as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. He once jointly held the world record for the fastest ascent and descent of Mount Kenya. After graduation he worked briefly for a head hunting firm in Farehambefore leaving to join a weapons logistics company in Pittsburgh.

BBC One - The Apprentice, Series 11 - Meet the candidates

After being made redundant he returned to the UK to pursue an IT career. Unable to find a role, he worked as a dustman before founding his own company.

He successfully ran an IT Security firm for 8 years before selling the company and establishing a Recruitment company. He sold this company two years later but rejoined it as non-executive director.

Meet the Candidates

His aggressive style on the task and relaxed attitude in the boardroom were cited as reasons for his firing. He could have been fired in week seven had Sandeesh brought him in the boardroom. Jamie was fired in week After experience in investment banking, she has recently ventured into property development and project management. In episode 11, Alan Sugar told Stuart Baggs that he was annoyed with himself for firing Liz after being swayed by Baggs' lies in the boardroom.

This makes Liz the second person the first being Miriam Staley that Sugar has publicly regretted firing after the event. Liz returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Chris Bates to be in his team.

Laura Moore[ edit ] Laura Moore is a year-old business development manager from Warwickshirenow living in London. She appeared in her team's fashion advert in week five and was only brought into the boardroom twice throughout the series.