France philippines relationship advice

Philippines Travel Tips: A Complete Guide to the Country

france philippines relationship advice

Planning a trip to the Philippines? Here are our personal Philippines Travel Tips .. All my life, I've had a love-hate relationship with my hometown Manila. Trade between France and the Philippines stood at € billion in , a rise of % compared to the previous year (€ billion). French. Filipinos have close family ties and always love to talk about their extended family, . They prefer decision-making within the group and to solicit advice from .. rice often replaces French Fries as a standard side in North American chains.

I have to warn you that this is one of the most difficult processes that one can ever hope to get through but it is possible! This is an in-depth, ultimate step-by-step guide as of Feb. I will discuss the step-by-step process after this introduction! Marriage License requirements for the Filipino spouse: They will just need to sign a document and have a short interview then they can go home!

Marriage License requirements for the French spouse: So, you might be overwhelmed. Keep calm and prepare! The document will be delivered at your doorstep in days. You can get this from the French embassy in Manila located at the 16th flr. You need an extra ID for the building reception!

There is a different set of requirements for this piece of document. Foreign tourists have been targeted in both rural and urban areas. There are also isolated cases of kidnappings occurring on private boats and in marinas. This includes military bases and police checkpoints. The Philippines has a severe ongoing drugs problem that affects the whole country.

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Nearly six thousand people have been killed in the second half of alone. President Rodrigo Duterte has promised a crackdown on the war on drugs and a stricter approach to how dealers and users are prosecuted. On the 27th of Februarya German national, Jurgen Gustav Kantner, is believed to have been executed on camera by the Islamic state operating in the Philippines.

Authorities are still confirming whether or not the video is legitimate. After the terrorists overthrew the hotel security guards, they abducted Mr. Ridsdel from the resort. He was later executed on the 25th of Aprilafter his ransom was not paid. In Septemberan improvised explosive device detonated outside of the Marco Polo hotel in the Philippines southern city of Davao.

Mr Duterte has declared a "state of lawlessness" following this particular incident, which means the military will be allowed to patrol the city assisting the local police.

Philippines Travel Advice

Ina bus bombing occurred in Bukidnon located in the Northern Mindanao region; the bomb hit a public bus inside the main front entrance of Central Mindanao University. The Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters were the number one suspects of the attack, but Philippine authorities say that they never took responsibility for it.

You can require that cell phones be turned off during meetings just like in the churches. The Philippines recently had Presidential elections in May and while politics may come up in conversation, as a foreigner it is recommended to steer away from this topic. Cultural Information - Display of Emotion Question: Are public displays of affection, anger or other emotions acceptable? Modest display of affection like holding hands and putting an arm around the shoulders are acceptable in the Philippines.

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Public displays of anger and other strong emotions are not acceptable. But such outbursts of emotion are deeply resented. Indications of resentment are through non-verbal communications - reduced interaction with the person, absence in work-related social gatherings and even unwillingness to initiate informal communications.

Rural and Muslim-dominated areas tend to be more conservative and public affection may not be acceptable. Public displays of anger are not appropriate or any other emotion that causes someone to lose face.

What should I know about the workplace environment deadlines, dress, formality, etc. In office settings, punctuality and timeliness are practiced. It is important to crosscheck status of projects or activities way before the deadline to clarify expectations and progress along the line.

This can be best achieved through informal chats over lunch from time to time.

france philippines relationship advice

Overtime work is generally a normal occurrence and Filipinos are used to rendering overtime in order to meet a work deadline. Daily wear in the business work place is relatively informal short sleeves and smart casual wear. Most offices take the lead from senior officer in charge or office supervisors. Ladies tend to be well dressed but formal business suits are not required. However, in meetings, slightly more formal attire is appropriate. At very formal gatherings such as cultural, business, and other formal public events, long sleeve barong Tagalog Filipino suit or formal suit may be appropriate.

However, colleagues are often addressed by first name.

Philippines Travel Advice

Conservative dress is expected though the degree of formality differs depending on the workplace. In general, the dress code is relatively informal. In meetings with dignitaries or government representatives it is generally expected to be more formal though this does not necessarily mean a suit, usually a dress shirt.

Outside of the main cities dress is relatively casual and it is common for staff to wear jeans and polo shirts. While punctuality is appreciated, activities and meetings rarely start on time. In Manila in particular, significant traffic may cause delays which is a widely shared challenge.

There is not a general acceptance of working from home, and many people travel long distances through heavy traffic in order to get to work. As such, a degree of flexibility is expected with start and end times. The workweek is Monday to Friday, though in some industries there may also be an expectation to work part of Saturday.

If there are government representatives or foreigners in the meeting the structure is often quite formal with a number of preliminaries which sometimes includes prayer, an opening address and sometimes brief speeches from key players before getting into the business of the day.

As a foreigner it may be expected that you will say a few words of introduction and appreciation. How will I know how my staff view me? Filipinos value their work so they are generally cautious and not risk-takers.

Generally, Filipino subordinates will not volunteer information on how they view the supervisor unless directly informed that the supervisor is open to suggestions.

Level of education is highly regarded, and degrees from foreign universities are particularly respected. An ability to coach and provide feedback without being critical is also appreciated, helping staff to build capacity in a way that is engaging and empowering.

france philippines relationship advice

If you are working outside of the main cities, team members may have travelled from different parts of the country to live and work where your operation is located. This means that they are often living away from family and friends and strive to forge strong bonds with their work mates who become their family away from home. There is a tendency to work long hours and have little separation from the work environment and so it is especially important as a manager to understand these dynamics and foster a supportive work place.

It is challenging at times to know how staff view you, especially as there is a tendency to avoid directness and hesitation to address issues or concerns. However, the more you engage with your staff, build trust and foster strong relationships, the more likely they will be to speak openly with you. In the workplace, how are decisions taken and by whom?

Is it acceptable to go to my immediate supervisor for answers or feedback? There is an expectation that one would respect the structure of hierarchy in an office setting. So supervisors expect that matters are discussed with them first instead of with their subordinates.