Meet glen hansard and marketa

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meet glen hansard and marketa

Irish singer, songwriter and actor Glen Hansard was planning some time partner Marketa Irglova for Falling Slowly from the indie film Once. In , Marketa met Glen Hansard of the band, The Frames through her father who was promoting their shows in the country. The family hosted a welcoming. on The Swell Season – the duo comprising Glen Hansard and Markéta When we met Glen's family we became interested in themes such.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova reunite to see Once the Musical on Broadway

It felt like we could now see this project through without interference from anybody from the outside. John pared the crew back to about six or seven, and they all agreed to do it for nothing.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Oscar interview

So we shot the film in 17 days. Halfway through shooting the film we were still writing songs for it. I met her when she was He was a fan of the Frames, and he invited us over to play some small festival in the Czech Republic.

Then he invited me to stay in his house for three months and write songs. Mar came into my life very similarly to how she does in the film. I think you should be singing about what happened in your life. She was 13, 14 at this time.

Once star Glen Hansard gets personal |

Over the next few years we started to do more and more songs together and eventually we did full sets together. Just as that happened, John came up to me with the idea of Once. So the idea of being in Once with her was an attractive option, because it documented my friendship with her.

When did you two officially get together? I think we fell in love a couple of years ago, but nothing happened until recently. But you keep that in the back of your head. Did this make it a fine line between you and Mar in real life, and the characters you played on screen?

meet glen hansard and marketa

I think John was clued in to the fact that there was something between us, and he kept talking about the chemistry. I want you to be natural. And John is a real critic of that in movies, where a great song comes on and they use a bit of it and then cut to another scene. We pushed each other to be braver. How boring would that be? Of course, back in you mixed music and acted by playing the guitarist in The Commitments.

Is it true that you regretted doing the film? I just regretted having to talk about it forever. It overshadowed my own band. He also became a musical mentor to Marketa and in turn used her as a soundboard for new material he was writing. Her classical training offered a welcome counter point to his learn-as-you-go approach that had been mined since the age of fourteen.

meet glen hansard and marketa

The seeds for what would become The Swell Season took root at this time. The two entered a studio in the Czech Republic and recorded close to twenty songs for the film.

Glen said he knew a girl in Czech Republic who could be just what he was looking for except she was only John asked Glen to invite Marketa to come to Ireland and audition for the part, which he did.

Marketa gladly accepted, took time off school and boarded a plane to Dublin. Towards the end before people scattered back to their homes, John asked Marketa to play him something on the piano.

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She performed a few classical pieces which she had prepared for this purpose and John offered her the part. This chance offer accepted by both would reward them handsomely. The film featured a score by the two of them and won the World Cinema Audience Award. The movie was released to critical acclaim in May of the same year and the two were singled out for both their acting and singing performances in it.

It was an overwhelming time for someone fresh out of the U. A classic Oscar moment was born.