Brian and justin relationship quiz

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brian and justin relationship quiz

Brian A. Kinney is a fictional character from the American/Canadian Showtime television series During the first season, his relationship with Justin is unclear. Sep 16, Can you pick the Queer as Folk Characters? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Fanpop quiz: Queer as Folk - What episode do Brian and Justin set rules for their relationship? - See if you can answer this TV Couples trivia question!.

However, he ultimately tells his father on his deathbed, and his mother accidentally finds out after seeing Justin Taylor in Brian's bedroom during a visit to his loft.

Both parents' responses are overwhelmingly negative. Brian's biggest fear is losing his youth and beauty. His best friend, Michael, often reassures him that he will "always be young, and always be beautiful.

He plans a wedding for Lindsay and Melanie after theirs falls apart, and gives up his parental rights to his young son Gus so that Melanie and Lindsay will reunite in the first season. He pushes Michael away, so that he will go back to his boyfriend. He helps his young lover Justin recover after a bashing at his senior prom, which Brian attended to please Justin. He gives up his job and money to beat the anti-gay candidate for mayor, Jim Stockwell, and is willing to give up his loft and nightclub to be with Justin in the final episodes.

Overview[ edit ] In the pilotBrian Kinney spots year-old Justin Taylor on a street corner outside the gay nightclub Babylon. He proceeds to take Justin home and take his virginity.

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In the same episode, his son, Gus, is born to a lesbian couple, Lindsey and Melanie. Because of the simultaneity of these two pivotal events, Brian often associates Gus with Justin, referring to both as "sonny boy," Jack's nickname for Brian himself. During the first season, his relationship with Justin is unclear.

brian and justin relationship quiz

Brian hates the idea of couples but breaks his own rules for Justin, unable to resist the pull he feels towards him. He takes care of him in different ways: After witnessing Justin's prom bashing, Brian is traumatized. No one, except Jennifer Taylor and the nursing staff, knows that Brian stands secret vigil outside Justin's hospital room every night for weeks.

Upon Justin's release from the hospital, Jennifer bans Brian from seeing Justin but later asks him to 'take' her son, because Brian is the only one he trusts.

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He continues his arts degree at PIFA and with Brian's friend Michael, creates a gay superhero comic called Rage, with stories often based on their own lives. He experiences financial trouble when his father refuses to pay for his tuition. He resorts to becoming a go-go dancer at Babylon, despite Brian's repeated offers to help him out financially.

Justin's new job takes its toll on him, the night shift causing him to lack energy during the daytime. After a disastrous experience at a party, he is forced to accompany his boss to a location where a number of men try to rape him, he finally quits his job and accepts Brian's financial assistance.

Justin starts a relationship with Ethan Gold, a fellow student and talented violinist, when he feels Brian isn't giving him the love and affection he wants.

After Ethan cheats on him with a fan, Justin takes Daphne's advice and tries to win Brian back by getting a placement at Brian's advertisement agency. After a few tense days, Justin finally manages to seduce Brian once more in his office late one night. This sparks them to reconcile and continue their relationship.

On more than one occasion, Justin saves Brian from legal problems. The first time, he blackmails Kip into dropping his sexual harassment lawsuit against Vanguard and Brian. The second time, while Justin is still with Ethan, he makes Brian's nephew tell the truth about whether or not he molested him. Justin drops out of college after a disagreement with the head of the internship program when it is discovered that he has been having sexual relations with his boss, Brian, and sabotaging Chief Jim Stockwell 's ad campaign.

brian and justin relationship quiz

During the fifth and final season, Brian and Justin's relationship becomes more unstable. Justin works on a movie version of Rage but the project is canceled.