Flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone movie showtimes

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flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone movie showtimes

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone ( TV Movie) Igor: Count Rockula has not been seen for years, but nobody knows when he might. Did you watch this movie? Rate it! SEARCH FOR SHOWTIMES. Find the showtimes for The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone quickly and easily!. When Fred wins the big prize on Monty Marble's game show "Make a Deal or Don't", he and Wilma plan on a romantic vacation in Rocksylvania at Count.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone (TV Movie ) - IMDb

Spoilers This film doubled up with "The Flintstones' New Neighbors" has been a lifelong favorite of mine from many many years ago when I was little. Having to buy a second copy after the first wore out finally a few years before, it wasn't until then that I realized just how much I'd missed this childhood favorite of mine.

In "The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone", Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty, in costume head for Bedrock's game show "Make A Deal Or Don't", and watch as hilarity ensues when a police officer radios in seeing a man with chicken feathers on his head and a daisy driving a car with a bumble bee beside him in hopes of getting on the show to play for the wonderful prizes. Fred heckles him when he decides to keep the money, so the show's host Monty Marble gives Fred the same choice and Fred finds it's not so easy to give up a grand for an unknown prize, but he does.

The grand prize is a trip to a big monster bash in Rocksylvania at Count Rockula's castle which has been converted into a tourist hotel.

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Upon entering Rocksylvania they find it is an extremely creepy atmosphere, and are approached by an eerie man who drives them up to the castle, along the way tells them about Count Rockula who worked in his secret laboratory to create the Frankenstone Monster to scare away the werewolves in Rocksylvania. Count Rockula reportedly hasn't been seen in years, but at any time could come back to life. Fred is extremely skeptical about the spooky stories regarding Rocksylvania and the castle, and consider it all a gimmick, even when he and Barney go sliding through a trap door in the castle down to the laboratory and find the Frankenstone monster dormant.

Climbing out the window to get back to the party, they leave just before lightning strikes and revives Frankenstone, who in turn enters a secret chamber to awaken Count Rockula. With Fred and Barney exhausted from the trip, Betty and Wilma also retire from the party early to see them to bed, to which they are absent when Rockula and Frankenstone chase all the guests and hotel management out of the castle.

flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone movie showtimes

As Fred raises the statuette to strike, both Rockula and Frankenstone fall through the trapdoor, and the Flintstones and Rubbles escape and return to Bedrock. Wilma invites Betty and Barney to stay for dinner and leaves the three of them in the living room while she goes into the kitchen to cook. Unbeknownst to them, Rockula has flown in the form of a bat all the way from Rocksylvania to Bedrock.

Flying through the kitchen window, he begs Wilma to marry him, promising her a life of luxury if she agrees.

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Winking at Fred, Barney and Betty watching surreptitiously from the doorwayWilma agrees to consider marrying Rockula, then immediately begins nagging him about chores, upkeep of the house, and his bad habits. Aghast, Rockula apparently forgetting that most chores would be left to the servants changes back into a bat and flies off, claiming to need another years of rest.

flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone movie showtimes

Barney laughs and lauds Wilma for defeating Rockula by telling him "the real truth about married life". Rockula and Frankenstone[ edit ] Count Rockula: Having been asleep for five hundred years, Rockula is awoken by Frankenstone and sets out to clear his castle of the guests and take Wilma, whom he thinks is his bride, for himself, even if it means killing Fred.

Count Rockula also appears in the episodes "Blood Brothers" and "Fred and Barney Meet the Frankenstones" of The New Fred and Barney Show, again voiced by Stephenson, albeit in a completely different continuity because Rockula then has a bride, slightly different garments, and a pet werewolf despite having a fear for them in this movie.

flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone movie showtimes

Count Rockula's unfinished creation, awoken prematurely when lightning strikes the machinery in Rockula's lab. His only mission in life is to carry out Rockula's orders, primarily to keep werewolves away from Rockula, although his low IQ often leads him to find difficulty in accomplishing even the simplest of tasks in one particular scene, Frankenstone is ordered to search some barrels for Fred, and fails to notice Fred crouching right beside him.