Shoujo love hate relationship quotes

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shoujo love hate relationship quotes

Also note that I'm talking about shoujo shows based around romance, I hate the art, at the very least for mangas. characters only to have the relationship developments slow down to a crawl or, [don't quote me on that]. no reason.", (to Erika) "Girls who push their kindness onto others. I hate them to death. "I have a really beatiful heart, so please fall in love with. Relationships. During six years, Ai and Sentarou's relationship developed and both of them as the client hates him/her, and has led to innocent also people being sent to Hell. . Tsugumi states further that Sentarou loved her and regreted the actions he.

But as the story progresses, slowly the negative feelings start to subside, and the one that used to hate, slowly starts to love. These story bring comedy, a new tone and a great chemistry between the leads, making them some of the most loved.

One of the biggest problems I have with these type of these manga is that sometimes the leads, over time, become unlikeable, and the readers begin to get annoyed.

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However, this manga avoids that completely with some of the best character relationships in these type of shoujo. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, entertaining, and interesting. In addition to that, their relationship is actually believable and natural, taking this manga to the top of these stories. After the re-marriage of her mother, Himari went to her former city. But the worst thing she'll learn Now this, this manga, this one is interesting. Typically, I really don't like jerks nice guys ftw.

But there are a few exceptions to this. Why there's an exception, I have no idea. But there's something about the main character in this manga that portrays him as not just a jerk, but also a lost, broken person. And this is what makes this manga so likable in my opinion. Because the lead is so hungry to be loved, truly loved, watching him be slowly affected and changed by Himari is something truly amazing.

Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an annonymous guy who turned out to be a a schoolmate of hers and was shortly recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya.

Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.

shoujo love hate relationship quotes

Kyouya, the lead love interest, may be one of the only characters that I have ever hated with a passion, but over time, slowly began to understand and appreciate. In fact, it's not completely uncommon for a rival character to switch from one crush to the other or to be after both at the same time, though this idea should be handled with extreme care so as to avoid the Unfortunate Implications of a Depraved Bisexual. Overall, just try to keep these things in mind: Why are they there?

shoujo love hate relationship quotes

What is it about them that makes them a viable threat for their opponent's love interest? How do they plan on stealing away the love interest? What would they do if they didn't succeed in stealing them away? Another common, but still useful way to keep the drama going: Have the best friend have a crush on the boy herself. Sure, it's cliche, but there's still probably a number of creative ways to go about this that haven't been tried yet. Are the girls hostile over the boy, or are they still friendly with each other and agree that whoever he chooses, the other one's happy for them?

Do they act one way and secretly feel another? Pitfalls Okay, so one of the biggest problems in shoujo these days is that the main heroines often have too little of an actual personality. It would seem that shoujo authors rely on the good ol' Rule of This Loser Is Youslap it on the face of a cutesy And therefore cover-worthy version of themselves in their teen years and call it a relatable heroine.

Unless you think you can do it tastefully, try to avoid having your main character referring to herself as 'average' or 'plain' as her main character flaw. Nowadays, the Pretty Girl masquerading as a low self-esteem homely girl is overdone and no longer believable. If your character must be this way, have very good reason for her to have such low self-esteem.

Shojou manga operates on a large cast of characters all loving the main character for one reason or another, and if she's the kind of girl who is measurably pretty but insists that she's not, the believability of her being lovable with such an aggravating trait gets trained. See Fruits Basket for an example of how to do this well.

Another common problem is having Love at First Sight happen way too often. Please, if you can, avoid the Jerk Ass Bastard Boyfriend. It's been done to death, and many shoujo readers would agree that they're tired of seeing the Jerk Ass get the girl while the guy who actually treats her well just gets pushed aside, or made unexpectedly OOC so the writer can have an excuse for pairing the main two. There's a reason Twilight has so much hate, you know.

Have him undergo this character development before the main character gets together with him, to avoid Stockholm Syndrome and more Unofrtunate Implications. Making the heroine rather independent and strong-willed, if not a Tsundere herself, is probably one of the best ways to go, as such personalities tend to be best for Slap-Slap-Kiss. Kimi ni Todoke is an excellent example of what happens when the Nice Guy gets the girl.

The world doesn't end or anything just because he's not a bad boy.

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Potential Subversions Related to the above: Would it really affect your plot that much if your heroine was less than conventionally attractive? If she was, say, a bit chubbier than most of her friends Though please, if you choose to make her 'overweight,' it'd help if you didn't just make her slightly curvy and call her fat.

shoujo love hate relationship quotes

Yes, lots of girls who are 'perfectly' skinny complain about being overweight, but we're not talking about thatwould it really throw any ideas you had for a plot completely out the window? Bonus points for avoiding the Chubby Chaser trope. Or have her be an unintentional or not Ms.

Fanservice rather than an angsty Pettanko? Okay, so we all know that most shoujo is basically about that Squee-inducinghijinks-filled time in which a girl experiences her first love.

Well, instead, why not take the more cynical take on things and show what happens when such a girl breaks up with her first boyfriend? Does she take this as a reason to dislike men as a whole? Does she move on with her life? Does she meet someone new?

Does the whole process start over again? Basically, try to think through what happens after the Happily Ever After. And keep in mind that a teenage couple in which at least one of the two is in a relationship for the first time ever extremely rarely ever stay together long enough to grow up and marry when they're adults.

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And even then, those types of marriages are usually some of the most unsuccessful kind. Writers' Lounge Suggested Themes and Aesops A seemingly forgotten theme in shoujo, similar to that of Chick Flicksis that most shoujo manga is made by women, for girls and young women.

Why not stick in friendship as a theme just as important as the romance?

shoujo love hate relationship quotes

Why not give the main heroine a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming where she acknowledges that sassier, more energetic best friend of hers who's always supporting her between scenes with the male lead but doesn't seem to get nearly as much screentime as him, even though before he showed up they'd apparently been joined at the hip for years? Sure, it'd probably veer into Romantic Two-Girl Friendship territory, but A way to make fun of this is to, say, have a couple of Mook background characters throwing flowers behind the dude for unexplained reasons.

Also, a common joke in Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction is to have someone open the door to the host club and immediately have thier face pelted by a blast of rose petals out of nowhere.

Though it should be noted that Ouran itself is already an Affectionate Parody of shoujo. Love Bubbles are also a favorite. As is some sort of fairy tale parody chapter, though no one's forcing you into it As trying to think of an actual reason for everybody to suddenly be in a fairy tale setting can be fairly difficult Unless, you know, your story is about a theater club or something.

Having at least one main or recurring character already be in the theater club, of which all the other members couldn't fulfill thier roles for some reason would probably be a good, albeit flimsy and cliche, way to go. Just try to avoid the obvious cliches, and you should be good. The falling-into-suggestive-positionsthe Love at First Sightthe best-friend-who-serves-little-to-no-actual-purpose-other-than-to-encourage-the-heroine-to-go-after-the-sexy- new-transfer-studentthe Declaration of Protection which really just sounds almost misogynist if used too many times.

At least say what he's protecting her from. A good idea would be to Parody or Deconstruct said obvious cliches.

shoujo love hate relationship quotes

Though it isn't exactly uncommon for entire series to take place outside of school completely, such as maybe the main character's small hometown during the summer or in a specialized cafe or whatever Props Department Costume Designer Shoujo series tend to be set in schools, since that's where the majority of teenage girls spend most of their time. Depending on the setting, this could mean either a variety of hip street clothes or a set of uniforms are in order.

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Sailor uniforms have been done to death, though there's no one stopping you from using them anyway if you want to. Just, maybe try to customize them a little, you know?

Like, maybe the school they go to has loose rules on the dress code or something? Casting Director Stunt Department Hey, who says a School Life romcom aimed at young girls can't have a few action scenes?

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And not just the male lead getting into a fight: Stick that main girl in there and have her, say, finally have enough of playing the Nice Girl and start beating down the Alpha Bitch character who's been giving her crap throughout the story. Why not just have at least one of them actually be able and willing to throw a punch? You don't have to make it a fanservice-filled Cat Fight or anything, you know. Though it's not a shoujo, both fight scenes between Taiga vs Sumire and Minori vs Ami are at least somewhat realistic Cat Fights.

The girls can actually fight, landing punches instead of simple bitchslapsdrawing blood and brusing everywhere and cursing each other out. If these fights are intended for Fanserviceit sure as hell takes a backseat to the actual plot.