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Drs. Pangloss and Strangelove Meet Organizational Theory: High Reliability Organizations and Nuclear Weapons Accidents. Sociological Forum 8, “Drs. Pangloss and Strangelove Meet Organizational Theory: High Reliability Organizations and Nuclear Weapons Accidents.” Sociological Forum –. The Loads and Loads of Roles trope as used in popular culture. There's Acting for Two. Then there's acting for twenty. This is where one actor plays a .

Comparing notes when we met to discuss Voltaire, we learned that all of us had read Candide first.

Loads and Loads of Roles - TV Tropes

Frame, with introduction by John Iverson and afterword by Thaisa FrankCandide gets top billing on the cover and is the first work in the book, Zadig and Selected Stories trailing after. Voltaire was no stodgy writer. So, like the others in the group, I read Candide first, and when I reached the last page and the final words, I was overcome with deep satisfaction. One of my friends objected. He felt the end of the book counseled withdrawal from the world and a retreat from action.

The entire Fb exchange appears to have vanished into thin air, including the message I sent my friend. Metaphorical, yes, but meaning --??? Set that aside for a moment. I'll come back to it.

Turning to Zadig felt like coming down a few steps on the literary-historical ladder. The character Zadig was nearly perfect in the beginning — not only handsome and rich but also wise, generous, etc.

Well, he did have a little something to learn, not in how to behave or how to live or how to counsel others but how to view the world. This has helped fuel Fanon that the two witch characters are actually the same person.

Additionally several other actors doubled up and played other characters across the four adaptations. Keeping in mind that all seasons take place in the same continuity, this trope is actually played straight by most recurring actors. It helps that most of those historical characters appear in flashbacks related by Kai Anderson. Tom Cavanagh has played at least eleven characters from The Multiverseincluding two impersonations of the Earth-1 version.

If one includes The Flash where he played the eponymous hero and his clone, then John Wesley Shipp has played a total of five characters. Grant Gustin mainly plays the titular protagonist of The Flashbut he has also played a Villain of the Week shapeshifter who copied him the same one with one of Cavanagh's case abovethe protagonist's Earth-2 version, and five Alternate Timeline versions which includes the Season 3 Big Bad. The three singers in the "band", their manager, two people in mascot suits and the janitor.

Stacie Oricco's video for "More To Life" has her switching between eight different personas. The complete list is: She has one brief segment as herself at the very end.

Theatre Taken to the extreme in The 39 Steps: The lead man plays one role, the lead woman plays four, and the remaining two actors play all of the other roles between the two of them. Hilarity Ensuesas does much switching of hats, when four or five of these characters are in the same scene.

It prides itself in lampshading everything about this trope. At the climax, while the hero, the love interest, and a police officer are confronting the villain, the villain is shot to ensure his silence by a gun-wielding arm that reaches in from offstage. This proves so shocking to the villain — how can there be a gunman when all the cast are already on stage? Another impressive example is The Laramie Projectwherein eight actors play over seventy different roles total.

Setting Our Weapons to Stun

Angels in Americawhich is also written to be performed by eight actors, specifically states in its dramatis personae that certain lead characters double for certain supporting characters, with the actresses playing Hannah and the Angel with the highest total role count.

Memorably, Meryl Streep in the television adaptation. Patrick Stewart once did a one-man version of A Christmas Carol. No costume changes of course. In this case, it overlaps with Talking to Himself. ACT Theatre's annual production also does this, with some actors playing up to four or five roles. The various Greater Tuna plays have most or maybe even all of the inhabitants of a very small fictional Texas town played by only two guys.

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Every performance by the Reduced Shakespeare Companywhose plays consist of three actors performing "abridged" versions of large bodies of work. The play Stones in His Pockets, where two people played every role.

With a few boxes as their only props. The Broadway version of RENT has very distinctive-looking actors that together play all of the extras. In some scenes like "Christmas Bells" the costume changes are fast enough and thorough enough to make it look like there are three times as many of them as there actually are. I Am My Own Wife is a one-man play with the sole actor playing more than forty different roles. However, many of them have only a few lines, and there are no costume changes—all of them are performed in the main character's Charlotte von Mahlsdorf black dress and pearls.

At one point, a production of The Importance of Being Earnest was staged with two actors. In the final scenes, they resorted to wearing both dresses and suits while holding umbrellas: The nine actors each have a main role, and double for 13 others.

Often, the actors assume their other roles by unzipping vests, moving their hair, or merely changing their voices. Anyone who has worked on this show will freely admit that the dressers for the actors are as vital to success as the actors themselves. As such, nobody reacts to the fact that several characters are played by the same few actors, because it makes perfect sense in the dream.

Productions of Chicago may or may not involve supporting actors playing multiple roles, depending on their resources, but there's one that is explicitly required by the script: One actor, eight characters, not including the "narrator" who also provides musical accompaniment. The official character count is The Cat in the Hat appears as different roles throughout the show, but he's still The Cat in the Hat.

Even better was their play of The Secret Gardenwhich used only three actors, with several cross cast roles. In the Hugh Wheeler version of Candidethe actor playing the narrator Voltaire also plays Pangloss and a few other characters, and has to perform quick costume changes with no time to duck offstage.

Dr. Strangelove (1964) - War Room Scene

All minor characters in Little Shop of Horrors are played by the same actor, according to the official script. In First Date, the four ensemble actors, as well as the waiter, play all of the flashback characters, with on-stage costume changes. In certain productions of Parade that involve smaller casts will inevitably involve actors who play multiple roles.

Loads and Loads of Roles

Eric Overmyer's On the Verge has four actors: He ends up playing eight separate characters: Urinetown has a number of supporting roles, and most are doubledwhich means quick costume changes for some cast members.

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder has one actor playing all eight main members of the D'Ysquith family and one less important member right at the end. Doesn't sound as impressive as some of the other examples in this subheading, but considering how elaborate the costumes are and how often at least one member is on stage, it's still fairly impressive.

The cast contains a total of eleven actors. The four actors who play the roles of Wayne, Oliver, Megan, and the Narrator generally stick to those roles with a couple of small exceptions. One actor mainly focuses on playing Cedric for the first half, and then Voldemort in the second half. The other six actors play the rest of the roles, including the other Puffs, the professors, other students except Ron, who is played by a mopthe founders of Hogwarts, various fantastic beasts, Death Buddies, ghosts, and even a talking bathtub at one point.

Web Animation In Red vs. Web Original With each member having access to at least four characters in Marvels RPGodds are that they will end up with this. Atop the Fourth Wall: The three cross-over Warrior reviews between Atop the Fourth Wall and The Spoony Experiment all involve shifts between various versions of Linkara and Spoony for most scene shifts in the film footage.