How do you not display relationship status on facebook

Can Someone Put You in a Relationship on Facebook? | It Still Works

how do you not display relationship status on facebook

These days there's no higher peak than Facebook. You can quickly You can quickly change your relationship status using either the Facebook mobile app or the Facebook website. Once they confirm, your status will appear in your profile . Go to relationship status. Change it to not display anything. Problem solved. Now you don't need to hide anything from your online friends because nothing is. Feb 11, Why Couples Don't Make Their Relationships Facebook Official Anymore they are together, but in less bold and brazen ways as a relationship status. to show up in pictures, wall posts, tweets, Instagrams and the like.

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  • why is my relationship status not showing up on the WALL of my timeline?
  • I want to add my relationship status on my profile page (under Intro). How?

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how do you not display relationship status on facebook

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