Spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

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spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

Also this is my very first fanfiction. Gwen walked over to Peter-who has yet to meet her in the eyes and takes . Gwen wanted to reassure him that being with him, Peter Parker, was worth all the risks that being Spiderman's. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Peter P./Spider-Man, Gwen S. May, but he was also the bravest and most noble person I had ever met.

She'd seen him before, of course, and she knew of him.

Then again, who didn't? All the girls talked about Peter with varying opinions. Liz thought he was cute but boring. Deb thought he was average and a bit of a nerd. Mary Jane thought he was supercute and exciting, though know one knew why.

And Gwen thought…well, she thought he was Just Another Boy. He was so much more than cute and ugly and average and smart. It wasn't a question. She was standing alone, in an un-crowded corner of Flash Thompson's house.

spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

He was having another stupid party she had to attend just to keep up appearances. Peter smiled, leaning against the wall. His hair was disheveled in a way that stated he hadn't had time to run a brush through it that morning, or just didn't care to. His black, thick-framed glasses were held together in the middle by duct tape. His shirt was partially tucked in, his Levi's were rumpled, and he wore oxfords.

Not exactly your typical teenager-or boy, for that matter. But Gwen liked it. He set her at ease. More business, you know? He held his camera up, which she now noticed swung carelessly around his neck on a strap.

I just had to come to take Yearbook pictures.

I tried it one year. He sighs and says to himself "Responsibilities…" He shot a web line towards the nearest building. Something caught his eye as he landed on the roof of the building. It looked like someone swinging on web.

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She then began taking out thugs left and right. One after another, they were all dropping like flies. He was amazed by her incredible skills. One thug remained, the new Spider-Woman quickly dealt with him using a spinning roundhouse kick.

He knew he had to meet her. As she shot a web and began to swing away, Peter quickly followed.

spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

It seemed as if every time he got closer, she tried to get away by swinging faster. He landed on the nearest roof and shot two web lines preparing for a web zip. Peter let out a little chuckle and said "Just trying to catch a rather phenomenal lady! You did pretty well back there. Peter then fell silent. But something caught his attention, did she just call him Pete? The new hero just stared at him, remaining silent.

He swung after her as fast as he could. Peter won't let anyone put Gwen's life in danger again because of some bloodthirsty revenge. She doesn't deserve such life of constant danger.

spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

It won't happen again, ever. He told himself as he brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear. Peter cleared his mind of such toughts and looked to the alarm clock in the stand besides their bed, seeing it was already 7: He wanted to stay a few more hours with Gwen at his side in bed, but they needed to get up since he had a meeting with the editor of a local newspaper.

Gwen herself would be at Oxford University, studying molecular medicine.

spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

His little blonde genius. He decided it was time to get up and went to wake Gwen by trailing soft kisses on her throat, making Gwen release a light moan in response and bringing a content smile to his face.

He kissed her lips gently as she lazily reciprocated. She teased weakly, "I see someone's in a good mood He playfully narrowed his eyes at her. I don't recall doing that. He gently bit her lower lip, before releasing it.

The couple kissed one last time before reluctantly getting out of their bed, something they're both skeptical about it. Mostly due to the laziness. Since Gwen was the first to stand up, Peter sat in the bed and stretched his arms once again.

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His eyes caught up with Gwen once he saw her bending down and pulling her shorts up to her waist in front of the wardrobe.

He grinned to himself and went to their wardrobe to wear a shirt since he was losing his natural heat. The last two days was constantly snowing for hours, without a single merciful break. He opened the first drawner and saw his red and blue Spider-Man suit stashed behind his normal casual clothes.

He hadn't used it since defeating Rhino, two years ago, before taking the plane to England.