Nylah and bamboo meet people

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nylah and bamboo meet people

Dec 22, Reshare people! Reshare for your better Who would you like to meet. 2 votes. - . votes visible to Meet Nylah and Bambu. %. All of them!. See more. Nylah and Bamboo - PvP cats Jesse And Jeana, Bf Vs Gf, Toyger Cat . Nylah The Cat Holding a Fork Made For People to Eat Her Snack Cute Gif. Dec 12, "No way," two other people said, not shown in the camera, but they sound familiar . each other before looking back to Jessie and Jeana's cats, Nylah and Bamboo. Toothless narrowed his eyes and hissed, along with Bamboo. "Alright , well, we're gonna head home, it was nice getting to meet you guys,".

He is popular in other social sites like Instagram and Twitter where he has around 2. Earlier on, he served in the United States Army for six years.

He started his YouTube channel PrankvsPrank in with his ex-girlfriend Jeana Smith and it featured lots of videos related to pranks. The channel has more than 1.

nylah and bamboo meet people

Naibuzz During his YouTube career, he also tried out singing and released his song named Cookie Dance. The song managed to land in the UK Singles Chart and became quite successful.

He has managed to make himself a household name in the YouTube world and has an acting career as well. Jesse Wellens' Personal Life The YouTuber prankster is said to be a married man and had been married while his time in the army but it didn't last long. However, the details about his ex-wife are not mentioned.

Besides, he was dating another fellow YouTuber Jenna Smith from to They were together for 10 years until they decided to separate because their relationship was getting toxic due to daily vlogging. Astrid stood up and he brought her closer. Astrid rose an eyebrow and was about to speak until Hiccup brought her fully to him and kissed her on the lips. Astrid was surprised, because she didn't know his intentions, but she didn't do anything to show it, instead she just kissed back.

Hiccup broke the kiss and smiled at her; she smiled back. Hiccup wrapped an arm around her waist and brought her down on his lap so that his chin was on her shoulder. Astrid wrapped an arm around his neck and leaned back on his broad shoulder.

Hiccup widened his eyes at her question but grinned like a maniac afterwards. Astrid widened her eyes before relaxing and scoffing playfully.

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So what do you guys think about that? Just tell us your opinion in the comments and we'll check them," Astrid announced, trying to pretend that what just happened didn't happen.

The video cuts to Hiccup and Astrid skipping along the sidewalk, hand in hand, with the cats following behind on their own. Hiccup and Astrid's smiles then faltered and they froze in their tracks, the cats nearly bumping into them. Toothless and Stormfly meowed grumpily at them before standing beside their respectful owners. Hiccup and Astrid smiled, along with the two others in front of them, and turned the camera around.

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Same with the people in front of them. We decided to bring our cats, too," Jeana announced as Jessie held onto their cats' leash. Toothless and Stormfly looked at each other before looking back to Jessie and Jeana's cats, Nylah and Bamboo. Toothless narrowed his eyes and hissed, along with Bamboo. Toothless, be nice," Hiccup said as he gave the camera to Astrid and bent down to pick up Toothless.


Jessie and Hiccup gave each other a hug, after Hiccup put Toothless down, and pat on the back as Jeana and Astrid gave each other just a hug. They told the viewers that next video there might be a gaming video, if not then a challenge or dare video, if not then they'll just be doing a regular vlog.

Hiccup considered it for a moment before speaking. He groaned to himself and thought, I will get her - once she's all better. I'm just really busy 'n stuff.

Jesse Wellens

My life is also weird, too, so I didn't think I'd be able to. My friend almost stabbed me with scissors today at school, we played basketball my second favorite sportI just finished a book called, "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. It's a good book. And so many other crazy stuff happened. I just wanna know, when you're at school and have to do group work with like, your table or some people or something, do you have to do all the work?

Because I sure do. Since I'm supposedly "smart," I don't really think I'm smart but by the score we got I'm guessing I am, they make me do the work.

I don't really care since I'm happy that they rely on me, I guess.

nylah and bamboo meet people

Also, I'm the fastest reader in class, considering I'm the person with the highest score. My life is crazy, I swear. Also, today I almost had a heart attack by my friend since she basically screeched in my ear and I couldn't really breath, I get scared easily. I was called awesome, I doubt it but whatever. Also today I hurt myself in the locker room, again. I'm starting to get friends now, I'm no longer gonna be that lonely like I used to. But, at time I will be lonely since most of my friends aren't in the same class as me.

But one kid, he's a guy, he asked if I wanted to join them, since we were outside and I was sitting on the benches, with no one around me.

I refused but he kept trying to persuade me to go, I refused again. I'm used to being lonely so he understood. He says that he plays and talks to his toys.

It kinda made me laugh XD But, I don't judge. I'm always on my laptop and I always talk to myself, that's way worse. So he left after saying goodbye.

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So, my life is getting a bit better. But, I'm used to the lonely life. People are trying to change me too! I'm a tomboy and I'm not into girly stuff, at all, I don't like earrings, dresses, having my hair done, makeup, and so many other girly girl stuff.

People wanna change me and I don't like it. They say that it's weird that I'm not girly and I'm not into girl stuff.