How to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

7 Tips on Dealing with Jealousy in a Long Distance Relationship …

how to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

February 3, Don't let jealousy ruin your long-distance relationship! Joking and teasing are not healthy ways to handle jealousy. Yes, it's helpful to not fly. Jul 30, In order to successfully overcome jealousy in your long distance relationship, the first thing you need to do is figure out why you are feeling. Aug 31, If you have ever played a game called assassin's creed, there's something called The Leap Of Faith where the main character literally take a leap out of like a

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I hope using some of my advice might help you to create your own recipe for a successful and happy long distance relationship: Think About The Reasons. Are there clearer signs such as your partner constantly disappearing, not answering your calls, not letting you know what are they up to or is one friend of the opposite sex is constantly accompanying them?

If you think that your jealousy has occurred for valid, serious reasons, you should talk to your partner. Based on my experience, limitations develop over time and also might change depending on your perspective.

  • 1. Examine Your Feelings of Jealousy
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However, if you know that some particular action would be totally unacceptable by you, let your partner know. I used to try and hide my negative emotions, but my questionable mood used to lead us to big arguments. If there is something what makes you feel uncomfortable and jealous, open up to your partner. Instead, calm down and ask questions.

Biggest Long Distance Relationship Problem? Jealousy!

If you want to know more details, you have the right to ask. Then, stare down that fear.

how to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

What is your worst-case scenario? Maybe that worst-case scenario is your partner cheating on you and leaving you.

how to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

So, imagine that happening. What would you do? How would you cope?

how to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

Stick with me here, I promise I have a point to this torture. Now, imagine how you would cope without him or her, and how you would eventually go on to thrive and flourish. If your worst-case scenario came to pass it would be awful, sure. It would hurt like crazy. But you know what? You would be OK in the long run.

how to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

Paradoxically, being prepared to lose your partner under some circumstances will make you feel immeasurably better. Knowing that you have other options and are choosing to be in this relationship makes you stronger, more independent, and more secure. It will also make you more attractive in the eyes of your partner. That means bringing your mind into line. Your thoughts and your imagination are the fuel for your jealousy.

Jealousy: Dealing With Long Distance Relationship Problems.

If you can recognize the role that your thinking is playing in intensifying your jealousy, you can start to take steps to get it under control. Here are some quick tips to get you started: Remind yourself of all the ways your partner has proven trustworthy in the past.

how to cope with jealousy long distance relationship

How have they kept their word and followed through on commitments? What do they do to show love and appreciation for you? Redirect your thoughts and dwell instead on how you feel about your partner and how they love you.

Deliberately imagine positive scenarios instead, go do something active, or deliberately focus on something completely different. But we know that jealousy is often tied together with insecurity, over-thinking, and a whole lot of misery and hurt.

Something to think about, perhaps… is that whatever is going to happen, will happen.

Overcoming Jealousy: 6 Ways To Stop Feeling Jealous In Your Relationship

No amount of worrying is going to change the situation. Another good thing to remember is that ex-partners are EX for a reason. It should be okay for each partner to have other friends; to have room for other people in their lives.

So why be afraid if your partner sometimes chooses to talk to someone else, or to be friends with someone else?