Hollywood heights chloe and eddie meet ozzy

Hollywood Heights - S 1 E 27 - Eddie and Chloe Meet Oz - video dailymotion

hollywood heights chloe and eddie meet ozzy

"Eddie and Chloe Meet Oz" is the twenty-seventh episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on Nick at Nite in the United States on July 24, and received. Eddie Redmayne was terrified that his first meeting with Professor Stephen Hawking, whose life he was to portray on film, would not be easy. Chuck Berghorn trained 'untrainable' Michael 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards EXCLUSIVE: I trained the hapless Olympic ski jumper Hollywood has turned . ' He was about the most unlikely human being you could ever meet that .. Chloe Moretz opts for comfort in gray jumper for hair appointment in LA as.

She is also shown to have a strong connection with Eddie, as they have the same interests and they seem to understand each other. Eddie, at his birthday dinner, said she looked like she wanted to kiss him her eyes were full of mystery and anticipation. He was looking at her with those same eyes but even more deeply.

Subsequently, he kisses her later that evening on her porch. Relationships Eddie Duran Eddie and Loren's first contact was through Twitter where Loren began sending him song lyrics which Eddie was shown to like and even be inspired by. When Loren had to sing her song in front of a crowd, she then after running off stage went backstage and met her idol who helped calm her nerves and help her get back on stage and perform.

Eddie said to Chloe he felt 'protective of her' and 'she's like a little sister'. As of recent episodes, Eddie and Loren have considered each other friends. However, Loren is shown to still harbor a crush on the young idol and she admits to Melissa that she is falling for him as a person, not just a rockstar. They start to take their friendship to the next level after they kiss on Loren's front porch. In the episode Their Special Placethey kissed when he walked her to her porch after they went to their special place.

The two have been dating, but Eddie is trying to take it slowly. After spending time at the bungalow, she knows Eddie really wants her, but she wants to wait.

hollywood heights chloe and eddie meet ozzy

She saw how much of a gentleman Eddie really is and how much he respects her for that decision. Eddie told her he is not going anywhere so she can wait as long as she has to. Eddie disagrees with the management surrounding her because he feels like Kelly is trying to turn her into something she's not.

They were briefly seperated when Eddie was believed dead and running from the law, but they were reunited in The Final Concertwhen he was proven innocent. Eddie admitted to Loren that he loves her in the same episode. Melissa Sanders Melissa is Loren's best and closest friend, she is fully supportive of Loren, especially of Loren becoming a singer, and also of a certain Eddie Duran.

Melissa spends a lot of her time at Loren's house and is like a member of her family. They almost never argue, and when they do it's either not serious or they get over it soon. Melissa pushes her to do things she isn't sure about if she knows it will help her in the future. Loren controls Melissa's over-the-top ambition at times while Melissa helps Loren come out of her shell. The two are opposites and blend together perfectly. When Melissa thought Loren was abandoning her in favor of Eddie and her career as a singer, Loren reassured her that she will always be there for Melissa.

Nora Tate Loren's number one fan and always wanting the best for her daughter. Loren and her mother seem to have a very good relationship, though lately Nora has worries about Loren's choices especially involving Eddie. Nora has begun to really worry about Loren's growing feelings for Eddie, saying she may be getting too close.

Loren thinks that Nora is concerned about Eddie because Loren's father leaving hurt both Nora and Loren and Nora just doesn't want Loren to go through the same thing.

Loren knows that Nora will always be there for her and they don't hide things from each other. After being formally introduced by Eddie, Chloe seemed genuinely happy to meet Loren.

Eddie And Chloe Meet Oz

But it was all an act. After Eddie left, Chloe showed her true colors to Loren acting as though Loren was not worth being in her presence.

It may be speculated that Chloe is jealous of Loren and Eddie's new found friendship. Chloe and Loren showed their claws at each other in Chloe Tries To Reconcile when Chloe accused Loren of being a fame seeker, while Loren quickly replied back that she was speaking of herself.

It's clear that the two dislike each other, but Loren refuses to stoop to Chloe's level of harshness. In Their Special PlaceChloe almost pours wine on Loren but she defends herself and the wine accidentally gets on Chloe's blouse.

hollywood heights chloe and eddie meet ozzy

Chloe then falls on the floor and tells Loren to stop staring at her. Adam and Loren insisted they celebrate. A confused Adam wondered how Mel got over the birthday thing so fast. He was sure he had to honor that day the week before and the week after the event last year. Loren briefly spoke to Cameron who was a wreck over the finals. She joked about visualization being a big help. Adriana came along and accused Loren of cheating her way into the top ten in that music contest.

Loren flat-out told Adriana, she had nothing to do with contest rules. She wondered if Adriana was accusing Eddie of cheating. Loren pulled out her cell phone, pushed a button and showed Adriana the display screen. It indicated she was calling Eddie.

hollywood heights chloe and eddie meet ozzy

Adriana walked off stating simply that she knew what she knew. Her groupies followed her. Eddie signed his contracts and Jake told him he's getting several interview requests for him and Loren together. He also mentioned Lily Park calling 47 times.

hollywood heights chloe and eddie meet ozzy

Eddie advised Jake to keep Lily out of this, but he thought it would be cool to do interviews with Loren. Adriana intentionally bumped into Cameron and said she always wanted to speak to him.

She told the guy he had amazing hands. A confused Cameron had no idea where this was coming from. Seconds later, a protective Phil began pushing Cam around. The altercation was quickly broken up, and Loren explained the deal to Cam.

An upset Phil vents to Adriana who told him she was only trying to push Loren's button after seeing her talking to that cute guy.

Phil hated the fact that Adriana thought the guy was cute. She's never saw Phil so mad and told him he was like a rabbit dog.

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Phil clarified the terminology for her pointing out that it was rabid and not rabbit. Adriana's vocabulary is slightly limited! Adriana wanted to see her rabbit dog commit a crime and he told her it would happen tonight. Don's office, a confused Nora asked Don if he ever dated Ellie.

He wondered if Ellie told her that. Nora said she did.

Chloe begs Eddie to take her back

Don assured Nora he would talk to Ellie. He naturally downplayed his relationship with Ellie. When Don did talk to Ellie, she ordered him to break things off with Nora or she would make his life miserable.

Chloe and Eddie met with Osborne Silver who told them he could call him Oz. At the end of the meeting, a convinced Chloe squealed to Eddie about just landing their first blockbuster movie deal.