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A page for describing Heartwarming: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Similarly, "The next bloke that tells me that Witchers are cold, heartless scoundrels At one point, we find a scene of Ciri running, scared for her life, from what is .. You can also see that Sigi has provided Bart with a little den with a sizeable hunk of meat for food. Aug 21, While Geralt and Ciri had their fate thing, Yennefer and Ciri were Yennefer and Ciri meets the first time at the temple of Melitele, Geralt brought Ciri to .. You did not catch me, although you chased me halfway around the. Oct 20, Geralt knows that he dreams of Ciri when she is in danger. Why did he not The spry, quick-witted old man sitting at the table before me paused, drink halfway to his lips. "Oh?" he said . Meet back here when we're done.".

After that fight you go to Novigrad and when you meet Yennefer, you will talk about that fight with Imlerith and it shows again how much trust Yennefer have in both of them: Yet, Geralt is surprised and Ciri doesn't even mention it near Yennefer nor does she. The next scene about them and the family is, when the Lodge wants to talk with Ciri.

Geralt can go with Ciri to meet the rest of the Lodge or wait and let Ciri talk with them alone. First of all I don't understand why Yennefer isn't part of this in the first place, especially if you consider that she is a sorceress, she knows what the Lodge wanted and wants from her now and she was the one in the books going with Ciri, because she actually knew what to do in this situation. This would have been also the best moment to implement the "But I want to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer.

If Geralt decides to let Ciri do it alone, Yennefer joins him, because she is of course worried about her, it is clearly visible in her gestures, facial expression and acting: When Ciri comes back she says again that: The whole scene is really great though, especially when Ciri comments again about how both of them haven't changed a bit, the second time.

I was relieved to hear that, because it meant that it is how it was in the books, but to be honest it isn't. It's like Yennefer is almost excluded from this family, dragged away from them like she doesn't have a place with them anymore and the next scene even illustrate it: This scene perfectly describes the unfulfilled love between Yennefer and her family, while Geralt and Ciri are having fun, Yennefer is excluded from them.

Why can't she just be part of it? Looking at them like she isn't allowed to join them, having fun with them, with her family. I was always in favour of Yennefer, I love her character, I love that family, yet all my Geralt's devotion to her, to this family, isn't making a difference. She is being excluded from them despite what she did, does and would do for them. Is this really what she deserved after all of this?

To be the third wheel? She is the black one in this" white - ash blonde - black" constellation, one of the core elements in this, without it, it isn't the same anymore. Why do you deny her her family? She is so close to them, yet so far apart from them than ever. Even if she had a similiar scene with her alone, it wouldn't be the same, as when the three of them were together as it should be.

Ciri was the glue that kept them together and not drift them apart. And so I already come to the last scene with them, when all three of them actually do a quest together, finally, when visiting Avallac'h's laboratory.

If you ask where the soldiers are, he'll tell you he accidentally killed the soldiers and peasants trying to separate them, then ate their corpses in a stew. If you hold off on attacking him, and continue with his task, he will ask that you bring him some paint to put the army official colors up on the fort.

You can paint yourself, or have him do it. Either one ends with him thanking you for helping him, and him telling Geralt that he is so much nicer than most people.

The Baron's men are some of the most scummy people in the world with many of them being very unkind to women. When you get a flashback to Ciri, you find Of course, slaying a werewolf on your way in helps. It seems that they are ill-disposed to peasants in general with occasional dialogue like 'Let's flog a peasant for laughs after our watch' and seem to authentically respect anyone who can pull one's weight in combat.

Being a personal guest of The Bloody Baron does not hurt, either. In Novigrad, you have a mission to investigate a haunted house. Inside, you find out the "ghost" is a godling who is tormenting a sorceress with bad dreams.

The godling fails to realize the sorceress is a dream-mage and this is terrifying to her. If you help the godling keep her home then the dream mage will be free. Said mage comes back, moves in, and becomes the godling's surrogate mother. It becomes doubly heartwarming when you realize the "haunted house" is the perfect home for a mage on the run. Priscilla's ballad, singing of the love between Geralt and Yennefergets even Geralt to become introspective. And the King of Beggars, one of four crime bosses in Novigradcan be seen doing a Double Take before stopping to listen outside the window.

Also a meta Moment of Awesome: The localization teams made the song work in every single language, preserving the themes of the song if not its rhyme scheme. Quite sweetly, the comments sections of the Polish and Russian covers are always filled with Russian fans heaping praise on the Polish version - with some even insisting that it is the best cover, while Polish fans do the exact same for the Russian version. Considering the bloody history between both nations and their continued resentment towards each other because of it, this is incredibly heartwarming to see.

The side-quest to help a former soldier in Novigrad get a rare black pearl for his wife is one, as he's determined to fulfill a promise he'd made at the start of his military career. Unfortunately, the end of the questline reveals that his wife suffers from a form of dementia - likely Alzheimer's - and he was hoping that getting the pearl, which was a long-standing joke between the couple, would help snap her out of it.

Suffice to say, it doesn't. If Geralt chooses to be open about his memories of Ciri when Corinne is helping him to find her through an Oneiromancy session in Novigrad. The sheer warmth and parental love in Doug Cockle's voice is so fuzzy and - gah!

I just can't, plus it's fantastic to hear about the pivotal moments in the book series recounted by the former amnesiac. The romances are of course excellent per the trilogy's standards, mainly because they juxtapose quite nicely against the Darker and Edgier atmosphere.

With Triss, it can be rekindled at a Masquerade Ballwhich she even notes is a major departure from her usual hangouts in the sewers of Novigrad while trying to evade the Witch Hunt going on, and culminates at a kiss beneath fireworks while at the party. Sigi offers his condolences and, if indulged, an anecdote about The One That Got Away from him, Philippa Eilhart - only to pause halfway through to say "Geralt, turn around.

The ensuing playful banter is the icing on the cake. With Yennefer, it involves Yen asking Geralt for help to find a genie. At first she doesn't tell him why she wants to look for it, but as the quest progresses, she finally tells Geralt her reason.

Turns out it's about Geralt's wish in the final part of the Witcher short-story collection The Last Wish. Geralt's final wish to the genie was to bind Yennefer and Geralt together forever, so that no matter where they are, they will always be together and love one another in the end. She doesn't want this and she wants to break the spell to find out if Geralt and her truly love one another even without magic preordaining it.

After finally finding the djinn and breaking the thread that binds them on a shipwreck on top of an ice mountain, it turns out nothing has changed between them afterwards.

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They don't become total strangers once the spell has been lifted. They really are truly in love after all. The dialogue afterwards is truly heartrendingly, blissfully, undeniably reciprocal. Djinn might have cheated us after all I love you, Yen. And I love you. Done that so many times, but It was in a way.

Besides, once you say 'I love you', a kiss must taste differently. The snowball fight is particularly adorable. In Skellige, Geralt can pick up a contract to banish the wraith of Ulle the Unlucky, an arena combatant who never won a single match until, infuriated by a Jarl's Unsportsmanlike Gloatingstabbed him in the back, earning a curse to "lose for all eternity".

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The only way to banish him is to Sheathe Your Sword and let him win. While helping Ciri recover from her wounds, Skjall becomes smitten with her. If the player chooses, Ciri can give Skjall his first kiss from a woman. One of the dialogue options even implies that Skjall was about to lose his virginity to Ciri, but the Wild Hunt attack interrupts them before anything can happen.

Combined with a Tear Jerker. If you allow Ciri to return to Skjall's grave, she finds that he's been thrown in a pit. Ciri promptly reburies him respectfully. Not only saving her but leading the Wild Hunt away from the village. They agree to leave the grave alone from that point on. Pretty much any interaction between Geralt and Ciri that underscores their closeness despite the lack of biological ties.

When Geralt finally brings Ciri to the Emperor, he brings forth a hundred gold pieces for Geralt, who can choose to refuse. Ciri is pretty offended if you take the money, but rejecting causes her and Geralt to quickly hold hands during the scene. As well, the Emperor immediately gives Geralt a fine horse instead, as it's implied he feels like he can't let Geralt go without some reward.

When Geralt and Lambert are getting drunk in Kaer Morhen, the player can get Geralt to tell Lambert that he can be a jackass, yet despite this, he loves him like a brother. And Lambert, who has never fully embraced the fact that he is a witcher, will call Geralt a real blowhard but then says he would go to Hell and back for his fellow wolf and tries to give him a Man Hug.

The fact that they are both completely sloshed only diminishes the sweetness slightly. The surprise last-minute hookup of Lambert and Keira Metz, should she survive, not only somehow manages to work, but is also quite sweet in and of itself, with an embittered self-deprecating witcher and an egoist sorceress finally finding their share of happiness in the otherwise bleak world. Judging from anytime you bring up the topic, either with her or with any other onlooking NPCit seems to be working out well for both of them.

Geralt and everyone else's slight bewilderment pushing it to the funny territory makes it even sweeter. There's another happy ending to that story. At the end of Keira's quest line, she gets some notes from a virologist mage, who used unwilling human test subjects. Geralt is leery about allowing her to keep the notes, and only grows more concerned when Keira mentions using the research as a bargaining chip to get amnesty from king Radovid.

Keira mentions that the information could be used to make a cure for virulent diseases, but Geralt cynically notes that it is more likely she'd help develop a biological weapon, or that Radovid would rather use that information for that purpose.

If Geralt dissuades her from that path, not only does she end up finding love with Lambert, but Dandelion's narration also mentions that Keira did in fact use that information to cure the epidemic Catrionia Plague, earning her adoration far and wide. At first she's terrified of Geralt because he's a Witcher, like the one who slaughtered her village. However, if Geralt is kind to her, when he takes her to her aunt in a near-by village, the girl asks if she can ride on his shoulders. I've a gift for ye.

She hands him a hand-drawn "Thank You" card The card itself is a drawing of her and Geralt holding hands and smiling, and the item description is "Present from a grateful young girl". The DLC quest 'Skellige's Most Wanted' rewards you for staying your blade in a rather satisfying manner, when Geralt lists the names of monsters he has spared throughout his journey, claiming Witchers are protectors of both worlds rather than just the realm of men.

The fact that your opponents recognize some of those you mention doubles the feeling, when you realize that by being merciful, you spared someone's friend, acquaintance or partner. A short but simple quest has a bunch of crude Skelligan raiders taking over a brothel and drinking them out of house and home. One of the strumpets asks Geralt to help. When he agrees, she gratefully declares that there are good people in the world.

She and the girls took up a collection to pay Geralt for his services. If he tells them the girls need the money more than him, she's nearly tearful and declares such a man could restore her faith in humanity. Sigi and his vault guard, Bart the Rock Troll. Sigi truly doesn't hold the blast-through robbery against Bart, having not anticipated it himself, and tells Bart to stop self-flagellating over it.

And if she does, you may want to stick around for a moment to hear it, rather than wait for my letter. Once she gives us enough confirmation to be sure, I'll split off to Kaer Morhen. It would be good to have more hands nearby. Especially if we were going to put some real work into the old castle, rather than sit around yapping our jaws all winter.

Got a few friends there, so…" The grizzled Old Wolf before me was shaking his head. Something was distracting him. A number of thugs, playing a game of Five Finger Fillet, sat there smelling as though they had bathed in alcohol.

A problem for the local tavern mistress to handle in her own time. Or to not, and risk whatever consequences happened. If we stayed, the killing would happen at our hands, no doubt. Even after all these years on the road, after all the pain and suffering I had seen, and caused, I still wanted to interfere, to help those that needed it.

Deep down, I was still that boy out on the Path for the first time, getting suckered into helping everyone I saw. Shit, even the trader Bram had walked away from death without paying even a copper. Although his cousin had certainly paid her dues in his stead: Elsa's fried chicken, and country liquor had been welcome gifts.

But wasn't that what kept me going? Those nights when I wondered if being a witcher was worth it? When the thrill of the hunt, or the places I'd seen left me alone with my thoughts? Wasn't it the thought that I had made at least one life better, that I had protected at least one person, that kept me going on those hard nights?

Those were not enough to keep me on the Path forever. I had no intention of hanging up my sword. Cynicism, and age had shown me that there would always be one more fight to be fought. There would always be one more arrogant asshole out to take what wasn't his. If I ever chose to settle, then it would be in a place that I could keep my skills sharp, and my blades in use.

There were also my friends to consider. I knew better than to try dragging them all with me to some obscure corner of the world for a retirement away from it all.

Yen would grow bored and restless without a project no doubt. She had always enjoyed a challenge and I could imagine very little that could drag her away her efforts.

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Ciri had her own Path to live, precocious she-devil that she always was. She was probably enjoying her time on the Path, bar any unexpected visits from Eredin. Triss…I had no idea what Triss wanted anymore. But speaking with her was a challenge that I had no desire to face without some serious help.

He had a plan for his life, and it had not been a half-century of poetry yet, I feared. That they don't fear the wrath of the gods! Do you fear it?! Do you fear the gods wrath?! Worse than I am: Protect the Pack had always been his mentality. And that pack was shockingly easy to find at least a temporary place in.

I stood up to help my old mentor straighten this out, only realizing my mistake when I heard benches being moved as the thugs from earlier stood up to follow me. Vesemir could handle a pair of quarreling villagers, but the two of us together made for a threatening image.

We hadn't left fast enough to avoid trouble after all. The older innkeeper is holding a bloody nose when I reach the countertop. She glances up, eyes a touch glazed as she nods.

We should let Tomira know before we leave. The sides for the impending fight lined up quickly as I turned around.

Two witchers standing across from a half-dozen thuggish farmhands armed with nothing more than knives, frustration, and alcohol. Do you know what it means? Still, one more offer for the other side to walk away never hurt when trying to calm things down.

As they eye us up though, it occurs to me that the Old Wolf's efforts had been in vain. There was no clear thought among these thugs, except that they had had enough of being pushed around in land that should have been theirs. Like he did the elves once? Neither of us had ever trained in merciful fighting.