Meredith and lexie meet me

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meredith and lexie meet me

May 8, 5x1 "Dream a Little Dream of Me: Part 1" (OAD 9/25/08). Cristina is . Owen is hard on Cristina but starts to see something in her that he likes. Mark seems to like Lexie and Meredith tells Derek to tell him to stay away. Meredith and Lexie meet. Lexie & Meredith love how she said it right when Mer was pulling a patient out of an ambulance .. Alex: Can you even see me?. Alexandra Caroline "Lexie" Grey, M.D. is a fictional character from ABC's medical drama In contrast to Meredith, Lexie came from a loving home with a happy and Later that night, before her internship at Seattle Grace begins, Lexie meets at Mark's hotel room and undresses herself while repeating to him, "Teach me.

We have shiny new interns! Happy boppy opening music!

meredith and lexie meet me

A sunny establishing shot of Seattle! It feels like the first day of school — a brand new day, to crib from that maddeningly omnipresent promo ABC has been running for a certain spin-off show on Wednesdays. And the black panties? Izzie in that divine prom dress?

meredith and lexie meet me

The back-to-basics vibe stuck throughout the episodewhich, while not exactly life changing, did successfully deliver one very strong message right from the source: But if Private Practice tanks, we can totally do it with her, too!

Never heard of him. All the hallmarks of old-school Anatomy were there. Alex and Izzie and Cristina and Meredith traded mildly witty barbs while sitting on that one gurney in that one hallway where they hang out. We might as well go ahead and talk about Ms. Coincidence first, since she was one of the bigger developments of the night.

meredith and lexie meet me

Just so happens one of the new interns is Lexie Grey, the half sister Mer never met and never saw any photos of ever. They just plopped her introduction to her big sis right in the middle of getting the victims out of the ambulance, actually, which was awkward but better than some annoying multi-episode arc during which everyone would have to keep it a big secret and find contorted ways to not call Lexie by her last name or whatever.

You know that would totally happen on a lesser show. Or during those several helpings of super-extra-irritating we got in the middle of last season. Turns out there is a certain self-absorption that runs in the fam. The first big dialogue for the younger Grey came when she fluttered in to deliver X-rays to an impatient Cristina.

Izzie, meanwhile, got the other dose of silliness for the evening: Excuse me, Doctor, can you help me? After failing his post-internship exam in the season three finale, George O'Malley T.

Knight must repeat his internship, in order to avoid being forced to leave the medical field. It is revealed that among the new interns is Lexie Grey Chyler LeighMeredith's half-sister, who previously had an encounter with Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempseydespite his unawareness of her identity.

It is explained that, in the aftermath of her being left by Preston Burke Isaiah Washington at the altar, Yang spent her honeymoon travelling with Meredith. Having just returned, she is shocked to learn that Burke has resigned from Seattle Grace, and relocated to an unknown location. Stevens has to deal with her romantic feelings for O'Malley, whose marriage to Torres is being threatened by his yet to be exposed affair. O'Malley, who finds himself in the unpleasant situation of repeating his internship, quickly gains support in Lexie, who decides not to tell the fellow interns about his failed exam.

Karev is revealed to have visited Rebecca Pope Elizabeth Reaserfollowing her departure. Initially unwilling to resume his friendship with Sloan, Shepherd ultimately gives him a second chance.

Bailey manifests a cold attitude towards Webber, in order to express her disappointment in not being considered for the position of Chief Resident, in spite of her enviable reputation among the hospital staff.

Lexie meets Meredith for the first time, but is demoralized when she becomes aware of her apparent discomfort.

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Meredith and Shepherd encounter difficulty in being broken up, realizing that their mutual romantic feelings are an impediment in their attempt at having separate lives. The emergency room is filled with victims from a chain car accident, one of whom is admitted in the department of neurosurgeryunder the care of Shepherd and Yang.

As the physicians soon discover that he has been internally decapitated, they come to the conclusion that even a minor move would result in irreparable damage. A pregnant woman is admitted in plastic surgeryafter having her arm severed. Meredith is assigned to work for Sloan during the day, and is immediately told to find the arm, much to the fascination of her interns.

Despite trying to deal with her trainees in a strict manner, Stevens is looked upon as unprofessional by the interns she was assigned to. Her image is further deteriorated when she decides to abandon her hospital duties, in order to perform surgery on a deer, once again letting her emotional involvement interfere with her career.

Meredith and Shepherd discuss the repercussions of their breakup, and realize that they cannot reconcile. However, the two engage in sexual intercourse, as a manner to express their mutual feelings for the last time.

The ''Grey's'' premiere: When Meredith met Lexie

O'Malley comes to the realization of his love for Stevens, and quickly discloses to her that he shares her romantic feelings. Production[ edit ] Due to the producers wanting to replace the two departed characters, Chyler Leigh began receiving star billing in "A Change Is Gonna Come".

Following Washington's departure, it was reported that show's executives were planning on adding new cast members, such as Lexie. She had a quality that felt right and real to me. It felt like she could be Meredith's sister, but she had a depth that was very interesting. It was a little daunting in the beginning. But I have had such a great time.

News reports surfaced that Washington had insulted co-star Knight with a homophobic slur. Following the exposure of the argument, Knight publicly disclosed his homosexuality, which led to Washington's issuing an apology statement, regarding his inappropriate use of words during the incident.

In a statement released by his publicist, Washington assesed, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore".