Meeting place of atlantic and indian oceans meet

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meeting place of atlantic and indian oceans meet

Attractions include Cape Point Lighthouse and the Flying Dutchman funicular | FindTripInfo. So where really do the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet? her heart that she is indeed witnessing the meeting of these two great oceans -- and yes. The borders of the oceans are the limits of the Earth's oceanic waters. The definition and . The Atlantic Ocean separates the Americas from Europe and Africa. .. while Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia is described as the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. Third HCA Meeting, 8–10 September Officially Cape Agulhas is the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, . Standing on the borderline of where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean is.

In fact, he was the one who snapped the pic.

THE OFFICIAL PLACE WHERE TWO OCEANS... - Cape Agulhas - Southernmost Tip of Africa

He said the purpose of the cruise was to examine how huge eddies -- slow moving currents -- ranging into the hundreds of kilometers in diameter, swirl out from the Alaska coast into the Gulf of Alaska. Those eddies often carry with them huge quantities of glacial sediment thanks to rivers like Alaska's mile-long Copper River, prized for its salmon and originating from the Copper Glacier far inland.

meeting place of atlantic and indian oceans meet

It empties out east of Prince William Sound, carrying with it all that heavy clay and sediment. And with that sediment comes iron. This is one of the primary methods that iron -- found in the clay and sediment of the glacial runoff -- is transported to iron-deprived regions in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska.

As for that specific photo, Bruland said that it shows the plume of water pouring out from one of these sediment-rich rivers and meeting with the general ocean water.

meeting place of atlantic and indian oceans meet

It's also a falsehood that these two types of water don't mix at all, he said. Such borders are never static, he added, as they move around and disappear altogether, depending on the level of sediment and the whims of the water. There is much study being conducted on how this iron influences marine productivity, in particular its effects on the growth of plankton, which Bruland referred to as "the base of the food chain.

So next time somebody shares a "really cool photo" of "the place where two oceans meet," feel free to let them know the science behind the phenomenon. But is Cape Point's claim to fame that it is "where two oceans meet" just tourism hype?

meeting place of atlantic and indian oceans meet

Well, not at all -- it depends! Cape Town's Cape Point is not the southern-most point on the African continent. That tribute goes to Cape Agulhas, miles km to the south east.

Cape Point is Where Two Oceans Meet: Cape Town South Africa

Cape Agulhas also defines the official geographic divide between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. So where really do the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet? Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve Curio and merchandise shopping and the Two Oceans restaurant offer rest and refreshment before the return trip along the False Bay shore.

A wide variety of stunning dive sites, picnic sites and walks to tidal pools for the kids to explore, hiking trails, indigenous plant species, as well as baboons, antelope, ostriches and Cape zebra to spot.

meeting place of atlantic and indian oceans meet

This popular view site overlooks the working Cape Point Lighthouse perched near the end of the point below and provides superb vistas over the cliffs of Cape Point and the ocean.

The Flying Dutchman funicular was rebuilt and launched in Designed to hold 40 people, its working capacity is 30 passengers, conveying visitors every 3 minutes in each direction.

Cape Agulhas: The Place Where Two Oceans Meet | Amusing Planet

The funicular operates on solar powered batteries that charge the funicular via photovoltaic panels while in transit. Lukas ] Short trails lead to stunning views over the cliffs - with seabirds whirling and diving between their rocky nests and the sea.

Whales too can often be seen between May and November on their annual migration around the Point. Diaz beach nestles in a cove below the cliffs.

This is a wave-swept pristine beach for hikers to explore. Sculptured sandstone pillars, sea caves and white sands are sculptured and swept clean by wind and storms.

The Lusitania foundered on Bellows Rockjust south of the Point. The old lighthouse was set back from the rocky point and could be seen too soon by ships approaching the Point from the west, causing them to approach too closely. The old light was also often obscured by foggy conditions at the higher elevation.