Disney world meet and greet restaurants

Character Dining | Walt Disney World Resort

disney world meet and greet restaurants

Character Dining at Walt Disney World offers a fun and unique way to meet some of your Theme Park admission tickets are required for meals in the park. Disney World character experiences are your chance to meet Anna and Elsa, Woody and This is one of the most charming meet-and-greets in the park. The crowning jewel of Fantasyland is Be Our Guest Restaurant in Beast's Castle, . Character Meals at Walt Disney World There are hundreds of options for If you or your children are intent on meeting the characters and you were The dining room is one level above the greeting room and to get there you.

It was practically impossible to get and would make or break some family vacations. To be honest, my family thought it was expensive for what you got.

Walt Disney World Character Meet-And-Greet: Character Dining in the Parks

There are numerous people who will disagree with me on this. Young guests are encouraged to dress up for the occasion in their best Disney outfits.

This is, after all, a royal affair. Dad can also rock his best Aurora dress if he wants too. I love seeing things like that. There are three meal options: All have different prices.

Lunch includes items like cheeses, short ribs, catch of the day and turkey pot pie for kids.

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Finish the meal with seasonal sorbets. Guests are considered part of the royal family for dinner with delicious items like steak and shrimp, and bone-in pork loin. Located at the end of Main Street, U. Be Our Guest Location: Of course, you do. He does not go to every table like the typical style.

You get to meet him after you are done eating. He also only meets during the dinner time slot, so keep that in mind. For dinner, you are looking at options like pan-seared salmon.

Walt Disney World Character Dining | Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom This all-you-can-eat restaurant is a favorite of many guests. Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet.

disney world meet and greet restaurants

If you are a Winnie-The-Pooh fan then this is the place for you. This place is bright and spacious. The characters move surprisingly quickly around the restaurant but you never feel rushed with them.

disney world meet and greet restaurants

I recommend really paying attention to how the characters are moving. They move in an unusual pattern here.

disney world meet and greet restaurants

If you do, just bring it to a cast members attention and they will always see what they can do. For breakfast, you will enjoy foods like french toast, eggs, and bacon. Having breakfast in the Magic Kingdom is always amazing.

Also, this location is bright and airy. For lunch and dinner, you will be treated to chicken, and mashed potatoes, classic American dishes your family will know and already love. That can be really helpful if your children are picky eaters. If you might be hesitant to bring them somewhere with more adventurous dishes, this place is very safe. If yes, this is the place.

For breakfast, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Mickey will sign autographs as you enjoy your Mickey Mouse waffles, quiche, eggs, and fruit. For lunch, there is spit-roasted chicken and roasted pork.

Disney World Restaurant Comparison: Crystal Palace vs Chef Mickeys

They all make appearances to take pictures with your family. The breakfast buffet includes Mickey Waffles, yogurt, fruit and delicious scrambled eggs. The lunch buffet is deli meats, salads, and pasta. If there are only adults in your party, this might not be the best option. If you have little kids, this one is perfect. The theme changes with the season but basically Minnie Mouse is hosting parties where you, your family and your money are invited.

Because of the incredible popularity of character dining, reservations can be hard to come by if you wait until a couple of months before your vacation to book your choices. While you eat your meal, a few select Disney characters go table to table for hugs, high fives, photos, autographs, and general merriment. They stop by one at a time and continue to circulate the room for the entirety of your meal, although they only spend a minute or two at each table.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Character Dining There are several definite advantages to taking the time for a character meal. If you or your children are intent on meeting the characters and you were planning on a sit down meal or Table Service in Disney-speakyou can maximize your time by killing these two proverbial birds with one stone we at TouringPlans do not condone bird stoning.

Some of the specific character meals listed below are also in fantastic settings and a few have rarely seen characters as well. There are a couple of distinct disadvantages to the character meals though too. For one, they are not cheap.

disney world meet and greet restaurants

All of the character meals are fixed-price: While there are more expensive meals at Disney World, character dining is not the way to go if you are on a strict budget. Another disadvantage is the time commitment involved in character meals.