Jag harm and mac meet

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jag harm and mac meet

JAG is an American legal drama television show with a distinct U.S. Navy theme, created by That's what Harm and Mac, and JAG as a whole, represent. . J. Guter, visiting the set, meeting with the cast during the shooting of "Liberty" in Mac learns more about Ltjg. Diane Schonke, who looked so much like her, and who died (in season 1) before Mac and Harm met each other. While Harm. A million years ago (well, maybe 8) when I started writing JAG fanfic, I posted They both looked across at Harm and Mac who hadn't moved from their .. went the way she hoped Harm and Mac would meet up again soon.

Will I have to wait forever?

jag harm and mac meet

Or will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through? When will our hearts beat together?

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Are we in love or just friends? Is this my beginning or is this the end? Mac took a deep breath and pulled her car back out onto the road, seeing there was no traffic she made a u-turn and headed to the only place she ever really wanted to be. When there was no answer she let herself in with her key, realising she'd have to leave it with him. She gasped when she saw the room empty except for a few boxes alongside the wall.

Her apartment looked the same but it had just hit her that it was over. After tomorrow this would no longer be Harm's apartment, her refuge from whatever haunted her. She could no longer call past to see him when she needed to.

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She would be in San Diego and he would be in London and that very thought frightened her. Mac stood there in tears.

She had tried to convince herself that they could maintain their friendship long distance, now she wasn't so sure. Harm was the only constant in what had been a difficult life, even when they weren't getting along she derived comfort from just knowing he was close by. She always knew he would be there to pick up the pieces if things fell apart, she trusted him, she loved him.

She had no idea how she was going to be able to live without him. I can't say goodbye to you. I can't …I can't …' He held her tight and kissed her head. Awhile later Mac broke away and gazed into his crystal blue eyes; they had been the first thing she had noticed about him. It, um, got a bit much. Mac began to sing softly, When will I see you again? I've done a lot of crying tonight.

jag harm and mac meet

I am in love with you. I always have been and I always will. I guess the question now is, is this the beginning or is this the end? Finally he broke away. Mac, let's get married.

You do realise that tonight's festivities are due to kick off until ,' said Sturgis. All heads turned to watch her. The biggest smile imaginable spread across Harm's face and it was duly noted by Harriet. As Mac moved toward them Harm stood and to the delight of all present kissed her. It wasn't a friendly greeting kiss but a clear expression of their newly declared love.

Harm cleared his throat. It has just taken us a long while to actually admit it…' 'That's your announcement? Tell us something we don't know,' chided Sturgis. Congratulatory kisses and hugs were exchanged before Bud asked the pressing question.

They had started to discuss that very issue before the overwhelming urge to consummate their relationship took over.

jag harm and mac meet

Neither Harm nor Mac replied. Bud flicked the coin into the air.

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The group watched entranced as light reflected off the coin giving it a sparkling glow. Mac held her breath, as the coin spun she began hoping it would land on tails. If she and Harm were to have any chance of having their own family it should be her that resigned her commission.

jag harm and mac meet

She caught the coin midair. Ina famous incident had occurred at the Tailhook Association convention in Las Vegaswhere male naval aviators had behaved in manners inappropriate, if not criminal, and where the follow-up criminal and other investigations by the then-named NISthe Naval Inspector Generaland the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, were later heavily criticized by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defensewith the concurrence to Acting Secretary of the Navy Sean O'Keefeto whom the report was delivered and who began to take corrective action with respect to both the perceived attitude problems towards women and the functions of the investigative arms of the Department of the Navy.

The common counterclaim from the other side of the aisle, as articulated by former Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration and naval flight officer John F. Lehmanwas that the naval aviation community had been unfairly subjected to a witch-hunt motivated by political correctnessin effect killing its esprit de corps, and by extension damaging its combat effectiveness. Bellisario chose to go ahead with the lawyers and remarked season six about the unique advantages it brought from a story-telling point of view: Guter, visiting the set, meeting with the cast during the shooting of " Liberty " in Initially, the producers of JAG did not receive any co-operation from the Department of the Navy, due to sensitivity in light of all the accumulative negative publicity that had been generated from the Tailhook scandal and its aftermath.

jag harm and mac meet

A primetime network series about Navy lawyers bringing out controversial subjects in a very public arena was apparently no longer an issue in itself, but as noted by Commander Bob Anderson of the Navy's entertainment media liaison office in Los Angeles in a TV Guide interview: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message Almost all episodes of the series feature scenes filmed aboard real United States Navy ships. Most of the Nimitz-class carriers also appear in one or several episodes. In these episodes, all crew members wore caps with the CV pennant number.

This number was intentionally out of sequence with the pennant numbers of active USN carriers at the time the series was filmed. Only six USN ships featured in the series were called by their real names: The Kitty Hawk is mentioned in one of the season-three episodes, but never seen on screen.

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Harm met up with the Executive Officer, now he was the Executive Officer of another ship. Harm told him that when he was reading Diane's letters he found a letter reporting a sexual harassment and that the Executive Officer never reported it and she was going to report him too.

Harm took out his gun. Then Mac runs towards them both. The Executive Officer though it was the ghost of Diane, because they looked the same, and he backed up and fell in-between his ship and the dock and he was crushed. Mac asked Harm if he would have shot him and he said he'll never know. Then Harm kisses Mac and she said I new you were kissing Diane good-bye.

Harm discovers that his father was taken to Russia after his plane was shot down over Vietnam. Harm and Mac journey to Moscow to investigate this decades-old mystery, and find themselves at odds with their own government.