Red white and blue swim meet qualifying times

Wind N Sea Swim Team – Age Group Swim Team in La Jolla California

red white and blue swim meet qualifying times

They call their time standards Blue-Red-White, but other than that they are identical. it easier for swimmers to enter and compete in the other LSC's swim meets. There are several instances where the SI Jr Olympic qualifying time is slower. DOES NOT ATTEND MEET, THE APPAREL IS FORFEITED. The AAU Red-White- Blue Diving National Championships registration Practice Times: Free of charge, please park in the lot in front of the swim center gates. event automatically qualify for the Red-White-Blue Platform event in their. Invitational meets are swim meets sponsored by different swim clubs in our area. Swimmers are invited to participate in the swim meets if they achieve qualifying times in any of the 5 individual events RED WHITE and BLUE Invitational.

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red white and blue swim meet qualifying times

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