Tom sharplin and the cadillacs meet

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tom sharplin and the cadillacs meet

Tom Sharplin is one of New Zealand's most renowned rock legends. Over the 40 yrs he's been a singer, Tom has met and worked with many interesting With his band “The Cadillacs” he's become a rock legend and has produced some of. We're proud to offer you a modern, stylish and relaxed venue for meeting up with family and friends to Tom Sharplin & the Cadillacs are Entertainers providers. Sailor, Gray Bartlett, Tom Sharplin and the Cadillacs, and David Hartnell. Brown says the new design has met with approval from those.

I managed to get a ticket for the matinee show in Wellington which was to be held in the Wellington Town Hall. Getting to Wellington was a long trip and took around 24 hours. First there was the train ride from Invercargill to Lyttelton which in those days of steam would have taken about 12 hours stops included. The next leg from Lyttelton to Wellington was by overnight ferry — the Wahine.

As fate would have it the Wahine foundered a couple a months later in April at the entrance to Wellington harbour with the loss of 56 lives.

tom sharplin and the cadillacs meet

These days the ferry terminal is used by the Cook Strait Bluebridge ferry. The original hotel building is still there and is part of a large hotel complex.

Tom Sharplin

The tour was controversial, although at the time most concert goers would not have known the full extent of what happened or was to happen. The following piece from click here sums it up nicely. Almost from the moment they stepped off the plane, the groups ran into conflicts with the establishment and the media, who saw them as a dangerous and corrupting influence. The rebellious image of the " 'Orrible 'Oo" naturally attracted the attention of the Australian press, who had long since acquired a well-earned reputation for being difficult, insensitive and often downright provocative.

Even the media-friendly Monkees ran into problems with belligerent Aussie journos during their tour later that year when they were aggressively grilled about their attitude to the Vietnam War.

Both describe the hostility which erupted after a jet-lagged McLagan of The Small Faces told Aussie journalists to "fuck off" when questioned about his recent UK pot bust. This resulted in the touring party being harassed on a daily basis by the press. According to rock historian Paul Conn, there were constant conflicts with the promoters over the "appalling" sound system. - CADILLACS

Fletcher and McLagan both mention problems at the Sydney concert, including the Stadium's revolving stage - according McLagan, the stage was actually pushed around manually, and when Steve Marriott got "pissed off" with the men pushing it they simply left it in one place, to the considerable annoyance of group and audience alike.

Mo Dawson and Josie Rika were later to join Rainbow. During and he was a member of the Intimate Blues Connectiona boisterous group who styled themselves on groups like the Pretty Things and the Who. A few months after some personnel changes and a name change to Clockwork Orange and a shortage of bookings they called it quits and Jon moved on to a new psychedelic outfit called the Velvet Bubble.

Old rocker rolls on

After six busy months playing pubs and private gigs with Topaz, Mark left the band to try his hand in Melbourne. Fortunately, Jon knew a guitarist, Bill Kane, who could fill the position.

During his teen years, Bill formed a pop band called The Juniors whilst at high school, played with many different styles of bands and, during his time at Ardmore Teachers Training College, formed a group called The Tunnel with some friends, playing Teachers Training College functions and Youth Club dances.

tom sharplin and the cadillacs meet

The Travelliers Showband broke up in with Jon going on to join up with Trevor and Yvonne in Topaz, and Bill joining the band six months later. By lateand after a name-change to Noazark, the group were playing 6 nights a week - 3 nights at the Jolly Farmer Inn at Drury and 3 nights at the White Horse Inn at Pakuranga.

Some local skaters were endeavouring to break the Australasian Skating Endurance record of 43 hours down at one end of the rink, whilst at the other end, on a stage cantilevered out over the ice, Johnny Farnham and Noazark were belting it out to the dancing skaters.

Trevor, Yvonne, Jon and Bill. In Septemberwith the imminent arrival of their second child, Derek, Yvonne and Trevor both took a six-week break from Noazark and touring, while Bill and Jon continued with a fill-in bass player. The new year,saw Noazark touring the North Island extensively, from Kaitaia to Wellington, taking shows to small country hotels and clubs, performing fund-raising concerts at schools and colleges, and playing in large city hotels, night-clubs and outdoor concerts.

Three touring holiday-season shows had been combined for this one-off spectacular with fireworksbefore all continued with their respective tours. Trevor and Yvonne, along with Jon, decided to keep Noazark afloat and, after a reasonably smooth transition through two guitar players, first Mike Caen and then Dave Walker, they were joined by Glen White on guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, and vocals, all the while continuing to work the pub circuits. Noazark at Wiri Trust L to R: Later that year Jon Drinkwater decided to retire from the rock band scene and embrace a more spiritual and peaceful lifestyle, becoming a Krishna devotee.

Not giving away music entirely, he continued writing and recording songs with a more spiritual message than those he had performed in the glittering costumes and make-up with Noazark. They continued the residency at the Wiri Trust for a few months before moving to the Thoroughbred Tavern in Takanini. Scoring some regular bookings at The Crypt in the heart of the city was a break that put Kashmir into Auckland's nightclub scene.

To go from playing to friendly locals in suburban taverns, finishing at 10pm, to playing for a bunch of shady customers in a dim, smoky, downstairs bar until the very early hours of the morning was thought of as an upward move.