Abraham hicks the vortex relationship quotes

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abraham hicks the vortex relationship quotes

See more ideas about Abraham hicks quotes, Quote life and Inspire quotes. WELCOME TO YOUR VORTEX | The ultimate collection of quality LOA material . of attraction Abraham Hicks Quotes, Positive Affirmations, Relationship Quotes . 6 quotes from The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships: 'would not have deliberately attracted if you had been doi. Abraham-Hicks quote: You are here to create the world around you that you. Esther and Jerry Hicks Get into the Vortex and then Poem on this quote.

Lucy The easiest way to let it in is by talking about what you want and why you want it. The more joyful you are, the longer you live. The process of breathing is much more than an essential function of your physical body. Indeed, it is the flowing of Spirit to you, and through you. The purpose of your life is joy. The reason for desires, goals, for finding those decisions or points of focus, is because they are life-giving things of the Universe. Without objects of attention, or objects of desire, Life-Force does not come through.

It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel. The timing of your death is always chosen by you. The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing.

The Well-Being that you seek is flowing to you, relax and enjoy the unfolding. There is great love here for you.

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U Understand that there is nothing outside of you that is making the difference. W We want you to feel the appreciation of that which you call God, and that which we call All-That-Is, for the expansion of the Universe, that is a result of the Beingness that is you. What someone thinks of you cannot affect you. It is your focus about what you imagine they are thinking that affects you. What you think about activates a vibration within you. What you think and what you feel and what manifests is always a match.

Every single time, no exceptions. When you are in alignment your physical body responds differently than when you are not. When you FEEL healthy and vital and alive and prosperous.

abraham hicks the vortex relationship quotes

You attract more of those things. Y You are here to create the world around you that YOU choose, while you allow the world as others choose it to be to exist also.

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Animals do less specific creating and are much less inclined to sift through contrast and make decisions. In simple terms, humans are more creative, and animals are more allowing.

That is your natural bent. But you cannot continue to keep alive within you Vibrational patterns of what you do not want, and receive what you do want.

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That defies the Law of Attraction. The feeling of competition or shortage, or limitation of resources, means you are out of alignment with your own desire.

Things are constantly changing, but often, because of chronic patterns of thoughts, even though things are changing — they are changing to more of the same. That simply defies Law. Focusing on problems of the pastor the present, will prevent you from moving to the solutions in your future. Focusing on the problems of the past, or the present, will guarantee a problematic future. If, however, once you are keenly aware of what you do prefer, you will focus upon that, your life must improve.

Talk about what you do want; and discontinue dialogue about any unwanted experiences, situations, or results. Once you are determined to improve the way you feel, you will begin to catch yourself in the more early, subtle stages of negative attraction. It is easier to release a negative thought in the beginning stages of it than after it has gained more momentum.

By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situation, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you. But if you rail against the injustices of your current situation, you hold yourself in Vibrational alignment with what you do not want, and you cannot then move in the direction of improvement.

By making a decision to orient yourself to look for what is wanted, you will change your Vibrational patterns of resistance, and it will not be possible to remain in unwanted situations for long periods of time. A joyful life is about coming into alignment with who-you-are.

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Joy is not about controlling other people or circumstances. Joy is about controlling your own Vibrational relationship between the physical you and the Non-Physical You.

It is alignment with Source that is joy or love or success or satisfaction. And, when you are looking in the direction of the solution, you always feel an improvement in your emotions.

abraham hicks the vortex relationship quotes

Looking back at the problem always feels worse. When you are in a state of love, there is no active Vibration of resistance within you. Your Inner Being, however, the Source within you, always holds you, with no exceptions, as a constant object of appreciation. So if you will tune your thoughts and actions to that consistent Vibration of Well-Being flowing forth from your Inner Being — you will thrive under any and all conditions. Then when they come together, they are a couple who feels good.

We just want you to understand that you must feel better before it can come to you. You are creating by virtue of what you are thinking about, and so there is no advantage whatsoever to pondering, or remembering, or observing, or speaking of things you do not want. Make your active Vibration be about what you do want and notice how quickly your life changes to match your Vibration.

And at the basis of your desire to be free is your desire to feel good — and at the basis of your desire to feel good is an unhindered relationship between you and You. There is no substitute for that relationship. There is just not another person who can love you enough to compensate for your lack of alignment with Source. And so, the attraction of ideas and solutions goes beyond the sum total of the two individuals.

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It is truly exhilarating. And it is really what co-creating is all about. But if you have tended to that alignment first, then the physical action of co-creating can be sublime. In other words, do not take the action in order to fix misalignment. Fix misalignment and then find a mate. If you are a person who has trained yourself to look for negative aspects, you will find them in yourself as well as in others.

Therefore, it is always accurate to say that no one who is critical of others really likes themselves. Whenever you see those who are very critical of others, you are actually seeing people who do not like themselves. As you turn your attention toward the positive aspects of the personalities and behaviors of others with whom you share your planet, you will train your point of attraction in the direction of only what you desire.

It is your attention to the unwanted that holds it in your experience. And even more important, all components that are summoned will cooperate. One right way would lead to endedness. Many right ways allow Eternal expansion. And so, you will never get to a better-feeling state by trying to control others, no matter how well-meaning you believe your motives to be.

It is the control of your thought, and the alignment with your Broader perspective, that you are really seeking.