Palakkad sahodaya sports meet and gre

Confederation of Kerala Sahodayas - Principal's Confederation of CBSE Schools in Kerala

palakkad sahodaya sports meet and gre

FROM CBSE. 4. SPORTS MEET 5. c) Sahodaya Contribution Rs- 25,/- He also congradulated her for accepting such a great. We observed World Students' Day on October 15, . The school choir sang the School Prayer with great vigor and voice laced with pride SPORTS MINISTER: VIMAL R. We, Seva Sadan Central School emerged as Second Runner-up in Palakkad District Sahodaya Complex Science Exhibition. Life Skills. The second segment of the day was devoted Day one of the workshop started with a welcome . So any relief in the attendance is not a big issue rather students performing in sports activities the power of great teachers and teacher of .. of Palakkad District Sahodaya School Complex.

At a time when attempts are being made to tear down the country in the names of many divisive forces, the relevance of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is assuming greater importance. The version of our founder Kulapathi Munshiji in implanting Indianness in the minds of every Indian has to a great extent helped us remain sober and rise above parochial and other discordant feelings.

palakkad sahodaya sports meet and gre

The role of our school and its teachers in moulding responsible and patriotic Indians can never be overemphasized. While congratulating the Principal and all her co-workers in undertaking this arduous task, I wish them all success in their endeavours to live upto the ideals of our founder.

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Enthused and inspired by the above tenets and keeping in mind that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow,we in Bhavan's Vidya Mandir impart knowledge to the students to mould them into responsible and active citizens. A team of committed faculty members lead by a cheerful and capable Principal, Mrs. Subhadra Muralidharan inculcates value based education and elicits the best in every student. I should profusely thank the Parent Teacher Association of the school for their excellent support in the improvement of the infrastructure.

An individual's journey for knowledge starts from the cradle and ends up in the coffin. Learning is an unending process, the day one stops learning he or she is as good as a dead person.

One can enjoy the nectar of knowledge only if he looks around and convert the possibilities into opportunities.


Esteemed guest of the day, Shri. Sethumadhavan Sir, invited dignitaries, parents, teachers, non teaching staff, well wishers and dear children. A warm welcome aboard to everyone arrived here today. We entered, the 19th year, of our glorious academic journey in Junefrom the humble beginning we made in Having crossed many memorable milestones, today our school, is a dream destination for students, teachers and parents alike.

Today, our SNPS family comprises of students, 67 well trained dedicated staff, and 26 supporting staff. Apart from the various core subject teachers, we have an enthusiastic team of teachers, for Physical Education, yoga, music, Communicative English, Taekwondo and Art Education.

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We also remember, with gratitude, every one of those, who walked along with us, every student, every teacher, and every parent, who contributed, his or her best, to build, the edifice of excellence. While expressing our gratitude, we must remember, that, the highest appreciation, is not to utter words, but to live by them.

Every academic year is a significant milestone. The Annual day, is an occasion to celebrate, a time, to look back with pride, and look ahead with vision.

Exploring new horizons, finding new dimensions in growth, we have continued, to do our best in the last academic year. With Great pleasure, I present, the Annual report of our school to appraise you all, how the mission and philosophy of SNPS, have materialized, positively, in the day to day working, of our school, in the voyage of discovery of excellence, in the field of education.

Out of total 64 students, 43 students got distinction, and 7 got first class. This academic session, we have made our children, to attend ,the Science promotion Oriented test. For KG Students we have conducted two talent Examinations.

palakkad sahodaya sports meet and gre

We staff, and students, take this opportunity, to congratulate the students, for their excellent performance, and extend warm wishes, for their bright future. We are glad to announce, that we have the new Management room and Audio Visual Room.

Five more smart class has been activated this year, and overall we have 14 smart board rooms. Our teachers constantly strive, to stay updated, by attending workshops, and various training programs.

Few of them are as listed: We have different clubs: Art and craft club, sports club, language club and eco club. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from unity. The students of the school are divided into four different houses. Honesty, sincerity, Equality and unity.