Nagisa and tomoya meet the robinsons

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nagisa and tomoya meet the robinsons

Nagisa Furukawa is the main female protagonist of Clannad. She is relatively a shy and quiet girl, but begins to open up when she meets Tomoya Okazaki. After school, Tomoya goes to Nagisa's family bakery and meets her eccentric After school, Nagisa and Tomoya meet Yukine Miyazawa, a second-year Men is a British television series created and written by Tony Robinson and directed. However, Tomoya finds that his life is about to change when he meets a girl one year older [Tomoya is walking to school and meets Nagisa for the first time.].

Tomoya and Nagisa decide to take Fuko back to school for now. The next morning, Tomoya and Nagisa have forgotten about Fuko and cannot see her. Both Tomoya and Nagisa later feel that there is something important that they are forgetting, and finally remember about Kouko's wedding, which is also when they are able to see Fuko again.

On the wedding day, initially the only students to arrive were Tomoya, Nagisa, and Fuko, but after the ceremony it is shown that everyone who had received a starfish came to the wedding. Kouko and Yusuke walk down the campus as everyone applauds to them.

Fuko ultimately disappears after thanking Tomoya and Nagisa for what they have done, and congratulating her older sister. A rumor still persists at the school of Fuko as a cute girl who is constantly running through the school. Tomoya believes Fuko will awaken someday. Tomoya takes her around school and helps her introduce herself to people to make more friends.

Tomoya takes Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi to the drama room after school, and after a round of introductions, Tomoya asks them to join the club. Kyou initially passes on the chance, but ends up giving in after her sister says she wants to join, and Kotomi joins as well. During the meeting, Kotomi suddenly leaves when she hears someone playing the violin at a nearby club room.

Yet when she is offered a chance to play it, she is painfully horrible. Kyou gets the idea to have Kotomi play at her first violin recital after school in two days, obliging Kotomi to practice in the meantime. The day before the recital, Tomoya visits Kotomi at the school's library and eats her delicious homemade apple pie. Shortly after, Tomoya falls asleep and has a very strange dream. At the recital, the school; including Akio, Sanae, and Misae Sagara ; the landlady of Youhei's dorm came to listen.

Kyou blackmails several students into coming with her position as a class representative. In the end, Kotomi did not improve at all, and the recital was still very painful to listen to. When Kotomi and her friends are going home, a strange man approaches Kotomi, though leaves shortly after; Kotomi was terrified of him.

Kotomi changes her usual routine and starts attending her classes. Kyou invites Tomoya, Nagisa, Kotomi, and Ryou to go out together as a group and have fun at a local carnival. While they are at a claw craneFuko makes an appearance in, but no one seems to remember her. The next day, Nagisa runs up to Kyou thinking Ryou got in a bus accident, though when they rush to the scene, they find no one was hurt; however, when Kotomi sees the accident, she has an emotional episode and collapses while screaming out.

Kotomi leaves early that day, but when Tomoya, Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou go to see her later, there is no answer at her house. After they leave, Tomoya goes back and runs into the strange man from earlier; he finds out the gentleman is an acquaintance of Kotomi's parents. Tomoya ends up going into Kotomi's house and finds her in a room with newspaper clippings on the wall reporting on the death of Kotomi's parents. Tomoya then finally remembers that he met Kotomi years ago when he was a child.

Back then, Tomoya had often visited Kotomi, and was her only friend.

nagisa and tomoya meet the robinsons

Around this time on Kotomi's birthday, her parents suddenly leave for college business reasons. Later that day, Kotomi is visited by an acquaintance of her parents the gentleman and tells her they were killed in a plane crash. Kotomi ultimately ended up burning her father's important thesis about discovering 'Another World' before anyone could see it.

Since then, Tomoya stopped coming to her house, as Kotomi dedicated herself to follow her parents' footsteps. While Kotomi shuts herself in her house, Tomoya comes over and starts cleaning up the garden which is overgrown with grass and weeds. Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou eventually help out as well. In the end, Kotomi is happy for everyone's generosity. When she returns to school, Tomoya, Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou are all waiting for her. The mysterious gentleman whom she was so frightened of, believing he wanted to take her parents' thesis, is there as well.

Kotomi and her friends find out that he is her legal guardian, and that there never were any other copy notes for the thesis after all. The envelope Kotomi burned, and felt so guilty about, was actually a teddy bear catalogue. The gentleman also has a birthday gift for her, which is her parents' suitcase, that survived the plane crash and was passed from hand to hand around the world for years until he found it.

Inside is a teddy bear, Kotomi's gift request to her parents before they left, and an affectionate letter. While Kotomi is holding the teddy bear, the room fills with orbs of light, and she at last makes peace with her parents' deaths. However, he is already meant to be the advisor for the choir club, so Nagisa goes to talk with Rie about which club Koumura should advise.

The next day, Nagisa finds a threatening letter in her desk, and Youhei finds out that it was Rie's friend Sugisaka who is behind it. After talking with Nagisa about Rie's past, Nagisa chooses to give up on reforming the drama club, though this does not sit well with Youhei and Kyou.

Tomoya and Youhei go to Yukine to kill time during school, and Yukine gives Youhei an idea related to basketball.

Later on, two captains of the judo club are pestering Tomoyo to join. Fuko appears but not to much help, yet Tomoya manages to take Tomoyo with him to get away from the captains. The next day, Youhei approaches Tomoya and Nagisa about playing in a basketball match in order to get the choir club to back down, but Tomoya continuously refuses his offer. Tomoya and Youhei easily get Kyou to help with the basketball game, and she gets pumped up after a comment about pairing up with such loser guys.

They bring the choir club over to watch the game.

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For half the game, Tomoya and the others play against first-year rookies, and manage to lead by eleven points, but then the basketball team switches with their starters and the score evens out.

In the very last seconds of the game, Tomoya manages to make the last shot thanks to Nagisa's voice and win the game. Afterwards, Mei goes back to her hometown. Nagisa collapses at school and cannot come to school for a few days. Then, Tomoya believes if Tomoyo becomes student council president she can make arrangements and revive the drama club.

During this time, Tomoyo starts waking up Tomoya and Youhei before classes start so they will not be late anymore. Kyou continues to set up situations where Tomoya and Ryou are together, such as eating lunch together.

Yukine tries to help Tomoya with a grimoireand he casts a spell to get locked in the gym equipment room with Kyou, which ends up happening.

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Kyou does not act like her usual self while in the room, and thinks that Tomoya may end up trying to seduce her. Tomoya undoes the spell and the door is opened by one of Kyou's classmates. Tomoya and Tomoyo start to walk home after school, but a bunch of gang members are at the school's entrance looking to fight Tomoyo.

Fuko temporarily interrupts the fight. After the fight starts, teachers from the school arrive and break it up; Tomoya takes the blame for it in order to protect Tomoyo, sentenced to suspension as a consequence.

On Sunday, when Tomoyo is making him lunch, Kotomi, Kyou, and Ryou arrive each bringing a bunch of food, and even Fuko appears with food; Tomoya ends up eating everything. Once back at school, he finds out how Tomoyo's reputation is dropping due to rumors of her as a gang leader, and arranges for Tomoyo to compete against several school sports clubs to boost her reputation.

After school, Tomoyo tells Tomoya about her family situation and how her brother risked his life to keep their parents from divorcing, and desire to protect the cherry blossom trees. Nagisa finally comes back to school and is welcomed by her friends. During a tennis match between Tomoyo and a male tennis club member, a stray ball hits Nagisa on the leg, and Tomoya overprotects her, showing everyone how devoted he is to her.

Tomoyo realizes that Tomoya is in love with Nagisa, and both Kyou and Ryou break into tears. Ultimately, Tomoyo becomes the student council president.

He finds a discarded human-sized doll and uses it as a body to travel around the world on an old bicycle. After some searching, he finds a large sakura tree known as the "Tree of Promises" where he believes he will meet the person he has felt is with him in this illusionary world.

When the school festival finally begins, Nagisa reveals that she has not finished the script, but still wants to go on with the play since the story is still within her. Nagisa has her performance in the evening, so in the meantime Nagisa hangs out with Tomoya and Youhei.

During lunch, she tells them her story why she wanted to do drama was due to her parents formally having been theater actors, but they both had to give up acting after Nagisa was born. Nagisa wants to do drama so as to continue her parents' dreams in her footsteps. For the play, Sanae gives Nagisa her wedding dress to use as her costume, much to Akio's surprise. Nagisa starts with her monologue without a hitch, and during her recitation Kouko gives stage directions to Tomoya and Youhei via headsets.

Gradually, Tomoya comes to realize that the story Nagisa is reciting is the same dream that he has had, and is shocked to find that Nagisa also had the same dream of the illusionary world. At the play's conclusion, Tomoya believes that he and Nagisa were meant to be together and confesses his love to her. Shortly after the festival, Nagisa's health falters once again and she has to take another leave of absence from school, meaning it is not until a year after Tomoya's class graduated that Nagisa is able to graduate high school as well.

After this, Tomoya and Nagisa start living together in a small apartment in town while Tomoya is recruited full-time at Yusuke's electrical company as well, Nagisa works part-time as a waitress at a local family restaurant, and Youhei becomes a businessman in Tokyo.

Eventually, Nagisa becomes pregnant, but her doctor informs her family and Tomoya that if she gives birth to the child, due to having weak constitution, she may die in the process. After the meeting, they agree on telling Nagisa. Tomoya and Nagisa's parents take her to the beach where she decides the name Ushio for the child.

Despite the doctors warning, she insists that she will be fine. One winter night, Nagisa finally gives birth to a baby girl Ushio and Nagisa dies giving birth. This causes Tomoya to go into deep depression, during which he does not go to work, or even visit his daughter who is now being raised by Nagisa's parents.

nagisa and tomoya meet the robinsons

For the past five years, Tomoya's friends try to get him out of his depression, but Tomoya is very stubborn. Then one rainy night, Tomoya's father Naoyuki Okazaki comes over and tells Tomoya that he is putting Ushio in the same relationship he did when his mother died, which greatly surprises him. Later, Naoyuki requested Tomoya's friends: Youhei, Tomoyo, Kyou, Kouko and her husband Yusuke to take him out on a retreat for a few days in order to break his depression, and they take Tomoya out of his house so fast he does not even know what is going on.

Once they tell him on the train, Tomoya is dead set on going back home but Yusuke convinces him to stay. When they arrive at their destination, Tomoya searches for another platform at the station, anticipating this, Akio and Sanae were waiting for him with Ushio. Just as Tomoya begins to walk away, his friends arrive blocking his way, then Tomoya turns around back at Ushio, she runs towards him holding a stuffed dango.

She trips midway which makes Tomoya leap out and catch her. Picking her up with them smiling, he is able to see the continuation of his old dream once more, and sees Nagisa under the Tree of Promises smiling lovingly at him and Ushio.

Production The film was first announced to be in production at the Tokyo Anime Fair on March 23, for a planned release.

The original character design was conceived by Itaru Hinouethe art director from Key who worked on the visual novel. This design was later used as a template for Megumi Kadonosono who provided the character art for the film adaptation.

Kadonosono previously worked on two other animated films released in early Fashionable Witches Love and Berry: Magic of Happiness as the chief animation director, and the Kiddy Grade film, also providing the character design. The screenplay was written by Makoto Nakamura who had worked on the first Kanon anime television series inand the Air film intwo other anime adapted from visual novels originally made by Key.

Finally, the film was directed by Osamu Dezakiwho has been involved with animation direction since the first Astro Boy anime inand went on to direct the Air film.