Windows server 2003 password does not meet policy requirements

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windows server 2003 password does not meet policy requirements

I am unable to create a new user account because the password does not meet the group policy requirements. I am using Windows Server If you are using Windows Server or later, you might be aware of a new account, your password must meet the following minimum requirements: Settings -> Security Settings -> Account Policies -> Password Policy Restart your system and now you'll not have to fulfill annoying password complexity requirements. Jan 8, How can I disable the password requirement for a user in a Windows Server Active Directory domain? Windows Server provides security policies that ensure that all Now double-click on the Passwords Must Meet Complexity Requirements Again, do not remove the V from that check-box.

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Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements. This error is because the password you or the user has tried to enter does not meet the password policy set in Windows Server As a Server Administrator, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to change this policy, for more complex or simpler passwords to appease corporate users.

Below are the default password policy requirements. This security setting determines the least number of characters that a password for a user account may contain.

windows server 2003 password does not meet policy requirements

You can set a value of between 1 and 14 characters, or you can establish that no password is required by setting the number of characters to 0. English uppercase characters A through Z English lowercase characters a through z Base 10 digits 0 through 9 Non-alphabetic characters for example,!

windows server 2003 password does not meet policy requirements

Disabled on stand-alone servers. Select the Disabled option. This will allow less complex passwords Click the OK button.

Disable Password Complexity in Windows Server 2003

Double-click on Minimum Password Length in the right pane. Enter a new minimum password length. Entering Zero 0 will remove the password requirement. Click the OK button.

windows server 2003 password does not meet policy requirements

Close the Default Domain Security Settings window. This will refresh the security policy without restarting. Domain users are those users that are created and stored in the Active Directory database.

Password does not meet complexity requirements...but it does!

This means all users stored on your domain controllers DCs fall under this definition. Every user that shows up on that search falls into this scope.

The only way to control the password policy for domain users is to configure the aforementioned Account Policy in a GPO linked to the domain. That is the only way by default! Yes, it's true the GPO that contains the default password policy settings is the Default Domain Policy, but this is just the default.

windows server 2003 password does not meet policy requirements

At this functional level, you have more capabilities for configurations within the domain, but that doesn't mean that the default behavior changes. This is the case with the Account Policies for domain users.

When you have a basic Active Directory domain that's running at the Windows Server Domain Functional Level, the Account Policies for all domain users behave the exact same way they always have.