Karent and rodolfo relationship

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karent and rodolfo relationship

Although Real Housewives of Miami is over, Dr. Karent Sierra is still stinging from allegations that her relationship with Rodolfo Jimenez was a. On March 30th, both Ana and Rodolfo addressed their relationship during Rodolfo Jimenez and Ana Belena dating while he was with Karent. Karent Sierra and her ever showing teeth was plopped down on a Alexia sincerely believes Karent and Rodolfo's relationship was a farce!.

I have been in a solid relationship for almost 14 years with a man that respects and loves me and my children unconditionally. Even though Joanna is so beautiful in the outside, she is very ugly on the inside. I feel that will help them grow as individuals and feel better about themselves. All the evidence shows Karent was not in a real relationship with Rodolfo, and that is why I went there in the first place.

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If her relationship was real, I would have never done that. She clearly knew what she was doing and was in it with him. That is the truth, and I am entitled to my opinion and thoughts on the matter.

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I know she was with Rodolfo because she thought she would have a great chance to be selected for the show with a telenovela star actor boyfriend. It would also help his career in the American market.

'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap, The Karent/Rodolfo/Ana love triangle

It was all poor acting, and you can see it. Seriously, who can be so naive? She just never thought we would discover it. Oh, and Adriana took her top off.

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It only took four episodes this season! Speaking of Adriana, it was time to have her photo taken for…an art fair?

karent and rodolfo relationship

She showed up with a hilarious giant roller on top of her head, but thankfully, they took that off and did her hair before her picture was taken. On a somewhat more serious note, Karent and her mother got together to usher along the Karent-Rodolfo marriage storyline.

karent and rodolfo relationship

Karent wants to get married, which we already knew, and it seems like her mother would like her to get married too. What a shocking thing to hear from a woman in her lates, let alone her mother! It never is, ladies. So far, at least. To a Bravo producer.

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Karent arrived, saw the photo and immediately badgered the photographer to take her picture too. Lea was there as well, but she was impressed by absolutely nothing that happened, which seems to be the only emotion that Lea is capable of having: I understand throwing some shade at Karent, but why come to an event to celebrate a long-time friend and act like a passive-aggressive twat for the entire 10 minutes that you deign to be there?

For the camera time, maybe?

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Because Lea has a really misguided sense of what will make her look cool? Karent, apparently sensing that she was in the presence of an important person and should document how vicariously important that makes her, also got in line to have her photo taken. They both then tweeted the photos as one doesand Adriana got mad that Karent tweeted first.

karent and rodolfo relationship

Is this all incredibly dumb?