Are torvill and dean in a relationship


are torvill and dean in a relationship

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean on their way to winning gold medals that she had found his relationship with Torvill difficult to cope with. 6 days ago It was instantly clear that we were watching pure art, and the magic of that gold- medal winning routine by Torvill and Dean at the Winter. Tough times: Torvill and Dean have had some trying situations in their lives since He added: 'It's an unusual relationship that we have.

are torvill and dean in a relationship

Their kiss happened inwhen aged 16 Dean and 17 Torvillbut they never had a relationship. There have long been rumours of romance between the pair but they have denied it Image: It was a one-off.

are torvill and dean in a relationship

We never talked about it afterwards. The new film will reflect this intense but platonic relationship. Despite this, they have always been very close throughout their year career together.

Even after retiring inthey stayed in touch with regular phone calls, and have worked together on Dancing on Ice since This picture in shows the couple at the height of their powers Image: Mirrorpix Torvill and Dean's other relationships Both skaters have their own families and separate lives.

Torvill and Dean on Life Stories - the dabbling bit!

Torvill was married to a sound engineer from the US for over 25 years. The couple have two adopted children together, Kieran, 16, and Jessica, Dean has been married twice, first to French-Canadian skater Isabel Duchesnay between andand then to American skater Jill Trenary.

Jayne Torvill and husband Phil Christensen Image: He looks nothing like Chris. He often just goes with it rather than correct them.

Inside Torvill and Dean's relationship as ITV drama shares truth about 'romance' - Mirror Online

We wanted the skating partnership to work When we'd had such a close relationship, someone coming into that family, if you like, you want to make sure they're going to be Okay. The International Olympic Committee decided to let professional skaters turn amateur again for one time only, to drum up excitement for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, and so Torvill and Dean took to the ice again as Olympians.

are torvill and dean in a relationship

Billed as their comeback, the pressure was intense. As it got nearer, we had to accept that we might not win and we always had that in the back of our minds. So suddenly somebody coming back who's got their amateur status back, there's this feeling of slight resentment.

They'd done everything they wanted to professionally, but now their personal lives were calling and they both wanted to start families.

are torvill and dean in a relationship

In the book, Torvill admits this "uncoupling" was "deeply painful" and says for the first few months without Dean, she felt depressed. Dean - whose second wife, American skater Jill Trenary, was already pregnant with the first of their two sons at the time - says: I packed up my house and within two weeks of our last performance, I was living in America.

It was a completely new life.

are torvill and dean in a relationship

It was acclimatisation for about a year. So I had to make an effort to make them feel more comfortable," she says. They now have a son, Kieran, and daughter Jessica.

Torvill and Dean did 'dabble' with romance

It's not like, oh - within a month, you can have a child. They don't make it easy, so it has to be the right decision. Some do, which is amazing, but most people, first of all, want to have their own child, and you can't knock them for that," she says.

And you think, 'Where are all the families? They loved every part of it, but Dean admits that it may have cost him his marriage to Jill they split in ; he's now in a relationship with former Dancing On Ice judge Karen Barber.