How did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

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how did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

Ariana Grande is still fueling dating rumors with Mac Miller. After she brought him out as part of her performance at the Billboard Hot Fest. E. B. Pace, of the numerous family of that name of this county was ordained to her parents were Rufus and Jane Park, her father was from Madison County, J.D. Simpson, W.M. Beckner, A.H. Hampton, T.C. Robinson, W. Miller, and W.H. Garner, Directors. Patton, Mrs. Allie, The Winchester Sun Wed., This catalogue is a listing of stock physically held. .. ALI. M. MICHAEL MANN. WILL SMITH, JAMIE FOXX. ALIBI. JOHN SIMPSON.

IMAM In order tu hear perfection of tone. See ndvertlnement, paste H. Charles L Siewart Appointed Managing: Editor to Succeed Mr. When Consul - general Morss returned from Paris there were a number of rumors afloat as to changes In the policy and management of the Sentinel.

The change In policy did not come. A new managing editor was installed last night. Stewart having been appointed to that position, to succeed Mr. Eaton, who resigned a week ago.

Eaton will spend a short time in Kentucky recuperating, and then will consider an advantageous offer that has been made him. Eaton came to this city with Mr. Morss from the Kansas City Star about Ave years ago, and was well-liked by the newspaper fraternity. Stewart was for ten years managing editor of the Sentinel under the Shoemaker regimeMr. Frnnk I, dates has been promoted to th? There will be no other chang--s. Miss May Ball will go to Martinsville next week to remain two weeks.

Orner will ro to "Winona, Kate Sloan will leave to-day for Memphis to reside with her daughter. The Barrett annual reunion will be held Wednesday. Harrison will spend the next two weeks at Mackinac. Edward Ellhard left Thursday for Mackinac to remain a month or six weeks.

All Day (Cody Simpson song)

Smith and daughter Helen, of Central avenue, have returned from St. There will be a yacht race at Wawasee the 17th nd a larg party will go from this city to attend. Mi Louise Morrison, of Connersville, wha has been the guest of the Misses Rottler, will return, home to-day. Baker have returned from a four weeks trip to Saratoga. Davles will leave the last of n? Tt wek for Michigan City to visit hr son and afterwards will go to Pine lake.

They will be away for a month. Fletcher yesterday took out a permit for the erection or a two-story brick house on North Pennsylvania street. Frederick Gregory and Air.

how did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

Coffin will go to Old Point Comfort next week to spend a fortnight. Thompson went to Chicago Friday, where she joined her sister. Monfort, and daughter, of Cincinnati, and together they will go to Marquette. The ball game between the teams from ' the Marion Club and the Columbia Lincoln League Club, which was set for the 13th, has been postponed to the 21st of this month.

Miss Anna Hasselman' will go to Evanston next week to make a visit, and with her grandmother will go to New York in the fall to study la the Students' Art League. Train and granddaughter Bertie, who have been spending three weeks In Chicago and the Northwest, were loined Monday by Mrs. Taylor and "Miss Heller.

Wasson entertained a party of twenty-four gentlemen at dinner last evening at his home on "North Delaware street in honor of Mr.

Morss, consul-gensral to Purls. The engagement of Miss Elsie Hadley, daughter of A. Frank White, of Dakota, a member of the legislature, was announced In the Friends' meeting Wednesday morning. The daughters will enter the conservatory in Brussels, where they will study music and x rencn. Special to the Indianapolis Journal. Anna Myers, daughter of Rev. Jenckes Is at the head nf movement to organize a bull. Is In the city, having come to attend the funeral or Mrs.

Griet, addition to frame house. Oliver, repair frame house, inerontaine street. Rubush, frame stable, rear Bellefontaine street, xim. Harfield, repair frame house, i2Z nn uapttoi avenue, S 1, Zl East Vermont street. Mcintosh, trick barn, rear Stewart Place. The New York Established The ex-HoosIer pitcher was disposed, as long as Cincinnati was ahead, to make merry at the expense of his former companions.

After the first inning the work of the Indianapolis players was without a flaw, and, as has been said, their hitting was remarkably strong, much more so even than the score indicates. Of the seven assists credited to Smith at short, at least four of them were marvelous stops of grounders, which ordinarily would have been safe hits.

He covered a wonderful amount of ground, and his work has not been equaled here for years. It began to look as though his playing alone would defeat Indianapolis. The Clnclnnatls were more than ordinarily fortunate, and narrowly escaped a shutout.

A throw by Motz that was a. After the first Inning they were shut out In every inning. They could not hit WIttrock, getting but four singles off him, and one of those was made after chances had been given to retire the side. It was certainly great ball that WIttrock pitched yesterday, and he deserves all the credit possible for It. Hoy had two brilliant catches In center, Hogan cut off some long drives In his territory and McPhee played a brilliant game.

For Indianapolis McCarthy did some excellent work In left, and the infield playing v. It did the ex-Cincinnati members of the Indianapolis team a world of good to rub It In on the visitors, and they could not conceal their satisfaction. Murphy was especially hard on his old partner, hitting him safely three times and getting In one drive that would have been a home run but for Hoy's magnificent catch. WIttrock also batted very hard, getting: Latham sustained his wellearned reputation, and kept the crowd in a good humor.

When the ball rolled in that hole-under the clubhouse in the first inning he danced around, and as the four Cincinnati runners ixere making the circuit shouted: Well, well, welL" This made the circumstance all the more laughable, and the crowd took a piece of hard luck that promised to lose Indianapolis the game quite good-naturedly. McCarthy was the first man at bat, as usual, and he lost no time, for he hit the first ball pitched to left field for two bases, and would have made third on It had he not fallen down Just after starting.

Henry followed with another two-bagger along the left foul line, sending McCarthy home. Hoy pulled down Gray's long lly, and Motz sacrificed, though unintentionally, the ball dropping in front of the plate and the catcher throwing him out at first. Smith threw Dalrymple's grounder wild to first, Henry coming in. Murohv started one to. When Latham stepped to the plate for Cincinnati he was warmly free ted. He flew out to McCarthy, but loy reached first on balls. Holliday landed safe to left and McPhee hit to Motz, who threw Just wide enough to second to let Holliday reach that base safely.

With the corners filled Parrott lifted a long fly to right, which Henry, after a hard run, reached, but dropped. The ball rolled under the clubhouse, and while Henry was fishing around, trying to get it out. Hogan Hear to Shields. Smith hit safe to left, and Murphy was retired at first by Gray. The Indianapolis men were dangerous In almost every inning, for their hitting was hard, and it was only with the utmost ex ertion that they were prevented from scor ing until the eighth.

It took double plays. The Cincinnatis were not nearly so hard. Of these six not a man reached third. They were put out in one, two. As the end approached Ltnam was unusually irlsky, and shouted, "Hurry up, hurry up, we've got to catch that 6: If we stay here to-night they II have to give us a lawn party, I tell you that. Murphy hit safe to right and Dalrym pie came home. Roat landed a single in the same direction, and Shields lined a clean two-bagger to left, which sent Murphy home and placed Roat on third.

WIttrock hit a short fly to left center, and It looked for a moment as though Hoy would get the ball. It fell safe, however,' and Roat came home, but Shields held second, fearing to take the chance. He stole third, aided by Murphy's low throw, and came in on Mc Carthy s long fly to Hogan.

Henry and Gray were also retired by the lively right fielder, leaving u ittrock on base. This winning spurt wa3 accompanied with all the enthusiasm that Invariably goes with anything of the sort, and Cross came in for a good, big slice of attention.

This was due largely to the fact that he had in discreetly, all through the game. Insisted upon talking back to the bleachers. After the Inning was over and the game prac tically won they shouted: Hard luck, hard luck. In the ninth, with two out, Indianapolis came near scoring again. Murphy got a single to center and Hogan surprised everybody by dropping itoat s ny, but Shields hit to Mc Phee and forced Roat out at second. In the eighth and ninth Cincinnati tried vainly to recover lost ground.

In the ninth Roat threw Hogan and Smith our at first, and Gray ended the game with a pretty stoD and throw of MurDhv s livelv ground er. Indianapolis had eleven men left on base, and kept the visitors busy ail th?

But four of the Cincinnatis were left on base.

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Cross gave only one base on balls, this being probably due to the fact that the Indianapolis men did no waiting, but went right after him. Fif teen hundred people saw the game. Murphy, c 5 13 1 0 0 Roat. MCl -nee, 2 3 1 0 fi 4 1 larrott. Stolen Base Shields 1 mj. McPhee, smith and Parrott: Left on Bases Indianapolis, 11; Clnclntun, i. An Associated Press dispatch from To ledo last night conveyed the following surprising and unpleasant information: It was Sharsig's Intention to play there to-day and to-morrow, and thus complete the series at that place.

It is possible that Long, of Toledo, has conceived the idea of claiming that he did not consent to the transrer or any specinc aate ana, Dy a piece of sharp practice, take a game from Indianapolis.

He knows that -Saturday and Sunday are better ball days than Friday, the patronage always being greater, but if he can steal a game in any way possible he will do it. The Indianapolis management should have correspondence to show, that Toledo consented to the transfer of yester day's game. If no such correspondence can be produced and Toledo Is able to successfully get away with this forfeited game.

We need your collective engagement. Learn more about young women philanthropists at www. Services include coaching, campaign preparation and proposal writing. Learn more at www.

The criminals then use this information to commit identity theft or steal your money. Here are five other things the IRS wants you to know about phishing scams. Report any bogus correspondence.

Forward suspicious emails to phishing irs. Every February we hear about the heroes and heroines of African American history but those personalities are usually African Americans themselves. In observance of the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking TV show, PBS has been airing an hour-long special on the groundbreaking series since late November Scores of artists and personalities appeared on the show over the years, ranging from The Staple Singers and Andrae Crouch to Rev.

Martin Luther King Jr. If you wanted to hear some gospel on the radio you had to get up at 4 am in the morning. And then to put us on television? Everybody in Chicago watched it, black and white.

This was a man dedicated to letting our music be seen and heard. Young black people need to know where we came from. As a white man active in the civil rights movement, Ordower became acquainted with gospel music because so many political activities took place in churches where he came in contact with gospel performers. He became a fan of the genre and created the television show as a mainstream showcase for the artists.

The DVD is available online at http: The breakfast, which is open to the public, will be from 7: Morrill is a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Society of Jesus, the religious order commonly known as the Jesuits. The Paschal Mystery in People, Word and Sacrament Paulist Press,while his current research and writing concern questions of power as exercised in the ritual practices of the church.

In Nashville he presides and preaches regularly at the Cathedral of the Incarnation and provides pastoral-liturgical ministry to men at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison.

how did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

Students who register may attend for free. Corder Scholarship Fund Service Rev. Corder was pastor of the Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church for 35 years and during that time, he saw many persons saved and the church experienced many blessings from the Lord under his pastorate before his death in As of this date, many scholarships have been given to deserving high school gradu- ates who are members of Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church and in good standing.

They have gone on to higher institutes of learning and out into the world to help others. However, the emphasis this year will be directed towards memorable events in the life of Rev. Corder, the church, and all people of the world as we also celebrate Black History Month. Service will be given by Minister Leon M. There is no admission — a free-will offering will be collected.

If you wish to send a donation by check, mail to Lady Corder Chapman — P. Box — Nashville, TN and make it payable as follows: More than were in attendance.

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Just stop and think for a moment what Nashville would be like today if the vote had gone the other way. The measure would have forced Metro government to do business in English. Had the measure passed, Nashville would have been the largest city in the country with an English Only rule.

how did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

Tennessee highest Total per pupil spending: Tax collections per capita: A family of Tax collections per capita: As of The state Medicaid payments per enrollee: Beginning in July, 6. Total per pupil spending: Louisiana Average pension benefits: To view full details or to recommend the program to your students, please use the following link: The event was emceed by Chamber Chairman of the Board Wes Blumenshine, who provided the chamber agenda.

More than legislatures and state and business leaders attended the event. Mark Cate, chief of staff for Gov. At the conclusion of the th General Assembly session Aprilwe will produce an analysis of how each legislator voted on our agenda.

how did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

The education of our workforce has not kept up with these changes. Chamber of Commerce and many businesses leaders and local chambers of commerce.

We oppose efforts to delay or overturn their implementation.

how did alli simpson and madison pettis meet the millers

The Tennessee Chamber supports greater school choice and flexibility to provide individualized education opportunities for parents to choose the best options for their students.

We also encourage lawmakers to make these decisions while also considering local budget concerns. The Chamber is closely and actively monitoring this arena and will be laser focused in the following areas: The Chamber supports regulation for this industry, consistent with all other consumer lenders in Tennessee, with reasonable rate caps that provide fairness and transparency for consumers. The Chamber supports strong guidelines and thresholds to determine the validity of these accusations.

Proposed legislation seeks to clarify the Tennessee Human Rights Act and protect Tennessee employers in these types of disputes. McCool Walmart has the potential to vastly and unfairly expand business liability for acts that occur at their premises. The Chamber will be working to ensure that our business climate is not negatively impacted by this court decision. The Chamber will be working to ensure that permit fees assessed against business comply with statutory percentages that require state funding as well.

The Chamber also supports legislation to ensure that a byproduct from the steel industry known as slag and used in various industries is not defined as a solid waste. Our support is contingent on ensuring that any plan is entered into cautiously, as unpredicted federal funding could negatively impact our state.

The initial implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been detrimental to business and individuals and our economy, and the Chamber is committed to fighting for changes at the federal level to lessen the negative impact of those changes. Judicial Selection The Chamber supports the judicial selection constitutional amendment in Tennessee.

We will be working to ensure that the business community understands the importance of approving this amendment. The Chamber fully supports efforts to ensure the integrity and impartiality of our judicial branch are upheld. The Chamber has increased its focus on workforce development by launching a statewide youth recruitment and public awareness initiative known as Dream It. The Chamber is also working to create a better skilled workforce by bringing industry-led assessments and certification training to Tennessee to improve core technical manufacturing competencies.

He explored how ideas spread in the Tipping Point, decision making in Blink, and the roots of success in Outliers. Tiffany Ruby Patterson, associate professor of African American and Diaspora Studies at Vanderbilt University, spoke to the two-year-old non-profit organization on Jan. Birth of a Nation, the silent movie directed by D. Griffith, prompted a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan, Patterson said. But, Andrew Johnson granted the officers amnesty and returned their property.

A devastating drought in their first year forced many to move to Topeka, Kan. As long as space is available for signatures, the banners will be hanging through Thursday Jan. They had no further hits.

One-Hit Wonder - TV Tropes

Surprisingly, the song isn't even a Black Sheep Hit because he always had the propensity for throwing novelty songs onto his records. Sheb Wooley only had a single Top 40 hit on the Hotwhen his novelty tune "Purple People Eater" topped the chart in Outside of that chart, he's been very successful in other areas: He had a 1 hit on the country chart in with "That's My Pa", and later in the decade, had a string of country hits under the name Ben Colder with parodies of other songs.

He also had a long career as a Western actor, and had a supporting role on the show Rawhide. That's also his voice on the deathless Wilhelm Scream sound effect, recorded during the filming of the film Distant Drums.

They've released many other singles, but "Trucker's Hitch" is the only other one ever to have charted. Like most viral hit-makers, they almost certainly will not have a second hit. John Zacherle, a famous television personality known for hosting a popular block of horror movies in the New York City and Philadelphia markets. He had a top ten novelty hit in with "Dinner With Drac" but never released a follow-up. His follow up "Dreams of You" cracked the top 40 a year later, but stalled at They haven't made the Top 40 since.

They've been luckier as an album and genre chart band: Their debut album went platinum and its follow-up topped the album charts. Intheir song "Ophelia", which made it to only 66 on the Hotwas named the top song for the year on the Billboard Alternative chart. Follow-up "Frozen Orange Juice" did crack the top 10 later that year, but was not the hit its predecessor was. British singer-songwriter Passenger yes, it's just one guy managed to cross the pond with the 5 smash hit "Let Her Go".

He hasn't yet had another big hit in Europe, let alone North America. He can at least take comfort in his performance somewhat further South, though, with a couple of albums doing pretty well in Australia and New Zealand; "Anywhere" even reached 6 on the NZ charts. While she had a few other chart entries, most of them are very obscure now.

One-Hit Wonder

Danish guitarist Jorgen Ingmann is best known for his crossover hit "Apache" — and being one-half of the winning duo of the Eurovision contest. McGuire became a born-again Christian in The '70s and recorded a few albums of Christian music. Although George Ezra is incredibly popular in his native U.

The Brothers Four, a folk-rock quartet from Seattle, had a 2 hit with "Greenfields" and no other major hits. The Village Stompers, a group from Greenwich Village who played what was described as "folk-dixie", had a number of hits inbut are today only known for "Washington Square", a 2 hit on the Billboard Hot and a 1 on the Adult Contemporary charts in September His follow up stalled in the 30's and he never charted again. Barry Sadler had a huge crossover in with "The Ballad of the Green Berets", a patriotic song that was obviously drawn from his real life experience as a soldier in the Vietnam War.

It was a 5-week 1 smash on the Hot and the biggest pop hit ofas well as a 1 Easy Listening and 2 country hit. He charted only one other single, "The 'A' Team", but it has since been forgotten. Sadler later became a novelist before dying of a gunshot wound. Finnish group Loituma became this thanks to Memetic Mutation. Their version of the Finnish folk classic "Ievan Polkka" "Eva's Polka" from their self-titled album became a huge meme back in thanks to a random Russian LiveJournal user, who combined the scatting portion of the song with a brief looping clip taken from Bleach.

So, "Leekspin" was born. Loituma even released a new single with the English title "Ieva's Polka" in to capitalize on the fad, but since the craze died down nobody cared anymore about them outside of Finland.

While there are many British artists who are stars in their home country, but only managed one hit in America, the reverse is true too. The best example of this is John Denver. In his native United States, Denver was one of the biggest music stars of the s, with four 1 singles and a series of gold or platinum albums. Across the Atlantic in the UK, however, he only had one top 40 single: Canadian folk pop group Walk Off the Earth had an international hit in when their cover of Gotye 's "Somebody That I Used to Know" went viral - driven by its gimmick of five band members playing the song on the same guitar at the same time.

The cover's novelty didn't translate into a career: While followup "Red Hands" was a minor hit on American adult alternative radio, the only other chart action they've seen since are a couple low-charting singles on the Canadian Hot The country and folk duo The Civil Wars were one of the most buzzed-about bands of the early s; Their debut album Barton Hollow was critically acclaimed, went Gold and won them two awards at the Grammys.

But then the band's career came to a screeching halt: Due to creative and personal conflicts between its two members, the group effectively broke up while recording their self-titled second album. Canadian folk singer Indio scored a top ten hit on both the Canadian pop chart and the American alternative chart with his debut single "Hard Sun", which featured no less of an icon than Joni Mitchell on backing vocals.

Then, just as the song was at the peak of its popularity, Indio more or less dropped off the face of the Earth. He had become disillusioned by the music industry and never recorded another album. The next time he popped up was inwhen he sued Eddie Vedder for changing the lyrics to "Hard Sun" in his cover version for the Into the Wild soundtrack.

Bruce Cockburn pronounced "Co-burn" is highly regarded in the folk music world for his guitar playing and songwriting, and has racked up several hits in his native Canada. Below the border in America, however, he's only had one hit single: The Irish Rovers have recorded for more than 50 years, but they only made an impact with the Shel Silverstein -penned "The Unicorn" in In Canada, they were slightly more successful with "Wasn't That a Party", credited as just The Rovers, but success was limited after that.

Their followup "Mister Nico" topped out at 98 and they never made the Hot again, although they did have a few more Top 20 hits in South Africa. The Springfields had several hits in their native UK, but just one became a hit across the Atlantic in the United States, when "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" made it to 20 in Interestingly, it failed to chart back home in Britain. A few years later, member Dusty Springfield left the band to start her own solo career and became a s pop music icon.

Todd Snider's only chart hit came in with "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues", a Bob Dylan -esque talking blues novelty tune about a grunge band that becomes huge when they decide to become "the only band that wouldn't play a note, under any circumstance. After that, Snider went back to his cult following. Like McGuire, it would be their only hit. Group members John Medora and David White were more successful as songwriters: Arlo Guthrie, the son of legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie, had his one and only significant hit with a railroad blues song, "City of New Orleans" in the fall ofpeaking at No.

New Orleans," written by Steve Goodman, was successfully covered in in a much more upbeat arrangement by Willie Nelson. That said, Guthrie — who like his father performed many socially conscious songs — was also well known for his composition and recording "Alice's Restaurant", an anti-Vietnam War protest song that also shines a light on the s counterculture.

The songwriter, Kenny O'Dell, was also a one-hit wonder twice over; see the "Country" subpage. Funk Cameo had a massive crossover hit in with "Word Up! While their direct follow-up "Candy" did manage to hit 21, it's virtually unknown to those outside their audience. His only other American Top 40 entry was the theme song to the movie Romancing the Stone inwhich faded into obscurity afterwards.

However, he had more hits internationally. Before he went solo, Grant was the guitarist for the s band The Equals, who were one of the few mixed-race British rock bands of the era. The band had several hits in the UK, but just one in the US: Another one of their songs, "Police on My Back", is better remembered for the cover version by The Clash. Another tune, "Freak-A-Zoid", has also had some staying power, but it made it no further than 66 on the Hot After the group disbanded, members and brothers Reginald and Vincent Calloway formed a duo of their own called Calloway.

The group had a massive 2 pop hit with "I Wanna Be Rich", but their momentum dried up not long afterwards and they turned to production work. Jazz Dave Brubeck, with "Take Five".

He is well known in jazz circles for his other songs as well, but "Take Five" has become his signature song by a considerable margin. The fact that this song actually was written by his saxophonist Paul Desmond doesn't help Brubeck much in this respect. Bill Chase was a jazz musician who had a cult following but never tasted mainstream success, tragically dying in a plane crash at His only hit, recorded with his band Chase, was 's "Get it On.

The song was popularized through its use in The Benny Hill Showand by extension, has become a tune used to automatically make anything funny.