Where does ny nj and pa meet

Tri-States Monument - aka Tri-State Rock - Port Jervis, NY | Scenic, Wild Delaware River

where does ny nj and pa meet

Jan 16, 2, items; Orange County, NY 8, items; Pennsylvania , items; North New Jersey 34, items; Geographic Signs (please read. Jul 21, Tri-State/Eastern PA Angioma Alliance Meet-up in Short Hills NY / NJ Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training - Newark - Dec 8th tickets. Now looking at the other side, which does say New York but has New Jersey in that the narrow side of the NJ/NY monument is labeled "Witness Monument.

Bowser missed the mark by a little - the real tripoint is in the background of the first photo.

Tri-state area

Click on either photo for a closeup of the entire thing. Now looking at the other side, which does say New York but has New Jersey in the background. Oh well, Pennsylvania was in the background of the first photo anyway. Click on this one for a closeup of the other side of the monument. The smaller, slightly better located monument is as far southwest as possible on the island, on a fairly sturdy outcropping of cemented rocks.

Tri-State Rock

Progressive degrees of closeness, right into the U. Coast and Geodetic Survey bronze marker. The reason Pennsylvania gets such a small slice of the pie is because the New York border extends slightly west of where the New Jersey border ends; this is so that the border stays in the middle of the Delaware River, since the Neversink River causes it to narrow if we're progressing up the river from the south. Turned west from the second, smaller tri-point monument looking into Pennsylvania along I The real tri-point is approximately in the first melted section of river, at the left side of this photo.

Alternatively, from beneath Interstate 84 in a more scenic season, the tri-point is roughly in the river behind the monument at the right. So, to close, if you'd like to visit, make sure it's between dawn and dusk, or you'll get locked into the cemetery.

The Three States Meet Here! - Review of Tri-States Rock, Port Jervis, NY - TripAdvisor

This intersection is located between the I East and West Exit 1s, so it is relatively easy to get to from anywhere nearby. You'll cross a small truss bridge, and then US 6 turns sharp right.

A few weeks ago, intrepid Hidden New Jersey reader Craig Walenta contacted us to share the location of the marker that shows the point where the boundaries of the three states converge, at the confluence of the Delaware and Neversink Rivers. Naturally, we were intrigued. Longtime readers are aware of our interest in boundaries, whether they be the ones that separate East and West Jerseys, or the several disputes over our northern border with New York.

Considering that of the mile borderline of New Jersey, only 48 miles is on land, the state has had a remarkable amount of squabbling with our northern neighbor about acreage. The battle over Ellis Island became so contentious that the U. Supreme Court was compelled to settle the longstanding disagreement, and that's actually a Federal property!

where does ny nj and pa meet

Every fight is worth it: Ivan and I agreed we'd investigate the northwestern marker next time we were near Montague, and luckily we found ourselves at Sunrise Mountain in Stokes State Forest this past weekend.

We were in pursuit of a golden eagle or two; they're not incredibly easy to find in New Jersey, so the best bet is often to head to a hawk watching site at the right time of the fall, and wait.

After about 90 minutes of vultures and other assorted raptors, we were pretty well assured there'd be no goldens flying by in the near future.

Hidden New Jersey: Three states, one step: setting the New Jersey/New York border

That's when I remembered the boundary marker. We were in the neighborhood; why not stop by?

Standing in 3 states at once - NY/NJ/PA

Craig warned us that unless we wanted to take a swim, we'd have to dip into New York State to get to the destination. That, to me, made it all the more interesting. The directions were basic enough: We soon found ourselves passing through the gates of Laurel Grove Cemetery and admiring many 19th century gravestones.

How would we know a boundary marker from all of these other granite monuments? Then, looming before us, high above, we saw two broad highway overpasses.

where does ny nj and pa meet

Craig had helpfully noted that Interstate 84 skirts just north of the border between New Jersey and New York, never actually touching the Garden State. We saw a small parking area and a rectangular granite marker. This had to be the place. I jumped out of the car to inspect the stone.

Yup, this is it. Inscribed on both of the broad sides, the six-foot high marker is actually a witness stone that directs the explorer to another, smaller stone down the hill on a peninsula between the Delaware and the Neversink.

That stone is meant to show the actual border and the point at which New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania meet.