Scrat and scratte meet joe

"Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs" Movie Review

scrat and scratte meet joe

Diego, Scrat, Scratte and Buck as they take on or run away from dangerous He meets Manny, a mammoth who travels to the north, and decides to follow him. .. Anthony Joseph Amorim (born November 22, ) is an American musician . Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jennifer Lopez Among New Academy Members for Ice Age meets Batman in The Dark Nut Rises Meanwhile, Scrat goes nuts over the beautiful Scratte, but is she trying to win his heart - or steal his acorn ?. Explora el tablero de Paula Sánchez "Scrat scratte" en Pinterest. | Ver más ideas sobre Ice Age, Ice y Saga.

scrat and scratte meet joe

While alone, Sid finds some dinosaur eggs and hatches them, and lo and behold, mama dinosaur T-Rex shows up and takes her babies and Sid under the ice into a land below the ice which just happens to be green and lush. When Manny and Diego find out, they set out to rescue Sid and once again become a family.

Buck is a fairly likeable fellow, and he helps them in their quest. All the while, Scat the squirrel chases an acorn, fighting his female love interest in a love-hate relationship. This film is very slow moving for the first minutes, and I had trouble staying awake. I had heard, before seeing the film, from someone who happened to see it at a sneak peak, that the added price tag was just not worth it. Dawn Of The Dinosaurs is a little bit thin on unique extras. Where the DVD releases in the past for the first two films automatically included some making-of featurettes and even a brand new Scrat animated short, Ice Age 3 comes available in two packages -- a one-disc version and a 2-disc set that includes a bonus disc called "The Scrat Pack.

Characters in Ice Age 3

The only other feature is a filmmaker commentary audio track hosted by director Carlos Saldanha along with producers and animators from the Blue Sky Studios team. That is about the extent of the special features on disc one. It's disappointing because I expected more for what is easily the best out of the three. The other films' video releases received their own additional new Scrat animated shorts and I'm surprised Ice Age 3 doesn't continue in this tradition.

The Scrat Pack is a little better, however. If you pop the disc into the DVD-Rom drive on your computer, you can access three flash-driven little games, like Scrat Pinball and an eggshell guessing game. They're pretty fun, but probably won't occupy your time too long. They're fun additions here, but if anyone owns the first two films on DVD, they already have these. There are also some news report style featurettes, all only about 2 minutes each, that were previously on the Ice Age 2 DVD release as well.

There's nothing really special about them, but kids may find them enjoyable.

scrat and scratte meet joe

The second menu of features of 2 total is really where the Ice Age 3 goodies begin. The first 2 minutes of it is spent summing up the plot of the story before it spends the rest of the time deconstructing the giant carnivorous plant sequence. While it over-plays the scene by showing it three or four times in various edits as the filmmakers talk about it, the real fun part is getting to hear comedian Simon Pegg, the voice actor for Buck, talk about the character and this scene, as well as we get to see a good amount of footage of Pegg in the studio recording his dialog.

It was also neat to hear about the origin of the idea for the sequence, and how the plant idea was one they intended for a Scrat scene in Ice Age 2 that never came about.

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Another featurette, "Falling For Scratte" 8: From Easel to Weasel" 7: This one also features all of the chief voice actors reflecting on the film as well. Overall, diehard fans of the film will want to grab the 2-disc version to get all of the bonus features, while casual fans will probably be fine with the one-disc version.

I would have liked to have seen a bit more behind-the-scenes stuff seeing only a couple brief clips of the actors talking about the film felt like a tease and maybe even the inclusion of the Sid animated cartoon that appeared on last year's home video release of Horton Hears A Who!

While Manny and Diego are trapped in a flower with digestive fluids rising around them, Diego says "I feel something tingling! That's before he came out. Buck then comments that he never understood that phrase and that why isn't the front covered "because that's where all the goods are;" Sid tries to get milk from a yak and we see him reach under it and hear him pull something.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)

Instead of following the migration like everyone else, he preferred instead to walk against the current and go in the opposite direction. However, despite his attitude, Manfred has a heart and does not hesitate to fight to save the live of Sid, from whom he follows the mammoth. Upon meeting Diego, Manny did not trust Diego, but knew that to get rid of the sloth and the baby, they must be guided through the mountains by him.

Brave and courageous, he did not hesitate to risk his life to save Diego, eventually inviting the sabre-tooth cat as a "member of his clan. Now in a family once again, he will do the best to protect them.

scrat and scratte meet joe

He is very attached to his clan and not afraid of anything, not even sea monsters or dinosaurs! Very protective and attentive, and even preparing his child a playground before it comes into the world, he will prove to be not only a caring father, but also a loyal and courageous friend to his pack.

Just as Diego qualifies, he was the "glue" that allowed the formation of the trio. Awkward and blundering, he has the gift to get into the most dangerous situations and comical, but to unlike Scrat get by anyway.

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However, despite its flaws endearing, Sid is also a character who allows others to evolve. Although it was initially abandoned by his family, Sid is appreciated by the herd, and has a huge heart despite his bad luck.

In the second film, he helps Diego to face his fear of water, and encourages Manny towards Ellie, creating a new family. He was also admired as King of Fire! Although he was eventually thrown into a volcano, certainly Tired of his loneliness and probably abandoning his family in the third film, Sid decides also to adopt eggs to comfort himself.

Only one problem… those were dinosaur eggs! In the fourth instalment, Sid finds his family who first appears out of nowhere, but then they disappear again Sid will have to take care of her despite the somewhat difficult situation in which he finds himself in, being stuck on an iceberg at sea.

John Leguizamo Diego Diego is the leading character of the trio. Unfortunately for our favourite smilodon, the woman holding the baby did the ultimate sacrifice by jumping from the top of the waterfall to let precious offspring. The baby was then recovered by a Manfred and Sid, which they both decided to adopt. Not having much choice, joined Diego the group to guide them through the mountain. However, throughout the journey, the sabre-toothed tiger starts reviewing reviewing his position and begins to feel guilty, focusing more on his new companions.

Thus Diego finally decided to turn against his original clan to join this new pack. This choice was a good choice because the tiger was able to learn to control his fear of the water with the help of Sid in the second movie. However, to give up hunting is dangerous for a smilodon, and Diego started worrying on what to do when Manny started a new family with Ellie.

Not only that, but he had been losing his touch, because his breathing was diminished during his hunts. Leaving the group, Diego did not consider returning to these former prey he had spent so much time with. But when Sid turns out to be in danger, the tiger does not hesitate and reunites with the gang to rescue Sid! Initially very musty, Diego opens gradually as the films progress, so it will eventually fall in love in the fourth film… Diego is known to be cynical and scathing in his lines with a deep voice, he knows how to keep calm in all circumstances, and can make the right decisions.