Hyouka ending 3 year relationship

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hyouka ending 3 year relationship

Hey guys, I know the Hyouka rewatch ended about a week ago already, but I could submitted 3 years ago by sacpackthefreeemoticons.info how far Oreki and Chitanda have progressed in their relationship. Sep 16, Hyouka ended nicely, but without much impact. This relationship can come this far, because they are really slow with it. . anime and overall the second best series of the year after Fate/Zero. . # Sep 17, AM. Hyouka is a Japanese mystery novel written by Honobu Yonezawa. It is the first volume of He begins to date Mayaka in the spring of their second year. She doesn't get along well with Hotaro though their relationship starts to improve after . The first ending theme, used for the first 11 episodes, is "Madoromi no.

Mayaka later arrived to tell the news that Tomoko had decided to drop her membership. As Houtarou waited in a bus stop for Eru to pass by, he gathered his thoughts about Tomoko's issue, which he was sure involved Mayaka and Satoshi. As for Eru, he was thinking that Tomoko had been harboring repressed feelings from the past 40 days that eventually culminated with Eru making Tomoko angry. Houtarou soon realized that waiting for Eru to come would risk him not catching her and possibly leaving him waiting for no one, and he was already preparing to take a bus to school when Eru suddenly passed by the bus stop, prompting him to catch up in haste.

Houtarou struggled in catching up to Eru, but she eventually started talking to him. There, Eru declared that she was not going to give up her responsibility for Tomoko's issue, and even refused to speak her side in it.

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But, Houtarou's assuring remark about Tomoko's phone forced Eru to finally divulge what she knew about the problem involving Tomoko's withdrawal. In Mizunashi Shrine along the marathon course, Houtarou revealed that the "yes" he heard from Eru the day before was a response to a call, which Eru clarified as coming from Tomoko's phone. Eru then explained that Tomoko left shortly with her phone among the former's reference books, and Tomoko coldly snatched the phone from Eru's hand after she tried answering a call from Tomoko's phone.

Eru determined that Tomoko cherished her cellphone a lot, something that Eru does not understand because she did not own one, and decided to apologize to Tomoko for it, but Houtarou was thinking that it is not the only problem between the two girls.

Nonetheless, Eru decided to tell everything to Houtarou, but not after she admitted that it involved what seemed like a normal conversation to her. The day before, Eru engaged in conversation with Tomoko about several things, notably her weakness in English, the weather for the next day, and Mayaka quitting the Manga Research Society.

Because of Mayaka's tendency to not talk about sensitive things connected to the Manga Research Society, Eru was forced to talk broadly about Mayaka's decision to leave the club, but this was met by disappointment from Tomoko, who called Mayaka's decision "abandoning the club". After hearing Eru's side of the situation, Houtarou decided to look back to the person asked by Tomoko to Eru during the trip to the cafe of Tomoko's cousin, and Eru identified the person as Sachi Agawa, Class 1-A, and the first year representative, who Eru only knows for her extremely long hair.

Houtarou then decided to return to the course, and Eru requested him to help out Tomoko in her situation. Houtarou ran for a certain distance to the city's center, and proceeded to the course until he reached the foot of a bridge, where he remained to wait for the first year students to pass by. Tomoko soon caught him among the participants, and after dismissing her guesses for his presence there, Houtarou told Tomoko that Eru did not know anything about Agawa, and he soon moved their discussion to a nearby alleyway, away from the rest of the students.

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There, he led Tomoko into a shortcut leading to Arekusu Shrine, and the two began to talk about the 40 days that passed, from Tomoko's eavesdropping on the New Recruit Festival, to Houtarou's birthday at home, to the visit to her uncle's cafe and the conversations from the day before. The recollection revealed a friend from middle school that Tomoko refused to talk about to the point of saying that she had not made any friends in high school.

Houtarou, however, began to question why Tomoko did not call Satoshi's little sister, from whom she heard of rumors involving Satoshi and Mayaka, a friend despite their level of interaction. Tomoko, however, denied that it was relevant to the issue. Instead, she returned to Sachi Agawa, who she revealed as a graduate from Kaburaya Middle School, causing Houtarou to remind Tomoko that Eru does not know everyone in town.

Houtarou was suspecting that Tomoko was somehow afraid of Eru for some time, but only because of a misunderstanding that caused her to see Eru as a "yaksha" that may know too much about her middle school friend and Mayaka as someone willing to "abandon" a group of friends on a whim. Houtarou then told Tomoko that Eru also misunderstood something after the issue involving Tomoko's cellphone and was about to apologize to her for it.

A more relaxed Tomoko decided on a detour to a dango shop near Arekusu Shrine. On his way home with Satoshi, he gives an explanation for the avoided Music Room incident. As they could not find the past anthologies from the Classic Literature Club in the library, Eru is disappointed because she wants to make an anthology for the upcoming Culture Festival. She wants to remember what he said to her and what happened to him.

After mid-term exams, he receives another letter from his older sister revealing the location of past anthologies from the Classic Literature Club, located in the Biology Room, now used by the News Club. As Eru is confident that she can solve her uncle's mystery from the anthologies, the very first edition of the anthology is revealed to be missing, shocking her.

He explains that Eru's uncle and other students might have negotiated with the teachers not to cut short the period of the Culture Festival, but the price was the uncle's expulsion from the school. As the mystery is solved, all members leave, but Eru still wonders why she cried at her uncle's words. She reveals that Eru's uncle was forced into taking responsibility for the students' strike from shortening the Culture Festival and thus it was not completely of his will that he was expelled.

The next day, the Classic Literature Club begins planning for their anthology. After his class is finished, he spends the rest of the afternoon like he usually does at the Classic Literature Club.

But this time, at the club room, Mayaka is angrily reprimanding Satoshi for having missed what sounds like a date.


The four club members then diverge into a philosophical and social discussion of what it means to be angry and the relevance of the Seven Deadly Sins to society and human beings. They stay in an inn that belongs to Mayaka's relatives.

They are greeted by Mayaka's cousins, Rie older and Kayo, and their family. Eru mentions that she too wishes for a sibling. Rie tells a story about a ghost in the inn they are staying at.

The next morning, during breakfast, Mayaka and Eru claim that they saw the ghost. And since the yukata got wet in the rain when Kayo was out, she hung the yukata to dry in the room where the rumored ghost resides, so that the rest of the family would not find out about it.

Eru becomes emotional thinking that Rie would not even share her yukata with her own sister, but then, she sees Rie carrying a hurt Kayo piggy back, and Eru becomes happy again. During this conversation the Classic Literature Club is invited to see a mystery production of class 2-F, whose script writer got seriously ill before she could finish the story so the murderer in the story is unknown.

Since the script-writer fell ill before the filming was complete, the group could not continue filming. About the business side you gave up on How about I take care of that for you? A beautiful shot of the cherry blossoms, dyed so deep a shade of pink that the Oreki from episode 1 would drown.

Just a few moments after, Oreki regains his hold with reality. What had just happened? He struggles to comprehend the thoughts he almost blurted to Chitanda. Surely he still feels content with a "gray" life, no?

hyouka ending 3 year relationship

No, the wheels have now begun to turn in Oreki's mind. He brushes off what he was about to say, and thinks to himself: In the episode prior, Oreki stated that he could not understand Satoshi's desire for romance and a rose-colored life, especially considering the pain he and Mayaka have to go through to get there.

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But now, Oreki recognizes that he feels the same way about Chitanda. No, not just dating. Obviously, he doesn't tell Chitanda this yet because doing so would throw out Hyouka's entire theme of the fallacies of Oreki's energy-conservative attitude. After being given enough push and time, at the end, even Oreki finds himself discovering that desire for a colorful high-school life.

Sure, it may not be a direct confession, but that's not what this show needs. Oreki is finally able to see the road that he had stubbornly chosen to ignore for so long, the road with such vibrant scenery and delightful aromas.

hyouka ending 3 year relationship

Oreki is taken aback once again, but not from himself, but from the beautiful sight of Chitanda being enveloped by the cherry blossom pedals. KyoAni did a stellar job during this scene.

The oversaturation, the sight of the cherry blossoms, and most of all, Chitanda's beaming smile display how stunning Chitanda was to Oreki at this moment.