Kono and adam meet

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kono and adam meet

Prompt by- Hnina- the first time Kono and Adam meet and how there relationship develops. Chapter one. She had met him once or twice in. How is Adam feeling after the split from Kono? And will Danny's offer of “salvation ” be met with a yea or nay? Press play above to find out. Kono and Adam met during a standoff involving Wo Fat. Adam planned to avenge the death of his father, Hiro, by killing Wo Fat; and was nearly shot by his own.

However, they do end up making it just in time for the wedding, but right before starting Chin is held at gun point in the parking lot. Season 6 Edit In the season premiere of season 6, Adam and Kono's honeymoon doesn't go well when Gabriel takes both of them hostage. They torture both Adam and Kono, trying to get Adam to transfer the money that was going to buy both of them safety from the Yakuza.

Hawaii Five 0 Kono and Adam (one call away)

Gabriel's men end up taking Adam to his bank to get the money, at the bank things don't go well and Adam ends up getting shot in the chest. Season 7 Edit It is revealed that the suspect's son was the perpetrator in a Virginia shooting that killed eight people.

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Elsewhere, Adam is released from prison after spending a year and asks Kono's help to track down a fellow inmate's daughter to make up with him. Elsewhere, Adam and Kono are kidnapped by a death cult, and are forced to escape with another victim through the woods to an abandoned house where they hold off the cult until HPD and Five-0 arrive.

Adam Noshimuri

Meanwhile, Adam starts a new job in construction and asks for Jerry 's help when he finds a bone fragment and thinks it might be a burial site. Also, Kono and Adam help Gerard Hirsch to expand his crime scene cleaning business.

Season 8 Edit After picking up Adam from the airport, McGarrett receives a call from Junior about a bank robbery in progress. Adam, Juniorand Steve then enter the bank and learn that the criminals escaped through a tunneled out hole in the safe. When Adam's friend Danny dreams of the future, Adam has a child with Kono. Fiction T - English - Kono K. Chapter one She had met him once or twice in passing when he or his dad crossed paths with Steve.

She had never taken much time to acknowledge him instead choosing to go about her business leaving one of the guys to deal with the Noshimuris. She was aware that Joe White had been talking to Hiro, about what she did not know, but it sometimes became intense especially when Adam became involved. Despite never speaking to the man herself, it was clear he was very protective, she almost admired it but his connections to the yakuza prevented her having any sympathy for his worry with regards to his father.

It had been a while since she had seen the Noshimuri's but she knew something was going on with Hiro and Joe.

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One side of her had no interest but the other side wanted to delve into their business out of protection for her ohana. She was yet to decide how far she could trust the Noshimuris.

Kono watched discreetly as Adam sat at the bar drinking what she presumed to be whiskey.

kono and adam meet

Her interest in her date had faded when he first opened his mouth not that that surprised her. Her mother Leia had set her up on a date with one of her friend's sons arguing that Kono spent too much time focusing on her work rather than enjoying a social life. Kono knew however that her mum was just scared she would never get grandchildren.

kono and adam meet

Ergh this guy so doesn't know me. The truth was Kono was a far cry from the type of girl who wanted fancy twenty dollar salads. Sure she appreciated good food but she appreciated a home cooked meal or a casual restraunt followed by a movie and a glass of wine or sitting on the beach and just enjoying someone company.

Getting dressed up for dinner was an effort Kono didn't appreciate not unless she initiated the idea.

kono and adam meet

Robert smiled and took a sip of his wine before looking over his shoulder and following Kono's gaze. He frowned as he too took note of Adam. I've heard he's bad news. Kono straightened her posturer at Roberts comment. Who does he think he is telling me who I can hang around with; I'm a grown woman…ergh.

kono and adam meet

Besides you have me now. The conversation for the rest of the night was fairly one sided.