Buildable ending a relationship

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In reality, however each project participant in the traditional system is a separate entity and there is no overall management and coordination in this system Tenah, Moreover, the abilities of architects to manage projects have been questioned over the past two decades Masterman, and a better solution may be to involve the contractor more in the process. Furthermore, one of the major problems in the traditional system is thought to be that it pushes the budget setting responsibility onto the clients and the design consultants Masterman, ; Hovet, Again, this points to the possible benefits from involving the contractor more closely in the process.

Therefore, based on the above, the concept of buildability is predominantly to ensure the project constructers according to specified costs and the most economical. When the design is finalized in the early stage, it can help in the process of final closure by minimising problem in variation order, keeping record, rationalisation of rates and other issue usually occur during the closing of final account.

Besides, buildability also identifies important factors that could help the closing of final account namely effective management, effective communication and the role and responsibility of construction player besides constructing a building efficiently, economically and to agreed quality levels. The relationship between buildability and final account success is shown in Fig.

The relationship between buildability and final account in achieving success of a project 3. In engineering, maintainability is the ease with which a product can be maintained in order to isolate defects or their cause, correct defects or their cause, meet new requirements, make future maintenance easier, or cope with a changed environment. In some cases, maintainability involves a system of continuous improvement - learning from the past in order to improve the ability to maintain systems, or improve reliability of systems based on maintenance experience Shen, In the past few decades, researchers had realized the importance of maintainability of buildings in achieving cost savings and better functioning of facilities Briffet, and Dunston, Since, the lack of attention to maintainability during the design and construction phases has led to difficult and costly maintenance Construction 21, The development of guidelines on maintainability will not only impact the maintenance budget and the service life of the building but will also influence the role of the architect or engineer in the design decision-making process in the closing of final account Mills, A material manual is one benchmark to be used and this should contain detailed maintainability guidelines for material selection process to ensure that the decisions affecting maintenance budgets especially for final account closing are made at an early stage in the design process.

Another set of documents or guidelines are the operational and maintenance manuals that are typically prepared by the contractor to the owner. This will facilitate the proper maintenance of the building throughout its life cycle. However, development of these user-oriented guidelines and making them available to contractors and clients should be a shared responsibility.

In this regard, designers and suppliers could contribute in many respects, such as giving information of the performance, material durability and systematic routine maintenance while the contractors can contribute to the information on final account closing success. On the other hand, the delay in the closing of final accounts occurs due to maintenance items in the contract documents, where the contractors still have not been paid after the expiry of the defect liability period.

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Any forms of contract state that final account will be paid after the defects liability period. Therefore, maintainability problems in facilities are heavily attributed to design limitations, inadequate inspection, material limitations and lack of construction knowledge Assaf, Between review meetings, the designers research the effectiveness and justification of documented requests and either incorporate the ideas or offer alternatives that may provide the desired results into the closing of final account.

Thus the maintainability is able to help in ensuring that the final account can be completed according to the time frame and allocation budget. The relationship between maintainability and final account success is shown in Fig. The relationship between maintainability and final account in achieving success of a project 4.

Timely completion of a construction project is one goal of the client and contractor because each party tends to incur additional costs and lose potential revenues when completion is delayed Thomas et al Chan and Kumaraswamy opined that a project is usually regarded as successful if it is completed on time, within budget and to the level of quality standard specified by the client at the beginning of the project.

Attempts to predict construction duration represent a problem of continual concern and interest to both researchers and project managers. Skitmore and Ng identify the use of detailed analysis of work to be carried out and resources available as well as limited budget and time available to the client as the common methods of estimating construction time in practice.

buildable ending a relationship

Efficiency in construction process can be defined as efficient construction site communication, efficient time management, waste management and waste production avoidance. According to Preece et al. All parties involved in a construction project are producers, suppliers and consumers of information. Hence, owners, designers, contractors, suppliers and construction managers will benefit substantially from having the means to deliver and access to information wherever and whenever they need Bakeren and Willems, A construction project is commonly acknowledged as successful and sustainable when the aim of the project is achieved in terms of predetermined objectives: This paper also identifies the efficiency in construction process towards the success in the final account closing.

It is anticipated that the finding reported in this paper could assist the planning of future strategies and knowledgement in ensuring no issues and problems in the closing of final account in construction projects. In the future, through comparative studies in other aspects, the roles and responsibilities contract administrator from the viewpoints of buildability and maintainability shall be further studied which are beneficial for the betterment of final account closing practices.

buildable ending a relationship

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Construction Contracts Law and Management. Faktor kejayaan kaedah reka dan bina: Singapore is approximately 65 per cent of the size of Hong Kong, with a population of 5.

Hong Kong’s housing situation is dire compared with Singapore’s. Here’s what must be done

In comparison, Hong Kong has 7. Population density is high in both places: Because most parts of Hong Kong is hilly, therefore posing a huge civil engineering test for any construction, let alone residential buildings. On the other hand, Singapore is largely flat. In Hong Kong, only 24 per cent of the land has been developed and, of this developed land, a mere 7 per cent has been used for housing. By contrast, 14 per cent of the land in Singapore is used for housing, with only 9 per cent set aside for parks and nature reserves.

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Hong Kong housing is built to serve the market, not the people In terms of home ownership, Hong Kong pales beside Singapore. SomeHong Kong households, or Those who cannot afford private property in Hong Kong may need to wait 4. As of last December, there wereapplications for such flats. To buy a private property in Hong Kong, one must be prepared to pay a hefty deposit, given the high prices. Without a doubt, owning an apartment in Hong Kong guarantees handsome investment returns Housing prices are already high in Hong Kong.

On top of that, the inadequate supply of land fuels speculation, further driving up prices.

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Without a doubt, owning an apartment in Hong Kong guarantees handsome investment returns. Launched at a base index of in Julythe index has since climbed over the years to reach just over last week. For the majority of Hong Kong people, the rise in home prices has outstripped salary growth.